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  1. I finally got somewhat decent pic of my moor(which my skills and camera allows)..Rychu suffers from sbd ..he has good and bad days ..how ever I feed him every other day which seems to help ..so here is is nice pic ...he is such a handsome boy
  2. AWWWW I love the pic with your big fish sneaking up on your unexpected white ranchu.....
  3. Thank You! So, am I safe from the Koko Stick, lol? Oh Kathy ..I could only beat my husband with a stick ....sheesh
  4. I have heard some certain colours take longer...I think I have a few blacks ..but still look very greenish ..I have had them for a while now and all the others like my calicos and oranges and white and oranges are developing I have some that are slowpokers thta and I wonder if they are black ..not sure though
  5. nice Pics Lynda ..your tank looks sooooo beautiful I would love to see the whole thing
  6. I wait very patiently for pics .... ...really I do
  7. DO IT !!!!!! did you not read " survived a Maryland Winter"..I don't know if they have cold winters ..but I sure hope they are not out in the cold!!!!...
  8. WOW !! Monsters!!!!..they are beautiful!! what a very interesting speckled Calico!!!
  9. Not a problem ! ..Now how about some pics of your fish crew!!! I LOVE Orandas!!!!!!!
  10. Welcome to koko's !!!! yes you can use multiple filters..goldfish need 10x filtration so a 90g would need 900gph turn over and so on ..it's up tp you how you would like to do it ..and we perfer to use sinking pellets ..(soaked of course ) if you have barebottom it is easy for your fish but if you have substrate like riverrock or gravel you might want to put in a bowl to let the food fall into or clear a spot on the tank bottom for the food to fall to ..floating pellets and unsoaked can be full of air putting air into the digestive track possibly making your fish floaty..so soak it and let it sink
  11. *SIGH* ...(of releif)...I am hoping for the best that is great news!!!!..the fact that he has held on kathy ..it counts for somthing !!!!!!!
  12. if you are worried you can always call the company ...is it buff it up from goldfishconnection??
  13. do you think that you can show the person how to change the water(25%) ??...fish will even be ok feeding them every 3-4 days also do you have plants in the tank ??
  14. I agree ....a 100% waterchange can be done in a very established tank ..I would not recomend doing so in a new tank or a recently established tank ..unless otherwise it is called for ...there is no harm done like others have said bb's live mostly in the filtermedia and decos and gravel ..
  15. I'm glad the salt seems to be working good ....it does wonders.. ..try kiwi my fish LOVE IT!! ..I ahve a few that don't like oranges too
  16. I see I Usually keep a seeded filter around ..but not all of us can ....boosting her immunity and seeing if the simple remedies work is always the best place to start.Tank deviders are inexspensive (pain in the tush to put in )...but it is always a good thing to have or even a floating basket ...
  17. yep put her in the q that way she is not secretly eating other food if you decide that medigold is needed ..plus if an other route is needed with other meds you already have her in a hospital tank( one less step to have to take ).
  18. Medi Gold is good ...but you need to only be feeding him the medigold not other food while he is on his treatment ..Have you given him medi gold before???..swab the areas give him clemintines and entice his appetieite and raise the salt to 0.3% over the next 36 hours, raising to 1% tonight like you said (let us know if he perks up after the salt dose at 1% and how he is eating is clementine if you notice him getting worse ..Start him on the medigold .I don't want to wait till he decides not to eat and then you have to use other meds that can stress him further.
  19. Terracotta pots work good ..as long as they are not painted ...also big PVC piping works well
  20. poor Starbuck ....he is such a handsome bugger...are the red streaks Normal (he is white so I'm not sure) it could be just the blood vessels ..as for the spot ..Do you think it could be anchorworm?????..is there white dots in both sores ??? usually anchor starts out that way ..But so can secondary infections on a sore ...I think swabbing the areas with peroxide would be a good start (only once ) keeping water very clean and a few more vacs ..and salting up to 0.3% ....I have dealt with these sores myself a few times ...I would be giving him vitamin C and lots of it, his immune could be a bit in the dumps so oranges and kiwi should give him a boost ...watch to be sure it is not anchor worm ..the worm in the center will grow and have a split tail appearence ..the larvae stage will have your fish flashing about ..but once they are adults and are dug in they tend not to cause the fish to flash..I really belive it is just a sore ..but I just want you to watch if the center begins to grow or change ...Do you have metromeds on hand ?????
  21. He is a Celestial indeed ..Imperfect but SOOOOOOOOOO perfect ...he looks really skinny but now that he has a chance for food (being with common feeders the poor guy was probably starving )..no chance in heck to get food ...Celestials like pots to hide in and need barebottom or almost, so they can get they're food easier (as they are always looking up)and cannot see the food ..be sure that they can get away from constant light ..looking up at a light bulb all day can be quite annoying ..mine perfer the lights off ..but when I do turn them on I make sure he has a place to get away from it ..and be carful what kind of decos you have in the tank sharp objects can hurt their eyes .They are also sensetive to a cycling tank ..Enjoy your Celestial they are a great fish ..Mine were really skinny too..and tiny ..now Terrance is almost 3.5 inches big ..My friends are usually creeped out by him ..but they cannot stop starring in awww..
  22. OH NO !!!!...POOR NIP!!!!...Kathy I'm rooting for you and Nip!!...I just cried seeng those poor pics of Nip .. ...remember Vitamin C Kiwi is packed full of it ...(while you wait for meds)
  23. it could be of the exciment of the move ...different water ..they will adjust ....I would turn out the lights and let them settle in ..is your "new" water very different ????..Bigger fish are a little more sensetive to these things ..they are less hardy than smaller fish
  24. No worries... it is very common for calicos to have black eyes ...Or have a half black eye or one normal and one black .....black beady eyes are soooo cute !!!!....(i wait for pics)
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