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  1. Aww they look like they're wearing flamenco dresses... Let's call them flamencos
  2. One imperial gallon is more than one metric gallon...
  3. I'm genuinely disgusted... I would have walked out of that lesson. I never had to kill anything in biology when I was at school, all dissecting we did was on ovine/bovine internal organs. I can't believe what you've described of your teacher, it's repulsive.
  4. LOL I've just realised this with my ranchu.... I really can't think of a new name though haha
  5. I think it's gorgeous! LOL, I'll have such a fish one day, when I win the lottery...
  6. I have a siphon, it works fine for me? You have to fully submerge it and tip it so that there isn't any air in it. Does it look something like this? If there are bubbles they just hang around up in that blue part, you won't get the waterflow so easily. For me it works best holding vertically, up-and-down motion not too rapid. Personally I'd say the worst thing about siphons is lugging all the buckets of water around!! I would love a python too but I don't really know how they work.
  7. I got sent some sample packets of the Hikari Saki when I ordered some Hikari Oranda Gold on eBay- my fish liked it, and I prefered it to the notoriously un-sinkable Oranda Gold. I've noticed that Hikari Saki is quite expensive compared to Oranda Gold and Lionhead!! (on eBay) I was very tempted to buy some, but I went for Hikari Lionhead instead, as this sinks, apparantly? Has anyone here used Lionhead and Saki before? I was just about to make a new thread for Hikari Lionhead vs. Hikari Saki. The Lionhead stuff does sink, right?
  8. I second Netertari and nick11380 with the chopping up of worms!! Chop them up good and proper, you don't want to witness your poor goldies with earthworms wriggling out of their gills, like I have witnessed before, even if the fish seem big enough. They can be munching for a good ten minutes before the worm tries to escape via the gill - by which time most people might have turned away to carry on with something else, not noticing what's happening in the tank! I'm going to try mine with Cheerios today! I recommend ant eggs from the Supa range, my goldies can't get enough. I don't know how nutritious they are though :/ As for getting protein into the goldies - well, I've read many gel food recipes that contain tuna. Perhaps some flakes of tinned tuna straight into the tank? (tinned with springwater, not brine) Could get very messy I suppose!
  9. Thanks! I was just thinking about my fantail, I've had him for a year so now I say he is 'one' year old as of early March... then I wondered how old he really is I saw some very little ones at the pet shop the other day - I couldn't believe it I thought 'were mine really that small when I first got them??' I was so tempted to buy one
  10. When you go to the pet shop and you see tanks stuffed full of new batches of very young fish that are probably no longer than 1.5" (including tail) - how old are they, would you say/guess? All of mine were proper little tiddlers when I first got them, I count their 'age' by the dates that I purchased them. Now I'm wondering how old those little one-inchers at the shops generally are?
  11. Near, my white fantail. I've had him for almost exactly a year now. In one months time it will be the one year mark for my oranda and ranchu ^_^
  12. I love ranchus, they are my fave type - yours is gorgeous. I have one also, but she has absolutely no wen growth
  13. Oh I've just realised that one of my boys is actually a girl... it's kind of annoying when that happens! I have 3 girls now, but none of them have ever dropped eggs
  14. Algae isn't harmful though is it? I only scrape the front and bottom of the tank and the terracotta flowerpots
  15. oh my where do you people get these huge rubbermaids from??Are there any Brits here that have managed to get hold of these big rubbermaids? Or an equivalent?
  16. Ooooh! Bless they're so cute. At 6 months how big are they? I always wondered how old the little 2" goldfish at the pet shops are.
  17. I don't have the link to the Cycling page but if you look underneath the forum banner at the top of the page there's a link back to Kokosgoldfish.com, where you will find all the info you need. I'm not an expert around here, but someone who knows exactly what they're talking about will be along to help soon. EDIT: here's the link to the cycling page clicky
  18. I love ranchus the most!! Very closely followed by orandas and ryukins. Oh and I love black moors too, and I'm starting to take quite a liking to tosakins!!
