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  1. AWWW !! I agree poor new guys !!! did they even get a taste
  2. Good grief, I certainly hope not,lol. HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I must say I wonder the same!!!...cute lil Oranda !!...I see an amazing wen in the making
  3. I usually resize everything through photosmart or photoshop....it's okay hun ..no worries ...I think along the side of the sempais site it has contact information ...you just send reguests or questions through the site...let me know if you find it
  4. Yes I mean cycle. The 15 gallon tank has been running for about 3-4 months mt temp is 73 f. I used sera medication meds will usually kill a cycle..I would test daily and wc according to the tests..lets see if you get ammonia readings in a few days ..keep us posted ..have you read up on the nitrogen cycle??? if not I will post a link http://www.kokosgoldfish.com/cycle.html
  5. yes ..email andrew ..what he shows in his sight (fish semapi) is not all he has ,...and he even pasts them through costums himself (so I heard)...hun ..I hate to ask ..but can you down size youe sig ??..I thought it was smaller when I first post ..but now it is huge and a have to move my screen side to side to read ...hate to bug
  6. well I find theta the bigger the fish the more it puts a hole in the pocket ..but yes Ranchus can go from $2.88 from wal mart (which I scored 2 beauties from)..or they can get up to hundreds to thousands of dollars..I know the fish sempai has smaller fish he sell for about 10$ and I also know he has largers ones he sells for an arm and a leg
  7. when you say you use benifical bacteria do you mean "cycle"..it works as good as the bottle it comes in ...I however have heard Biospira works ..but again benificial bacteria cannot live in a bottle for long as there is nothin to feed it just like antibiotics ..they only last so long ..How long has the 15 been running hun ..and what is your temp ..??? I am wondering if you will start to see ammonia in a few days..and what did you use for ich ..The salt metod or meds??
  8. no .. while things are at 0 your fish are fine ..what is your tank size ?? how many fish ?, and what is your filtration?? ..and what type of test kit are you using , is it expired ??, are the test strips ?? Drops??..was your tank cycled before ??? Please answere the other Questions in my first post
  9. that is so ...ammonia is the first Stage of the cycle then a bb will grow to break down the ammonia which turns into Nitrites and then a second bb will grow that turns nitrite into NitrAtes ..so a cycled Tank should have 0,0,and a good nitrAte is between 10 ppm and I would not let it get more than 20ppm ..The only time 0 can be acheived acroos the board is if you have "Green water" ..which is green algae in the water ..the algae feeds on or absorbs the nitrates making it 0 or close to it this is hard to acheive by most of us .. ..If you are reading 0 acroos the bored you are not cycled ..yuo will need to do daily readings and waterchanges until cycled as the amonia and NitrItes will spike ,until you have grown the bb's to break it down ..then the second stage NitrItes which is the longest and this will need to be changes out to keep safe levels ..If you were cycled ..you have crashed for some reason ..did you take out filter pads, ??,Have you medicateed??, are you using ammonia chips , blockers (when using these things they "Starve" the tank )
  10. It all depends on geneteics ...there are many ranchus without wen growth..you can try by feeding hikari lionhead food ,and keeping water pristine and lots of variety ,but protein being #1 ..but even all that can leave a wenless ranchu if the genetics are not there..give it time Wens generally (99% certain )start really growing at 3 years ..
  11. I would do the 5 gallon to make it easier ..just one thing I'm assuming the tank is not cycled ?? so if not ,5 gallons would be great and easier . readd prazi to the new water ..and of course no one is annoyed any questons fire away
  12. Thanks Blue I did not realize she was in the Uk ..is prazi available there and what about metromeds ..or a form of bacterial medicated fish food???
  13. would not let me edit ...when you say scales are sticking up do you mean he is pineconing ??? pinconing (dropsy)..is a symptom of bacterial infection usually internal ...does he look to be bloated ???
  14. What is you ph ..sorry I was just reading through anything above 7 is good ..Mine sits at 8.4 with no problems ..However I wnat to ask if it is possible that you can upload pics of Ketchup..there is a possibilty there are many things going on here ..from flukes causing ulcers to secondary infection Is he still eating ??? ..If possible I would order metromeds (medicated fish food ) and I would get my hands on prazi (fluke medication )..flukes are a common thing on fish and breed and multiply and even when you kill the mother fluke she still leaves generation behind ..Prazi is very gentle ..I use it once a year Regardless and pond fish should get it twice a year ..If flukes infest enough they will cause leasions and ulcers ..and then bacterial infection will set in ..water changes are important ..knowing youe water is just as important ..even if you take a sample of the water to the local fish store and get them to test it and get exact numbers of (not i's ok or it';s bad we need the actual readings )..get your hands on prazi and medicated fish food metromeds (in the future treat a new fish as if it is sick ..refrain from harsh meds ,but always treat with prazi..fish have flukes 99% of the time )
  15. WOW!! wanna come over and do my tank ...
  16. hey chrissy ..I belive white ends is healing ..It would not hurt to salt up as they heal
  17. I second this whole statement !!!!! ...it was only yesterday you did open youe pond !!!!
  18. Tahnks everyone yes he does have amazing finage ...He looks like a samuri (spellcheck)
  19. Hmmmmmm good question ...I know my fsih is happy by having all fins erect and when they rummage for food ..or when they think they are about to be fed ..I have yet to have one smile at me ...I wonder if my puffer does as they have to open they''re mouths wide and the way they move they're eyes like a person ..and they acrually have a smily expression ..
  20. I'm glad things are going well ..
  21. Congrats!!! is that green water????
  22. Thank You! So, am I safe from the Koko Stick, lol? Oh Kathy ..I could only beat my husband with a stick ....sheesh And they should be beat often! Ummm.. You know, there are some men here. Don't you go be givin' HsiHou any wacky ideas for the future now. ...
  23. what a cutie . .That second pic shocked me for a second ...it looked like that pink thing under her chin was a part of her mouth and that she is eating a rock
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