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  1. This topic comes up often here. Many of us feed strictly a gel good like those from repashy. If you are going with pellets I would stay away from the hikari products. There are too many fillers in them. I would suggest those small sinking pellets from new life spectrum if you must go with a pellet food. Always go with sinking pellets.
  2. any type of annubis is an excellent type of plant for goldfish, has the same type of requirements as java fern. Please document your progress
  4. sounds just like a normal feeding response. Try feeding food that sinks to the bottom. he is at the top because he still thinks there may be food around
  5. Yes, we can see the thickening of the pectoral fins. Congrats
  6. yes completely normal. If these fish are from unrelated lines then there will be a higher percentage of fish with single tails or more of the common goldfish look. If you breed sibling back to parent fantails you will notice a larger percentage of fantails with each spawn
  7. actually green water is very beneficial for goldfish but I understand you do no like it in your tank. Try cutting back on your feeding and the amount of time you keep the lights on
  8. I feed mostly just repashy gel food and love it. Gary has great shubunkins, Please take some photos when you get a chance
  9. Hey Cali, Sorry for the loss of your cat. Is that fish one of Zhaos fish or lfs. Either way he is a nice sakura
  10. does not look like hexamita. keep your water conditions ideal, the previous mentioned treatment is fine. sometimes little particles in the water column get caught in the wen of fish. So long as these pimples do not increase in size or redness I would not worry about this.
  11. so long as the temperature drops are gradual the fish should be fine. however if you are treating for parasites it best to keep your water temps steady around 82 degrees. the lower water temps means it will take your treatment longer.
  12. beautiful fish, I see nothing wrong with his fins, Those are breeding stars, he is a male and you are creating excellent conditions for making want to spawn.
  13. What type of test do you have, Liquid or strips, Liquid api test are the best. I would use Prime as my conditioner. Do daily 50% water changes until your tank cycles. Feed very, sparingly. It looks like you may have a bacterial issue called septicemia. Purchase a product called Furan or Furazone. It is very effective. I also notice his eye cloudy. has he always been like that. I would stop the Super Ich treatment as I do not see that issue. Melafix is a waste of time and not really a medication. Those starter bacteria kits really do not work. Just do large daily water changes, minimal feeding, Use Prime, Treat with Furan/Furazone. Congrats on having a fish live 11 years you must be doing a lot things correctly. If you decide to treat with Furan/Furazone, I believe you need to remove the carbon. Vacuum that gravel too.
  14. the bubbles are mostly genetically determined. However keeping them in shallow water with minimal current allows the full potential of the bubbles to develop
  15. welcome back to the forum. I wish it was more active as well. It is very therapeutic for me to come here and chat with you guys
  16. even small amounts of ammonia, nitrites can be toxic. Nitrates over 35 ppm can cause fish to deteriorate as well
  17. Your fish is clearly an oranda as evidenced by its wen growth. It is up to you to groom it to its full potential. I love blue orandas they are my favorites
  18. How long has your tank been set up. Is your tank properly cycled?
  19. I see some of the scales being raised, possible start of dropsy. I would treat with Kanaplex and raise water temps to 82 degrees
  20. I was with goldfishkeepers.com too. Welcome here. I would remove the minnows. 2 goldfish in a 40 breeder will grow to their potential nicely. Just keep testing the water, feed very sparingly until you know your tank is cycled. Do weekly water changes and use prime as your conditioner too.
  21. 2.5 years is kind of an a old betta. Those temps are too low for a betta. They at least 80 degrees water temps. I would do a complete water change. Nitrates need to be under 30 ppm for goldfish probably more with a betta. Your tank is very tiny and things can deteriorate very fast in such a small setting
  22. Ammonia: old 0ppm new 0.25 just before water change nitrate: old 10-30 ppm new 20-40 ppm--What type of test are using test strips or liquid form?-- Ammonia should always be zero and nitrates should always be under 30 ppm. What are your ph and nitrite levels Keeping large iridescent sharks and a turtle is not a good idea with fantails. They cannot compete with the aggressiveness of those two. The turtle will eventually view the goldfish as a food source. I see that you are feeding flakes. This is a horrible food source for goldfish. Invest in a good gel food.
  23. Buddy is awesome, great job grooming him
  24. I have a 1S year old golden retriever. She is my best friend so I understand your loss. Your tank is beautiful. Are you doing tropical or goldfish
  25. it just sounds like genetic defect so long as the fish is able to swim properly and you were not planning on showing the fish in competition should not be a problem
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