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  1. there is medication called kenaplex. It is effective with fish that have dropsy or dropsy like symptoms which your fish appears to have. Increase water temp to 82 degrees when using kenaplex. It has been proven effective with dropsy if caught early
  2. This looks like a possible fungus or something related to poor water quality. Please answer the following questions: 1. what is the ammonia levels 2. what are the nitrite levels 3. what are the nitrate levels 4. what is your ph what type of test are you using to test these levels how often do you do water changes and how much water do you remove what type of conditioner do you use.
  3. cool recipe Monique however often with home made foods they are not complete in nutrition. I am big fan of the repashy gel food products
  4. My last conversation with Ken went something like this. He stated that the Trump administration placed tariffs on the Chinese government which made it impossible for him to import fish and make his cost reasonable to the customer. He stated he was going to suspend operations until things changed. Well there is a new administration in place now but not sure if those tariffs have lifted or not. If he was to sell fish again he would be the only one I would purchase imports again from.
  6. that growth does not look like wen growth but some type of tumor. I am not a fan of any type of wen reduction unless it is restricting breathing of the fish. Not worth the risk imo.
  7. come to Miami we have mango trees growing everywhere in June is when the fruits ripen, yes the sap is an irritant but no where anything like poison ivory. Has anyone here tried mangos that are green with salt and vinegar??
  8. those flake foods are horrible and low in nutrition for goldfish. Pellets are better but you may want to invest in a gel food such as those repashy products that you can also order on line. Furan is a bacterial medication and prazi is for parasites. If you have not introduced any new fish plants or snails I would doubt parasites but you never know. Most medical issues with goldfish are usually related to poor water quality which weakens the fish immune system causing secondary bacterial and viral infections. to set in
  9. Hello and welcome your tank is way to small for a goldfish, the recommendation is at least a 20 gallon tank for one goldfish and 20 gallons per additional fish. For single tails at minimum of 30 gallons. I am not sure what you mean by checking the nitrogen are you referring to the nitrogen cycle if that is the case what is your ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and ph. What type of test are you using, how often and much do you change the water. For now I recommend at 75% water change and use prime to condition your water, Fast the fish for a few days do not worry they can weeks without eating. Lastly what type of filter are you using, If the filter is too strong for the fish it may be that it is tiring the fish and he does not want to swim. Let us know about your progress.
  10. older fish are prone to tumors. so long as the tumor is not interfering with eating or breathing you can leave it alone. It is not spreading and that is a good sign. you do have to watch for the other fish picking at it but other than that the fish should be fine. Surgery is ok if you know what you are doing but why risk it if the fish is generally fine. I know it is not pleasant to look at but I would not want to risk the safety of the fish unless I knew what I was doing
  11. without knowing your water parameters, the black could be indicative of ammonia burns and the fish is healing now. the fish looks very emaciated , what are you feeding him
  12. how are your goldfish and ponds these days, do you know what happened at goldfish keepers, it feels good to be here, much friendlier vibe
  13. Hey Cali are those the guppies you got from Cheyenne?
  14. I would do daily water changes, use prime as your conditioner, if you are not sure what you are treating it is better to use no medications at this time as they can deteriorate water conditions as well. Feed very sparingly. Water changes should be up to 50% or larger daily until your water stabilizes
  15. once again I believe you ae not getting an accurate reading with those test strips... Nonetheless ammonia should always be zero, nitrites always should be zero, nitrates under 40 ppm, ph 7,0-8.0 the fact that your ph is higher out of tap and lower in your tank is a sign of cycle crash. I understand that you feel that you need to medicate your fish but adding the anti biotic also kills the good bacteria in your tank as well. Are you sure you are dealing with bacterial issues
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