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  1. i'd like to see some pics!!! i was really hoping you had some posted PICS PLEASE we're waiting!
  2. thanks guys after talking with a friendand doing a little more research, i have realized that i have set my QT up wrong. My QT isnt cycled, so im going to have her take my babies for a few weeks (thanks Olivia) , and once the tanks are cycled i'll have them back. I really didnt realize taking such a hurt fish would be so serious. I was thinking (stupid on my part) some clean water, salt and a little TLC will help out Kingyo. So, once my tanks have finished thier cycling, they will be back at home. Thanks again for all the knowledge you guys have shared. This task just isnt for me at the moment.
  3. im really unsure if i should add the Internal Parasite Guard to the tanks....would someone please inform me a little more if this is the way to go?
  4. cute little guy! the second pic!
  5. he's really cute!!! how old was he when u got him?
  6. ok so my medigold and pro gold just came in. Couple of questions..... My little guys dont seem to like it much. But then again what "kid" doesnt like medication? They will eat it, then spit it out. Should i fast for a few days, and try again later? I fed them nothing this morning, knowing it would come in. Do i feed them the medigold everyday, or skip a few days? Second question. I havent gotten the other med in yet. However i did stop by the LPS and saw that they had "internal Parasite Guard" clears internal parasites from a company named Jungle it says "improved with praziquantel" . Should i use this as well, or is that going to be way too many meds going on in a tank? Third. Im a little confused on the whole QT thing. I understand when you get a new fish, you should always QT them. But, i've also read in a few other forums that giving meds to a healthy fish can be harmful to their health. What excatly are you QT them for and how long would you normally QT a fish? What are the general procedures? Thanks again for all replies!
  7. wow he's a big guy! makes me miss my Mr. Magoo.....wish i had the time to put some live plants in my tank....just dont have the time! He sure is a pretty fish Chrissy
  8. ?!?! too much to fill out!?!? whats wrong??? how can we all help?
  9. McElligot what a cute name for you little guy! cant wait to see them get bigger!
  10. WOOO WOOOO!!!! BABIES!!!! Olivia has babies!!!!!!
  11. wow! Frlop....where's the diving board? Pond looks great! Wish i had the $$$$ and space for that!!! Bet its real nice to sit out there and just watch!
  12. hey guys thanks!!! Wink is my lionhead for sure! After researching some more, he;s got to be. But with Kingyo, i guess he;s a fantail. Im new at all this anyhow...what color do you think Kingyo is gonna be?
  13. I'll see if i can post some better pics in a while....im thinking Wink is a lionhead as well, really not ssure what the other is though...thought i'd get some suggestions
  14. Hey guys! Here are my new rescue fish. I got them a couple of days ago at the LFS, and these guys didnt look too good. Kingyo has an open sore, and Wink is missing an eye. Can you guys help me figure out what kind of fish these are This is Kingyo (Japanese for goldfish). And this is Wink (he's in a bowl while i do waterchanges!) sorry for the blurry pics these little guys are FAST
  15. Nikkie, Your right hun, i rescued three. I only took pics of two, the ones with the open sores. My other rescue is a lionhead (i think) missing an eye. I'll post pics in the photo section soon Trinket, I got the fish from the same LPS, but from different tanks. I believe however that all those GF tanks were sharing the same water system. When i asked the guy about the water quility, he only gave me one reading. They were using the quick dip strips, so im not even sure how accurate they were, but he was telling me everything was at 0, showed me his log and everything :rolls eyes: I highly doubt these guys knew much about water quilty. I have the open sore fish in a 16 gallon tank at alone ( i really need to find some names for them) and the one missing an eye is in my 55 gallon alone. He looks sooooo small in there all by himself LOL I figure both fish are about 2 inches. Well, getting ready to do a waterchange, should i keep up on the salt? The 16 gallon tank is at .2% salt, and the 55 gal is at .1%. When the meds come in should i stop salting, and remove it all with waterchanges?
  16. hey guys! I just got home from work, and i lost the second fish in my pictures. He was really bad off, i knew he didnt have much of a chance, but i knew he had a better chance in my tank than in the LPS tank. I still have the first fish, wish me the best of luck. I will let you know when the meds come in.
  17. cute little guy! I like the skull in your tank!
  18. ~sighs~ i wise i had the time to get into a pond. Im still scared about the raccoons! My dad has a great pond in his back yard, they are so peaceful to watch! All the neighbors come over sit on his bench and feed the fish
  19. can you vote more than one time, or is it a one time shot?
  20. ok! i just order these...let me know if they are the wrong ones before i recieve them http://www.bigalsonline.com/BigAlsUS/ctl36...asiteclear8tabs https://www.goldfishconnection.com/shop/det...d=8&catId=5
  21. Thanks for the great advice Imogen!!!! Im going to search online for all those meds you were talking about. Sould I separte the two? They dont seem to be picking on each other, and they did come from the same tank at the LPS, so if one contains parasites, so should the other right? Thanks again.
  22. no i dont mind sharing....i did a water change monday, and we were running behind for an appointment, so i quickly filled my large trashcan i use for waterchanges, checked the temp, added some salt, filled up the tank, and left for my appointment...half way down the interstate i realized i never primed the water. I beat myself up all the way to the appointment, and all the way home, came home and all five of my babies were gone. ~sighs~ sucks but lesson learned!
  23. thanks guys for all your concerns.. but does any one have any input on how to treat these little guys?
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