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  1. Ok here's the deal. I did a bad water change a couple of days ago, and my babies didnt make it. Anyways, different story.....So now its time for some new fish. I went to the LFS to pick out a couple of new fishies, and i i found three poor fish the other guy is a lionhead missing an eye. ( sorry for the blurry pics) My heart called out to these guys!!! The guy at the store was "nice" enough to give them to me free of charge! They are still in their bags, floating. The water temp is between 74 and 76, PH is 6.9, havent had a chance to do the nitrates and nitrites, but last i check they were 0. Im going to put them in a 16 gallon tank, i have put 3 tablespoons of aqr. salt in there. I just wanted to make sure there isnt anything else i need to do before I place these poor little guys in their new tank. Second....what the heck happened to these cuties?! And what can i do to help the healing process? Next, the little lionhead missing an eye. Everything seems to check out fine with him, im going to place him in my cycled 55 gal (alone). Any speical care i should know about with a fish with a missing eye?!? Thanks for all the help!!!!
  2. boyfriend wanted to name ours ford and chevy benny and (the) Jets tom and jerry milo and ottis mutt and jeff thought they were cute, buti named my guys Mr. Magoo, taddpoole, and june ..u know us women, we do what we want!!
  3. well i dont want to HURT the animals. I think a wire might be a little overboard if you ask me. Makes me sad to think about it, after all, its natural instinct for them....
  4. Hey guys! We bought a house a few months back, and have ALWAYS wanted a Koi/GF pond in out back yard. Our house has a small creek in the back yard, nothing really big, just mainly there for drainage and such. I do know we have raccoons and possums( some snakes). So here is my questions????? #1) Should we EVEN try to build a pond with a small creek in the back yard, knowing we will have invadors? #2) What is the best way to keep these little boogers out? Thanks for all replies!
  5. I really think a great pet store should offer some type of reading matrial to the customers after they purchase a fish or two. Not everyone does their homework before they dive into a new tank. I was at Pet*mart the other day, and i was looking at their selection of GF when a lady came over to me and asked if she could put an oscar in a take with GF. I almost wet my pants laughing. I sat there for a little while talking to her about the care of GF. She had 6 GF in a 5 gallon tank!!!! I couldnt blame her for not knowing, after all "the pet stores do it" Needless to say, she never got the oscar, she bought another 10 gallon tank.
  6. hey scully, Im not an expert, but i had some trouble with Ich about 2 weeks ago. I treated my ich with salt. Trinket gave great advice on my thread http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=66118 though my little guy didnt make it, (he had ich REALLY bad) the ich did clear up before he past. hope this helps Good luck!
  7. I think thats really cool Olivia! I was reading one of your other post about a betta in your mail box. I think its really cool that your known for rescues! I dont know what I;d do if I woke up one morning and found a fish at my front door. I think i would have to drive to your house, and leave him in your mailbox Just joking. You truely have a heart of gold!
  8. Im not sure who made the poster to be honest with ya. Like i said, im not stealing any ones work by all means, i was googling images and came across it, and thought i'd share it with the community. It really gets the full picture across without all the explaining i thinkg. Doesnt take a much to sit back and go "um....never thought a fish could do all that in a tiny bowl" Who ever thought of it, did a wounderful job!
  9. Ok, Im lazy, i will have to say. I have a 55 gal and a 16 gal ( that sits up high on a tall book case). I have a 35 gallon trashcan (BRAND NEW NEVER USED)with the four wheels on the bottom. When i suck out all the water, i put all the old water in there. Take a BRAND NEW HOSE and a tiny water pump, place the tiny water pump at the bottom of the trash can, roll the HEAVY trash can across my carpet and water my flowers with the dirty water. I place the water BACK into the tanksthe same way. I hook my hose up to the sink, find the right temp, prime and salt, and using the same pump, pump it back into the tanks....EASY AS PIE!!!! no lifting, no water spills...simple! Hope this helps too
  10. wow bella is a big girl! did she move those rocks in the first pic?!? Im finding my little guys are moving their pepples around the tank, its fun to watch them!
  11. Thanks all!!! I could always give her a few given name like Shi-Shi June Buggy....or something like that... I have to say though, after she comes out of her shell, ( she;s a little shy at the moment) she's gonna be my fav. She's my first Oranda.
  12. yeah i saw this when i was looking for images for my sig.....think maybe i'll use it when im tired of this on...really does make u think about them bowls a little more
  13. was was looking through google images, and found this, not sure if its copy written or not, but i thought it was straight to the point! Something to think about!
  14. Sounds great! Just keep in touch. Let me know how the little guys are doing and such!
  15. i like shi-shi...thats a good one....but....after i thought long and hard...its simple....drum roll plse.....June...lol i think June is great! So everyone....welcome..June to the family!
  16. wow!!! love your tanks! they look very clean!!! I love the Egypt tank! great set up!
  17. Hey Pumpkin. I emailed my dad the link to this thread, and he emailed my back "Hey, Thanks for the post! I checked out the photobucket pics.First off goldfish are not aggressive AND I have never heard of goldfish or Koi eating one another. it is the frogs I worry more about getting ahold of a 2" fry so to speak. He has a bit of a travel for a .25cent fish . Totally up to him I guess!?I am most sure fish wont acclimate in this temperature. When temp gets 40 and below they go dormant and stop eating etc. It is possible to float in bag for some time adding my water gradually to his water etc. etc. MY MAKE IT......PROLL WONT" LoL, Im thinking we should probably wait until spring. Keep in touch, my Dad will take the ".25 cent" fish. LoL he's so funny.
  18. LoL....it was almost like a game to be honest with ya. She was really trying to school me. I mean, i know im new at the whole GF keeping and all...but I;ve done a lot a reading up on them before i starting housing them. I would just feel really bad if that info went to a newbie that never did his/her homework. Could you picture a 10 inch GF in a 1 gallon fish bowl!?!?!?!
  19. LoL yeah! fatten them bad boys up! I dont think the common would have much issue, im just worried about the little guy
  20. Twix is a cutie! His wen looks like a little afro on his head!
  21. About how big are they?!? I think the one with the black on his back might be a little too tiny for his pond. I dont think he is quiet ready to take them now. He says that during the spring time would be better to transport them b/c they are in a tank. I sure do hope he can take them, they would be SOOO happy in a pond! My dad has an AMAZING pond! I;ll send him the link to this post and we;ll see what we can do!
  22. he's so sweet! Love the name Tinsel! He doesnt look too camera shy!
  23. ok! thought this conversation was getting a little "jumpy" lol
  24. i got "the page no responding" dont know if its a bad link, or if its just me
  25. hey thanks! never went to the auction sites...now i know!!! really cool!
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