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  1. Hmmmmm I am not sure if I can find any pics ..but the white will be...well pretty white ..noticably white ..the clear will be clear not crystal clear but not white ...I think possibly the ones with a clear layer with white spots could be fungas ..I would take those ones out ..
  2. give it a few more ...are the eggs sticky and clear ..or white ..and eggs that have been milted usually sticks to somthing and becomes clear looking not white
  3. ...this is the sweetest black ranchu face EVER....think of how CUTE it would be in your tank http://www.flickr.com/photos/gfscorner/2684308287/
  4. I don't think it would hurt to start the prazi in the 5.5g...then you will not bring flukes into the bigger tank ...and the sooner you get rid of potential flukes the better he will be ..just be sure to put back in what you take out during wc...I just might have to fishnap him>>WOW I love his little tail tuck !!!!!
  5. very good thing indeed!!!! I would brought him home a soon as I laid my eyes on him!!!!..sheesh what took you so long I tend to do & ask questions later
  6. Scary isn't it??!!...fish sempai resides less than an hour from my house .. Andrew always replies very Quickly ..he sure does have great service!!!
  7. You might you might not ...it will be hard to tell for a while ..I have pearlscale/ranchu cross ..my fry are 5 months old ..or older and I have yet to see pearlscale scales ..but it might still develope I'm not sure...Black is usually the longest colour to develope ,calicos the earliest...( that I have noticed in my short experience anyways).. congrats on the eggs
  8. ..LOVE the title !! it will take 3-4 days for them to hatch .They will hatch faster in warmer water ..which can cause underdevelopment ..so try not to make it too warm ..they will not need to eat for another 4 days as they will eat the remains of the eggs sac ...I am going to post a few topics that should answer most of your Q's http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...ic=68289&hl http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=41521 I hope these topics help...
  9. Chrissy I only Hear good things about Andrew at the fish Sempai ..I know goldfishconnection recomends the Fishsempai to all us Canadians taht can't goldfish from him
  10. AWWWWWW!!!!! That is a tank of cutness!!!!!..I have to say I agree...you are missing a black ranchu ..
  11. OHHH!! how beautiful!!!!...It's like a chia tank!!!!
  12. I have an Abei Puffer ..and I have him in my goldie tank...NOT!!!!!!!..Puffers are VERY aggresive.I am being hunted while I do wc in his tank ..(I use a wooden spoon to distract him) and yes certain kinds are very active ..some lurk ..mine is an opportunist ..he will wait for the best time to strike and usually it is lethal (those smiley faces are an act )..I don't even have him near my goldie tank ...I do not want him to even think they are on his menu!!!!
  13. I do not mean for it to ever come across confrontational, disrespectful, or anything of that nature. Anyone who feels that something I say should have been worded differently, was inappropriate, or anything like that, please let me know so that I am made aware of it and can improve. Emoto's work really well ..I try and use them all the time ...you never know how someone is taking what you write as for WC I try and do at least 50% every week ..try is the key word Having 2 young kids, and a new crappy job can takeaway the fun of a good ol fashion tank cleaning ...If I know I have week of chaos ahead I will try and do larger wc's just so I know I have that few days grace ..and my guilt will not eat me completly ...
  14. Very Beautiful fish Fish king !!!..Good luck on Upgrading !!..your hard work and up grade will pay off!!..this Pic Is a rubbermaid tub They make great Temporary homes (or fulltime),hospital tanks,Q tanks ..I use them and it is always a good Idea To wrap bungi cords or rope around them for extra support
  15. This was it's description. Didn't say it was a cross but either way it's a cutie, lol. Lot# 3144 SHOW QUALITY Veil Tail Red & White Oranda (5.5 inches) Very nice confirmation with up-right dorsal and bushy tail. Very nice head-growth with a cute chubby face. Very nice coloration and markings. he is a cutie!!!!!!...I want to fishnap him!!!!!
  16. oooo nice fish!!!!!!....hmmmm Is that a oranda with a lionhead wen????...a cross ???
  17. a good smack..lol...My Grandma (bless her heart) ..told me that if I called it everything but a filter....it should start
  18. Ok it has been a while on fishy topics for me ...I have been soooo busy ...anyhoo ...Today I had moved the 55 on the other wall in the kitchen ..I of coures had to break evrything down CLEAN it (it was so gross ) not that I have not cleaned it ..it was gross on the outside backside (yuck)..it was covered in all this crud ..so I had put all the fish in buckets with airstones ,put the cats away .and get to work ..scrubbing ..I also had to drape towels over the buckets..I had a jumper..spooks the lionhead.. ..so to keep him in I had to cover the top..so my grandma and I moved thewhole tank and cabinet without any problems ..so I filled it put filter #1 on ..good ...filter #2 on ...good ...and filter # 3....&%$#@**&%%$# do you think i could the s.o.b to start!!!!..I know 3 filters ..I 'm glad I got the 2 others but it is irritating to deal with a filter that just won't work ..anyways I finally did get it going ..all is good until I realize the filter is leaking ..grrrrrrrrrrrrr...I blew the seal ,so fortunatly hubby is going to go to work and replace it for me and I will be up and going soon ...and I emphasize soon..as the hardest part will be to get my husband to remember ...I really thought the hard part will be to move the dang thing!!
  19. I'm not certain ..but i think the metro med contain the ingrediant to treat hole in the head ...and users havefound luck with the metromeds against dropsy ...medigold states that it fights tough bacterial and fungas ..I'm not really certain really if metromeds treat on the whole (negitive gram and positive gram bacterial infections) where the medigold does only one one ..hmmmm I hope someone with med knowledge will chime in soon
  20. chrissy do what you feel you need to do ...if you get him we know you will take care of him ..either way we know that you are able to care for this fish if the at is the road you take ...I say get the rubbermaid ...possibly a cannister filter to add more gallonage you can do a DIY
  21. if things are turning black that means previous ammonia burns ..black means she is healing (a good thing ) from your hard work ..they are adorable ..usually natural black is a very unstable colour and in most will eventually change ..good luck with your cycle
  22. lady!!! where the heck are the pictures!!!!!..you are treading very dangerous waters here!!!...LOL
  23. is a 100 posts or 200 posts that allows you acsess to pm'ing..
  24. sorry to hear that Andrew dose not ship across the border anymore ...I wonder if Daryl may know someone hun ...It would not hurt to pm her and ask ..maybe she has some of her own I 'm pretty sure that she has ones she keeps and some she sells to other fish breeders and I think she has some that goes to lfs..not certin ..but I faintly remember her talking about it
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