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  1. wow great photos...and in my opinon, they look very healthy! you seems to been taking great care of them, seeming how your over stocked and under filtered...great fish Roc!
  2. such a cutie pie!!!! BTW love the hearts on your header ~winks~
  3. the bubble eye Jewels! Bubble eyes are my fav!!!! Cute name BTW!
  4. you know....i really dont remember...i didnt touch it...didnt know what it was...thinking maybe it came from the tablets...~shrugs~ i did the does twice, a few weeks ago... on the brighter side of things..my 55gallon is cycled...and Olivia has been giving me daily updates on my little guys...and they are doing GREAT!!! She has a few pics posted on another thread!!! ...thanks for the help and support everyone!
  5. NURSE OLIVIA!!!!! to the rescue tank please NURSE OLIVIA...needed at the rescue tank! My babies look AMAZING!!!! I cant say thank you enough THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! BTW...update at my house! My 55 gallon is cycled!!!!! LETS PARTY! :alc :alc
  6. ohhh ok, i understand now. how often should those bags be replaced? mine look yucky!
  7. ok thanks...i did the ratio 1/4 cup bleach to 5 cups water...i think i read that in one of the post pinned! Thanks for your help Dan!
  8. 6 months! holy moly! y did it take that long?
  9. yeah...i wouldnt trust the LFS either...i bought a baby lionhead from pet$mart, and come to find out, he;s a baby bubble eye ( thanks to RYUU for finding this out for me)......so i have a baby bubble eye for the price of a lionhead....go figure
  10. hey dont feel bad, im cycling too! it is a LONG BORING process..but well worth it in the long run! Good luck on cycling
  11. i too would like to thank everyone here on this forum. I am a newbie to the hobby, and i have met some really sweet, caring, knowlegable people through KoKo's site. Without all the help from the experts and fellow hobbiest i would be over stocked, uncycled, swiming in parasites, and only feeding flakes! Thanks for all the wounderful poeple on this site! RYUU......thanks to you the most! I have really learned a lot through you. And with out your help, my poor fishies would be floating. Thanks for having such a big heart...you are a true friend!
  12. bleach too harsh for anacharis? i've read that they are pretty hardy plants....am i gonna kill my plants now?
  13. thanks Dan, I was reading the pinned post, and wasnt sure if the bleach killed the snails or not....i was also reading post from a few years agao, and it never siad weather or not bleach killed the pest snails....right now i have the elodea in a bucket of water, just did a bleach dip, rinsed well, going to do another dip tuesday...does that sound good?
  14. well im glad i didnt use it...thanks for your reply Dan...would the bleach dips kill the snails? I really dont want my tanks crawling with snails....there are no fish in them right now (im cycling), so its not like they will be eaten...any suggestions?
  15. no kidding! some one on the show said they were keeping one and it broke the glass trying to get out...they have the natural instients to want to be free...think about waking up to a cracked empty tank, and the fish is MIA
  16. sorry to break in for a moment....but I ws woundering if P/C kills the snails on plants? and will it harm the plants?
  17. they say they spawn on average 15,000 eggs 5 times a year....think about how many of them suckers u need to kill....on scientist killed off a whole pond of fish just to get rid of them and 4 years later they showed back up...this ws in a pond...now they are in the rivers o stopping them now. VA Tech is tracking the migrating patterns now
  18. ~stands~ hi im shari and im a GF addict. ive been cycling fishless now for 10 days. thank you ~sits back down~
  19. yeah the last 5 mins stated that an asian americn confesed that he bought two illegally for an aliment stew for his sick sister and she got better by the time the fish arrived, so as tradition, he released them into a river for spiritiual reasons....~sighs~ see things like this is what leads to crazy things in our water. now that explains why at the customs boarders by they are so picky what u can bring into the US....these fish started out in asia..no ay they could have migrated all that way to the US....
  20. maybe this was posted in the wrong topic... anyone?
  21. well...further into watching...they move on land as a snake would . its on national geographicas now...usa time...11:30pm....eastern...pretty interesting...they say they are breeding in my general area too! even more creepy!
  22. ok i know it is WAY off sbjects....but im watching national geographics...and there is a show about the snakehead fish...HOLY COW! these things are monsters...here is a pic http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/20...eries/invasive/ and a blog for more info http://ngcblog.nationalgeographic.com/ngcb...ead_frenzy.html they are saying they are breeding all over the east coast of US.... can live out of water for 3 days and "walk" on land...creepy! check it out!
  23. pics are always great!!! once my tank cycles, and fish get comfy...i will def. try this!
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