  19. I signed it. On another note it's a pity that the UK Government rejected the Ban Goldfish Bowls Petition. I'd love to walk into a major UK pet shop and not see a single (Expletive deleated)BiOrb. There should also be some kind of act passed which means that you are not allowed to advertise or sell goldfish accomodation/info (or any pet accomdation/info for that matter) that isn't adequate, like the aforementioned BiOrbs or those horrid little kiddy plastic tubs, which actually have pictures of goldfish on them, despite being at least four times too small for a single goldfish! I really wish there was a pet shop near me that sells goldfish, so that I can get a job there and tell people what they need to know, not what they want to know (like, oh yeah this tub is tiny and my small child wants a goldfish so hmm, let's buy the smallest tub we can find and just look at the goldfish because you know... they are just ornaments after all ) nooooooooo EDIT: O wait did I get that petition mixed up with the ban goldfish as carnival prizes petition?? I swear we had a ban goldfish bowls petition.... *scratches head*
  20. Me too! Hey, I would actually like a hamper shaped like a goldfish! I would definitely ask for water test kits, and Prime, and another pump and airstone, and maybe filter media (?), and a heater, o and airline tubing holders!, and designated fish teaspoons for dosing prazi and prime and such, and another suction thermometer for the outside of my tank, and maybe some decorations, and another net for scooping gunk out, and and and........... Oh yeah spare filter media! That's a good one How about the little food clips, hmm... spare sticky-on thermometer for my w/c bucket so that I can do proper temp. matches. Um... some backdrop decor? I just want plain black for mine though. I was thinking of some more terracotta flower pots and dishes, as well as some big river rocks and maybe some buddha ornaments!!! Buddha!!!!!!
  21. Oh I had this idea too!! I want a Goldfish Stocking!! I thought of the same things, like the water conditioner. Also some new water test kits, the 'treats' kinda food, like those cute mini King British tubs of things like tubifex worms, algae wafers, bloodworms etc, some packets of reeeeeally nice food (I want some more of that Hikari stuff) I was going to ask for some bumper packs of artificial plants um.... hmm. All the other things I want for my goldfish stocking are a little too expensive, things like another air pump, another light pack + bulbs. I want mangrove roots but that's also expensive lol!! Oh I want some moss balls, don't know how those would fair in a stocking though!! And some boxes of pure sea salt, seeing as after Christmas I am going to be fishnapping a very badly cared for fish from my friend!!
  22. Oh flip it's so hard to concentrate on reading these big posts with my brother watching Top Gear on full blast in the background
  23. Oh my... well we have an organic composter/wormery at home so I thought I'd feed a few of the wormies to my fish. I put them into jars of tank water overnight with the mind of drowning them (lol, ignorant me) but I guess this worked just as well to purge them. Anyway, they were pretty small worms and it just didn't cross my mind to cut them up, so I put one of the little worms in for my ryukin. She gobbled it up! But a few minutes later the horrid little thing wrigged it's way out of her gill! It was horrendous!! I hooked the ###### thing out and chopped it up.... oh my heathus christ - never give your fish worms without chopping them up first!!! Urgh, makes my neck feel all itchy when I think about it
  24. I certainly will lol, got a funny feeling I ought to wait until Christmas is over, I'm getting rid of a big useless piece of furniture in my room, so I couldd put the QT tub on the floorspace. But for now I am searching eBay for some BIG future investments... mmmm eBay
  25. Hey thanks, I have a 10gal QT tub that I used for my oranda and ranchu, who joined the fantail in the big tank sometime in April. I'm looking at that tub now actually and I'm beginning to think that the tank my friend has is... not 10 gallons lol, I have an empty 7 gal and it looks more that size actually!! That can't be right. My memory... hmm. I also don't have room in my house for three permanent tanks, the 10 gal would have to be a temp - a month QT, maybe an extra week on the end. After sufficient QT do you think I'd be able to put the moor into the 20 gal? I just can't afford to have three water points, not now anyway. If I get into University I'll have 3 years, of... more education - but in that time I'd hope to upgrade to a single tank that can house all four fish (or perhaps five, depending on this moor) Thing is, the University I want to go to is up the other end of the country! I should stick to two tanks, just for now lol!! Yeah, I have my 10 gal QT tub still. I cannot upgrade to a larger tank for another year or so, due to reasons explained above! It may be that I'll have to get rid of them all together, because I don't know if I'll be allowed to take the tanks with me to Uni (my Uni-attending sister assures me it will be okay though...)
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