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  1. ken does seem a bit top heavy with the butterflys in his auctions, however they are beautiful nonetheless. i really like those tri silver calico ones.
  2. i bought once before and had a good experience. he seems to specialize in lionchu and the price are reasonable
  3. you can certainly feed other foods with it. i use the saki hikari, hikari lionhead, frozen blood worms, frozen brine shrimp, peas, etc. for some reason the link that i wrote for the other foods was blocked but like i said there are many more saki hikari products out there, i am in the process of purchasing the saki-hikari red (also a color food) and saki-hikari green ( for growth) the probiotic part simply means that this food supports the beneficial bacterial lining the fish intenstines and does not disrupt that process
  4. the food has been around for awhile. there are several new hikari food products available. the purple is an excellent color enhancer. if you go to www.!!!!!!!!!!! you can order saki hikari green which is a good growth food and saki hikari red which is even a more potent color food enhancer
  5. before you locate a breeder you need to rule out what you are doing incorrectly. goldfish are not easy fish to keep. please answer the following questions, your tank size, type of filtration, the amount of water changes you do weeklly, the type of food you are feeding, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, ph levels in your tank, the tank temperature, the type of goldfish you have. I mean no offense by implying that you are doing something incorrectly but before you purchase any new fish, please respond to the questions
  6. www.goldfishnet.com is located in texas. he has a good supply of bristol shubunkins
  7. if you lived closer to me i would give you my 20 gallon long tank and some equipment for free. I am sorry for your troubles and I can certainly identify with how you feel, good luck
  8. I think we all need a 12-step program for our goldfish addictions. Me personally, I am powerless over my goldfish, Each day I surrender my addiction to my higher power which happens to be a goldfish (lol) Hey at least our addiciton is a legal one
  9. wow I have never seen that before. This is the ryukin you got from Ken????? I guess that calico or kirin coloration is not very stable. Still I love the coloration of a sakura
  10. not to sound like a downer but i would not put anymore fish in your tank. 7 goldfish is plenty for a 125 gallon tank especially since some are quite large alread. Forget that 10 gallon per fish rule, it does not apply to goldfish especially with the huge bioload they produce
  11. they look great Jennie how is the new filter functioning
  12. very beautiful and healthy fish
  13. for your krin ranchu i would name him/her autumn those colors always make me think of the fall, (even though we do not have fall here in miami) for your sakura ranchu how about sherbert (like sherbert ice cream.) Sakura ranchus are my favorite
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