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  1. nope ..My husband knows he would "wear" the waterchanges I do if he complained ...besides he has leaky taps he has to fix (that costs way more then a weekly WC
  2. haha!! so cute ..I love whn they change colour ..it's like fish puberty..so awkward!!..lol...I wonder if he will keep his black tail!!!
  3. very nice !!!!...I love the sign on the tank
  4. I'm glad to hear your dp's are eating ..I have an abei puffer and I had to train him off live food (whatta pain )tying food on a string to make it look alive ..he eventually came around ...I too was use to goldies that will eat anything ..then I went to a puffer that has a distinct dislike to some foods (like Brine)..hates it!!!...but loves mussels..Puffers are a great fish they are sooo sassy...mines pissy and is getting big ..and loves to try and attack during tank cleanings ...I have a wonderful wooden spoon to distract him and to keep all my fingers intact. ..My husband says Puffers are kinda like women ..you never know what they are thinking ,when they will change their minds and can strike at any moment !!..lol...enjoy your puffs !!!!...also a good sight is "the puffer forum "if you have not checked it out ..it has a grat dp section ...plus all the other cool puffers that you could get addicted to
  5. Guelph!!!....you could breathe on him !!!!!!!!...let me know!!!!!..we will have to meet!!!!!..guelph is really not that far from me ..about the same from here to the fish sempai..by the way Guelph is a very pretty town ..and you are in the midst of the Tri city ..the highways link London ,kitchener/waterloo& Cambridge....also not far from Brantford & Hamilton and about approx 1.5-2 hrs from Toronto.
  6. are you moving THAT close!!!!!?????...or are you kidding??..Sue let me know when you are going and I can tell you how the weather is or what they are perdicting...from the falls to the sempai ...I live probably about 11/2-2 hrs southwest from him
  7. the weather here is not that bad ...but we do have snowbelts..you may drive into and out of crap weather ...and we get lake effect .....latley the worst of our winter is January - febuary ..but it's been a weird year here ..I say Andrew is about 2 -2 and half hour drive from the falls ....
  8. I had a betta named Hiro!!!...I named him after Hiro on Heroes!!..lol..did you??..very nice set up by the way
  9. I have a celestial ..and after much watching and learning ...I decided to put him in with non celestial or bubble eye fish..he does fine ..he has a spot where he eats ...and belive it or not he can move quicker than some .Use only sinking food ..any food that floats they cannot seek out ..but you need to get him use to the food and let him learn the smell soo he knows what he is looking for ..and when you put him in with the others ..watch closely..you might have a fish that might take to picking on him also remove any sharp decos..Celestials are a great goldie....they just need an extra eye ..but I have to say mine rules the tank ..he might not be quick but while the others are still looking for the food falling mid tank ..he's at the bottom sucking it up ...I also wanted to add Celestial need a peace spot ..they do get knocked about with strong current ..the more soft plants and pots the better to break the current the better...and they are sensetive to a cycling tank
  10. I love Oscars!!!!!!...they are like puppies!!..BAD puppies
  11. I just saw you are in the uk ..Prazi is not available in the Uk ..here is a pinned post of available meds in the Uk Post # 3..I think sterazin is for flukes ...BUT these meds could kill a cycle ..soo if needed ,use with caution ..and never medicate in unperfect water .. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=23029
  12. what have you usedin meds???any??...Have you ever treated with prazi for flukes ...Flukes are pretty much like fleas..they are notorious little buggers and are hard to kill but with prazi (which is gentle and will not kill your cycle will help)..I would treat for a month ..3 days on 2 off this is to be sure you kill any hatchings that go on .Be sure to treat the tank including jetstream(i'm assuming a goldfish)..as for being sure if it's the problem or not it's hard to say ..but ..flukes do cause many problems .get your fish off the floating food ..and clear a spot in the bottom so he does not get sores from the gravel ..sitting on a smooth surface while he's bottom sitting will keep him comfy. Feed foods high in vitamin C like oranges and kiwis this will help build their immune system ..and if you do get prazi ..you can salt with it ..when a fish is a little stressed it might not hurt to salt up to 1% .
  13. Welcome back hun!! ..I am so sorry about your loss..Life does get crazy ..but thats life
  14. very nice !!!!.. I would love to see your whole tank !!..it looks nice too!!!
  15. Most Puffers are caught wild ....sad I know ..They also do not breed well or most likly never in captivety (mind you there is all sorts of different Puffers )..that need fresh to brackish to full Marine thtoughout there lives ...most pet stores local herre will not carry them for that reason ..my Abei is Strictly fresh (thank goodness) ..a green Spotted needs to steart fresh and work it's way up tp marine throughout it's life ..very tricky to start breeding thse guys in perfect conditions when you do not know the age or what they are use to
  16. I have an Abei Puffer named Steven AKA Satan ...they are about 4" to 6" ..they are on the small side as far as puffers go ...but are known to be more on the aggressive side ..he has attacked my hubby a few times ..fingers look real good to him I guess
  17. it's the Puffer Forum .. ..it might even entice you to get a puffer
  18. HAving a preditor fish myself ..my other forum ..is strongly against "feeder fish " of any kind ..they are mass produced and live in poor conditoins ..carring a "ton " of parasites external and internal ..Flukes for one which are a pain to kill as they live up to generations I strongly belive feeding feeders pose a risk (unless you raise your own and treat them yourself..it is still a risk IMO)..I had to train my puffer to eat frozan ,dead food ..even feeding earthworms from your outside garden poses a risk of unwanted toxins and disease..keeping a tank parasite and disease free is hard work ..certain steps are taken by using caution and q'ing a new fish and treating for flukes (as 95% or more DO have flukes)...and not cross contaminating tank to tank ...I know people that do this to keep there fish safe ...but then they plop a feeder in for lunch ..Hello am I missing somthing??
  19. HOORAY!!!!! CONGRATS!!!...also a turkey baister works good t at taking out the "bad" eggs
  20. Sorry things did not turn out ..maybe next time ...and your goldies will deeply apperciate their treat
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