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  1. Aww they look like they're wearing flamenco dresses... Let's call them flamencos
  2. One imperial gallon is more than one metric gallon...
  3. I'm genuinely disgusted... I would have walked out of that lesson. I never had to kill anything in biology when I was at school, all dissecting we did was on ovine/bovine internal organs. I can't believe what you've described of your teacher, it's repulsive.
  4. LOL I've just realised this with my ranchu.... I really can't think of a new name though haha
  5. I think it's gorgeous! LOL, I'll have such a fish one day, when I win the lottery...
  6. I have a siphon, it works fine for me? You have to fully submerge it and tip it so that there isn't any air in it. Does it look something like this? If there are bubbles they just hang around up in that blue part, you won't get the waterflow so easily. For me it works best holding vertically, up-and-down motion not too rapid. Personally I'd say the worst thing about siphons is lugging all the buckets of water around!! I would love a python too but I don't really know how they work.
  7. I got sent some sample packets of the Hikari Saki when I ordered some Hikari Oranda Gold on eBay- my fish liked it, and I prefered it to the notoriously un-sinkable Oranda Gold. I've noticed that Hikari Saki is quite expensive compared to Oranda Gold and Lionhead!! (on eBay) I was very tempted to buy some, but I went for Hikari Lionhead instead, as this sinks, apparantly? Has anyone here used Lionhead and Saki before? I was just about to make a new thread for Hikari Lionhead vs. Hikari Saki. The Lionhead stuff does sink, right?
  8. I second Netertari and nick11380 with the chopping up of worms!! Chop them up good and proper, you don't want to witness your poor goldies with earthworms wriggling out of their gills, like I have witnessed before, even if the fish seem big enough. They can be munching for a good ten minutes before the worm tries to escape via the gill - by which time most people might have turned away to carry on with something else, not noticing what's happening in the tank! I'm going to try mine with Cheerios today! I recommend ant eggs from the Supa range, my goldies can't get enough. I don't know how nutritious they are though :/ As for getting protein into the goldies - well, I've read many gel food recipes that contain tuna. Perhaps some flakes of tinned tuna straight into the tank? (tinned with springwater, not brine) Could get very messy I suppose!
  9. Thanks! I was just thinking about my fantail, I've had him for a year so now I say he is 'one' year old as of early March... then I wondered how old he really is I saw some very little ones at the pet shop the other day - I couldn't believe it I thought 'were mine really that small when I first got them??' I was so tempted to buy one
  10. When you go to the pet shop and you see tanks stuffed full of new batches of very young fish that are probably no longer than 1.5" (including tail) - how old are they, would you say/guess? All of mine were proper little tiddlers when I first got them, I count their 'age' by the dates that I purchased them. Now I'm wondering how old those little one-inchers at the shops generally are?
  11. Near, my white fantail. I've had him for almost exactly a year now. In one months time it will be the one year mark for my oranda and ranchu ^_^
  12. I love ranchus, they are my fave type - yours is gorgeous. I have one also, but she has absolutely no wen growth
  13. Oh I've just realised that one of my boys is actually a girl... it's kind of annoying when that happens! I have 3 girls now, but none of them have ever dropped eggs
  14. Algae isn't harmful though is it? I only scrape the front and bottom of the tank and the terracotta flowerpots
  15. oh my where do you people get these huge rubbermaids from??Are there any Brits here that have managed to get hold of these big rubbermaids? Or an equivalent?
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