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  1. hey thanks! never went to the auction sites...now i know!!! really cool!
  2. WOOOO! your dragon is toooo cool! saw that at the local Pet*mart, looked at it...tempting...held it...looked at it some more...and thought..."###### i dont need another figure in my tank" LOL That tank has an awsome set up though. Looks like the dragon is going to tramp all over your little hut! Great stuff!!!! Hey...on the side note...did you get me comment about your fish looking for a home?!? Do you have a pic of them i can send to my dad?
  3. Ok i missed they hype! DARN!!! i wanted to see this pretty betta! DARN IT DARN IT DARN IT
  4. LoL wow! I once had a girl at my LPS tell me that it was totally fine to get the fish bowl for my new goldie! I ALMOST DIED!!! so i followed along with it and asked her other set up questions, she said that they didnt need a filter, just change the water once a week "or so" with REGULAR tap water! All i could do is blink! LOL so, as nice a possible, i told her that she was misinformed, and i told her the basic rules, like 10-15 gallon per goldie, and i believe she actually took in the info i was telling her. She couldnt believe half the things i was telling her. She even expressed she felt bad that all those GF were crammed into those tiny tanks *brownie points for me*. Sometimes, the employees are just partime highschool kids, scooping fish for the costumer ~shrugs~ thats why there are GREAT sites like this one where you can do all your research before hand! FEED THEM ALL THE PEAS AND VEGGIES YOU WANT!
  5. Mommysam.... I your background!!!! SOOOO FUN!!! Clown fish are so cool! Wish i had the time for saltwater ~sighs~ Great set up Goldyfan! I like the simple look of your tank. Bet its real easy to clean! Your little guys are cute! Is that a baby moor?
  6. well its mostly a Koi pond, he has some in there that are a few years old, and some younger ones he got not too long ago. Where in the hampton roads area do you live? Dad is right near the airport in norfolk
  7. I think its great that people like u rescue these poor litte guys from uneducated pet suppliers (not all but most). Good luck!
  8. Pumpkin ur little guys are sweet! Just a little smaller than my babies! Hope they grow up nice and healthy! Good luck and have fun!
  9. Hey pumpkin! Noticed ur in va when I posted in the 911 section. I don't have a pond but my dad does. I will ask him if he has room. I think I will try bannanas next week. Saw that. Apples weren't much success w/ others as well. Does hurt to try new stuff
  10. first glance, i was quiet scared. Think of one of those things biting my finger off! Then after thinking...reading everyone elses post, now i kinda feel bad for the beasts. I mean, they do need to thrive in their enviroment after all....glad those guys arent in my GF tanks
  11. WOW!!!! Your betta is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! lovely colors!!!
  12. Hey guys! Here is my new member of the family. Got her last night at P*t*mart for 4 bucks! Check out her markings! Love the fins! She is still a little shy, doesnt know what to think about her new home.... This little one needs a great name. Let me know what you think!
  13. great pics! I the pic of Lil Blu! It shows personality!!!!!
  14. I will admit, i scrub the front of my tank, just so it looks pretty, i leave everything else though. Im lazy, im not going to clean EVERYTHING. Plus, im still cycling my tank, so i figure i;d be better to leave the slim coat on everything.
  15. Im so jealous! I cant get my goldies to eat lettuce! I love the colors of your goldies, soooo vibrant! They look amazing!
  16. I think im going to pull out my old barbie dolls, they will make great mermaids....very creative! I it! I bet when people come over and see your tank, they die laughing! Great stuff!
  17. UMMMM! thanks for the advice Fishmerised. I fed my little guys shrimp for the first time, and my little black moor had the same problem. I was really thinking he was getting sick after reading KoKo's page on poop. I'll keep an eye on him for the next couple of days, just to make sure. But it all makes sense now that your mention it.
  18. ok! So i have tried the whole apple thing. UM...apples dont SINK! LOL I tired many things, stabbing little holes in it, larger peices, letting it sit out, i spent a lot of time trying to get this stupid peice of apple to sink, so i finally put a heavy bag clip on a small peice (which i use for my oranges too), and it sunk to the bottom YAY! And they wouldnt touch it! Didnt care for it at all. I mean, i went through all that, and the little hogs now want to be picky!!!! LOL So now i would like to introduce them to banannas and cucumbers, maybe even some green peppers? What would be the best way about doing the whole sinking trick, or should i just keep the heavy bag clip clamped to the food? How should the banannas and cucumbers be perpared? And, can goldies even have green peppers? Thanks for all replies! Shari
  19. Hey great pic, and NICE tank! I have that same bubbler ruins myself. But I took mine out I always get bored, and like to change my tank around.. Here are some pics of my old set up with gravel Finally got some pics of my new set up, still working on it though: Front view: Side View: Apple Eating Fancy and Moe:
  20. hey! yeah!!!! i work in chesapeake in the great bridge area as a hair stylist! thats really cool! elizabeth city isnt that far! it is nice to know fellow members close by!
  21. What size tank is that? With the angel of the shot, its hard to tell if its tall. I do like you sign in there gives a quick laugh um?
  22. LoL i hear ya, cant wait to see my babies get bigger! I the fish bowl idea, i might steal that idea from you!!!!9 if ya wouldnt mind) so creative!!!!
  23. Thanks Hidr for your pic! Your tank set up is wonderful!!! Very simple, I like!!!! Im starting to put together a few more things. Im really thinking that i need one more filter in mine. Can never have too much filtration right. Keep those pics coming!
  24. your babies r soooo pretty!!! what kind of filter do u use? tank look really clean?
  25. hey everyone! I've searched the forums and haven't found this posted yet, thought it would be fun! If i posted this in the wrong forum, im sorry, plse feel free to move it. Post some pics of your tank(s), and show off your creations. Don't forget to post whats in there, filters you use, decorations, heaters, and such oh yeah and dont forget about your pretty goldie babies. Right now, my tanks are bare bottom with nothing in them, im trying to get some great ideas. Thought this would be a good "show your tank off thread" Thanks to all who post pics! Shari
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