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  1. im new here, so this might be wrong...but...i didnt think you could keep angels and goldies together?!? ~shrugs~ i dunno cute fishies!
  2. YES!!! I miss them so much! I was in a routine in the morning....lights on...water check....feeding time....now my morning coffee time is....boring...kinda stinks watching the bubbles move around in tank... Thanks for the pics! I did get them. Kingyo looks amazing!!! and little Wink looks very bright! Thinking.....after all this boredom with no fish in the tank....now might be a good time to quart. some new plants! Any suggestions? I know you showed me some good ones at the AJ the other day....i might run up there this weekend and pick some up.... Gotta get this tank just right for when they are ready to come home!
  3. haha....isnt that funny! The pet store had no other bubble eyes in the tanks...wonder if they even knew he could be a bubble eye? Thanks Olivia for healing my sick babies! Your the best fish "auntie" in the world! Without you, they would still be sad in their uncycled tank!
  4. ok, after reading up of fishless cycles, never mind on the water change tomorrow....
  5. well, Oliva has my fish at the moment, and she reported they are doing great. My tanks are empty at the moment, finishing the cycles, so im not worried too much about "being too harsh on fish" (LoL the nitrites right now are sitting at 1, and im not freaking out LOL, going to do a WC tomorrow). I added the P/C to both tanks, and within a few moments, this lime green stuff starter to float in my tank, is that normal? Im really hoping these things dont mess up my cycle. My ammonia is starting to go down in both tanks, does that mean the cycle has started, or just showing that i have no fish poo in there? I guess this topic and be moved, if a mod doesnt mind, maybe to the water quilty section?!? Thanks
  6. hey thanks for that link!!! it was a great post something like that should be pinned in the 911 section!!! I got parasite clear (tank buddies) from Jungle....it has prazi in it...that would do the trick right?
  7. does any one have any sugestions on how to treat my tank for the gill flukes? I dont have any fish in there at the moment, and im still in the cycle process. aslo, should i treat the tank for other parasites as well?
  8. hey Fish King, sorry your fish seems a little under the weather. Hang tight a mod will come to help shortly. In the mean time, fill out the questions in the white box on the top of the page. THis will help the mods answer your questions a little better. If you are salting your tank, make sure its not table salt. While you are waiting, read up on salting your tank. Here is a link to salting the tank. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=60876 Hope this helps good luck!
  9. Im so glad they got "home" safe! I bet they are soooo glad to be there! Thanks again for taking them for a while..... um thats really odd that the readings came out like that olivia....my 55gal tank readings are amm .5, nitrites .5 and nitrates about .5 and well the 16 gal, im not even going to post that one. Do you think maybe my test kits are wrong...i follow all the directions.
  10. I personally like the second one...im not big on a bunch of "trinkets"...im a straight line kinda person, i think they call that contemporary......i think you should add the taller building back in there and get rid of the smaller ones on the right side of your tank..a bubbler would look awsome behind it....just my (lol)
  11. so you just found a pond in your backyard? That odd...did you guys just buy a new house or something?
  12. yeah we are meeting today at a LFS, and she's gonna work her magic. I know they will be in good hands with her. Im also gonna rack her brain for some better products i can put in my tank. Thanks again to this site, i;ve made lots of new friends, and learned A WHOLE LOT of information! I cant say thank you enough to this site!
  13. Pumpkin....i thought the same thing .........cant wait until company comes over! Look at my new collection!
  14. How creative!!! I love the pic in your sig too! Happy V-day to you too!
  15. Great V-day pic!!!! That green color in your tank is AWSOME!!! really brings out the color in your fish!
  16. Anic, when it arrives...please share some with us...i would have bought it for $5...i love to read stupid humor, i love to read period!
  17. I agree with you cubbygold....but if they did that...then why not get rid of the crap advise givers who work at the LFS? The world cant be a perfect place.......
  18. Anic, i hope your book turns out better than mine.... tell ya what Daryl...i'll sell you the book for $1...plus the frickin stamp i gotta put on the darn thing! its got pretty pictures in it though....
  19. there's a great place out in NC where i can take sick fish..... LoL just joking!
  20. that means that book isnt THAT old!!!! LOL only...say...um....24....didnt even think about looking for the published dated......just looked...doesnt have one....
  21. Olivia, I would love to speak for this one! If and when its time to find her a home, i'll make a good place for her. (as well as your other 2 up for adoption) *tehe* handing two sick ones over to you, hoping to gain 3 more back *tehe* gosh i feel greedy!
  22. BUYER'S BEWARE: PLEASE....ALLOW ME TO VENT! I was at the LPS the other day, browsing the book section, and came across this Goldfish book. Quickly flipped through the pages, saw all the pretty pictures, and set up ideas, and thought to myself....."you know Shari, your not an expert on this stuff, some reading material will help". So I picked up a few other odds and ends and checked out. The very first paragraph in the book "Fishbowl or Aquarium?" No big deal, kept reading. THEY SAY ITS PERFECTLY FINE TO USE A FISH BOWL!! "filling your fishbowl to the top reduces the surface area for the exchange of oxygen and carbion dioxide. Fish tend to thrive more in partially filled bowls...." So not only are fish bowls ok, but, filling them HALF WAY is EVEN BETTER!!! ~deep breath~ Thats ok Shari, you know better, keep reading..... now the plant secetion seemed ok...i know NOTHING about live plants in a goldfish aquarium. SO...maybe i learned something MAYBE i didnt. Next, setting up your aquarium. Most of the information here, I'd like to think is common sense, except the diagram they showed on "how to set up your gravel" I mean COME ON!!! I do a bare bottom, to each their own, but LOOK AT ALL THAT GRAVEL! They say by slanting the gravel as show, all the fish waste, and left over food will "roll down hill" HOLY GRAVEL OVER KILL. To a newbie, they dont know how much GUNK will actually get into that 3 inched of gravel! ........soooooo needless to say, i skimmed my way through the rest of the book and admired all the pretty pictures. Like i said, i might not be an expert at fish keeping, but I;ve done ALOT...and i mean ALOT of homework on GF, and i really feel as though this book was a total waste of paper, money, and time! I do no reccommend this book....unless you like to look at pictures. Thanks for letting me RANT!
  23. how cute!!! Cant wait to see them in thier new tank!!! Have you picked out names yet?
  24. Olivia! She is beautiful!!! Love the name!! Your a great Fishie Mommy. Take good care of her. I KNOW someone will want her after you do your magic! Good Luck to you and Masumi
  25. thanks for thw words of encouragement Debbie
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