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  1. that stuff does wonders, good choice. i saved one of my fish that way, i think he somehow got stuck behind one of my rocks, and after he was healed, everyone i told the story to was like, you did all that for a goldfish? pshyeah. people don't understand us. lol.
  2. i'd be more afraid of the fry eating the snail.. i had a pretty large apple snail in with my platy fry once, and they kept attacking him. they ate off one of his antenae and later on he died. i'm not sure if it was due to the stress or what. but at least the snail can eat up all the extra food, even if they do seem to poop out twice as much lol.
  3. so the fish guy wasn't lying to you exactly lol. 29.5. usually it's width*height*length divided by 231. so in the future you can do it quite easily.
  4. gorgeous fish. and a verry nice tank, it looks sorta futuristic. lol. i always like it when people start out with smaller fish, because personally i like watching them grow. i have a few friends that just go for the big ones and what's the fun in that?
  5. from what i can see, they're gorgeous fish. [even though i have yet to see an ugly one] haha.
  6. ugh that's so horrible. the day my local "mart" got rid of their fish department was a day i rejoyced until the sun went down. one day i remarked to the fish lady that there were a "few" dead fish, and she said she forgot to scoop them out that morning. she said every morning and night they scoop out the dead ones and feed them to their oscars. like hey, i know what i can get out of these dead animals, fish food! ugh. people make me sick. i hope something is done about them.
  7. hello Chomps is very lucky to have an owner who cares enough about him to invest in his happiness. this is the best goldfish forum around and you'll find everything you need right here. have a ton of fun, and welcome again. =]
  8. wow gorgeous. and what big eyes he has =]
  9. i bought all three of my goldfish at a department store, back when i didn't really understand where to get high-quality fish. they're sort of mutts, from a pound. i feel like i rescued them from certian death. [even though they probably just shipped out another order for six fish after i bought them ] i got all of them when they were less than an inch long and two are already over four inches. one does have a tail disorder, i'm not sure if anyone's seen anything like it, but he's slightly smaller. i don't think these stores care what degree of quality their fish are, which is quite sad. they'll get the same amount of money out of selling twenty low-grade ones as a high end store would selling a few. and it's not like they're lacking room, i mean, they shove quadruple the amount of fish any reasonable person would think to put in an aquarium. luckily my local "department store" got rid of their fish section.
  10. wow you have gorgeous fish. [my personal favorite is tulip, but all of them are just beautiful =]]] you've been bitten by the bug too? happens to the best of us. they're lucky to have a loving home, and not some bowl in a two year old's room. keep up the great work =]
  11. ha thanks =] hmm. what would he be called if he changes all orange? would he still be a moor or would he be a telescope?
  12. haha. maybe they decided to make spring break come a little sooner. i'd love to see baby snails crusing around my tank. they'd be adorable =]
  13. haha i love that name. i recently decided to call my goldfish that...but as in Jack Sparrow the pirate. gorgeous betta. you'll be surprised how much he changes the longer you have him. sanitary conditions and love can do a lot to help a betta.
  14. i wish i had checked on here when my fry tank was infested with those stinking tiny white worms. i was convinced they were going to kill my babies so i changed most of the water out and scrubed the glass...and a few of the fry ended up dying because of me changing the water...ironic. and sad. i have no idea what that type of worm is though. for sure someone else does. i just wanted to say thanks for the information guys, if i ever get a worm infestation again i won't freak.
  15. awe he's adorable. and he has a very interesting story to tell him when he grows up =] ha.
  16. wow that's amazing you must have a great camera. ha. mine couldn't take pictures half as great as yours. but that baby shrimp is gorgeous. i had baby fish once, and a ghost shrimp. the fish pretty much mutilated him. super sad. i recently bought new shrimp, and have no idea where they went. hmm. but you have beautiful shrimp =]
  17. haha thanks everyone =] my fishies appreciate your compliments. oh she's a beagle all right. she can be the worst dog in this galexy and the next moment the most lovable.
  18. hey everyone. it's been a long time. http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt26/xe...sx/100_6226.jpg this is what has become of my beautiful black moor goldfish. i call him jack..because he reminds me of a pirate? hah. http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt26/xe...sx/100_6228.jpg that's my other goldfish...i've come to suspect he has a weight problem, but at the moment jenny craig isn't accepting his species, so we're trying to keep on top of it. i graduated high school, and as a present to myself, i bought this bundle of energy. http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt26/xe...sx/100_6220.jpg i'm trying to catch up on everything that's happened here but if anything super exciting happened, please share. i'm completely lost =/ haha. =]]
  19. that's what i thought, he was on a shelf with about thirty other bettas in those like, one cup containers, and ah i just felt so bad for them. i did seperate them, i was just too afraid i'd wake up one morning and my precious molly would be dead. the bitten tail fin was just too much. i'll try and get some melafax? tomorrow at wally world? do they sell it? [ sorry for the name, i had to mention a store] plus i really need to get a larger aquarium for him, he's in a five gallon hex one right now and i'd prefer letting him have more swim room. thanks for the help =] i appritiate it.
  20. hey everybody. i haven't been on in what feels like forever, my computer went all...adsfljaskdfjalsdf. i was having serious withdrawls. but anyways, about my new buddy. his name is Viktor. i got him at nnnn, they're starting up the whole water lily with fish thing again and it broke my heart, having had one when i was young and killing a gorgeous betta in the process. but his fins seem kind of frayed, and his front two [hanging?] fins have a kind of bump on them. i put my molly in there with him [ both for a buddy and because he's so agressive i can't put him anywhere else without him nippping at the other fishes] but now his caudal fin is all frayed looking too, and i feel suuuuper bad because he's been though so much with me and now i caused him harm just because i felt bad for him having to be all by himself. i'm not sure if he got bit by my betta, or it's fin rot. i'm also not sure how to treat that if it is. will salt do anything? i change the water in both tubs every night, but i don't want to hurt him more now that i just made him so...disabled. please help =[ i feel so guilty and irrisponsable.
  21. i think i will get one, i have just enough room left =] if i ever see one, that is. geesh i doubt my lfs will ever have one. poop. lol. i think it's normal, he looks identical to my lemonhead oranda, except for the wen color, i don't think the fish are supposed to be any different than the normal ones, besides the color of their head gear. lol
  22. beautiful comet and gorgeous tank, very clear and well decorated. i suck at scaping my tanks, they all look like poooo. ha, good luck with him, keep up the really good work
  23. wow gorgeous tanks. what do peacocks look like? i don't know that i've ever seen one
  24. here's a pic of one hiding in the grass: http://xemptybrkneyesx.pictiger.com/images/14218688/ and one of my snail, just cause i thought he looked pretty lol : http://xemptybrkneyesx.pictiger.com/images/14218716/ haha. i got so excited today because they pooped. i was like this
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