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  1. it just sounds like genetic defect so long as the fish is able to swim properly and you were not planning on showing the fish in competition should not be a problem
  2. go easy on the spinach, it is not the best food for goldfish. Shelled peas are a better choice, cucumbers are fine too.
  3. it appears to be non disease related providing that your water parameters are excellent. It appears to be a similar effect that occur in bubble eyes and frog head goldfish. Many imported Chinese fish are cross bred with bubble eye/frog heads for reasons I do not understand. It is a recessive trait that occurs in some orandas.It is an extension of the the wen growth covering the head. For now I would just observe and I would not medicate at this time.If you notice an actual distortion of the eye itself please report that back to us.
  4. if they ae soft and fleshy they are probably tumors. So long as the they do not grow on the gill areas and restrict breathing the fish can live out normal lives, They are usuallynot contagious. Just keep an eye on the other fish not picking on them
  5. I believe that is the case with those larger imported fish. How can a fish that is less than a year old be 5 inches in length unless some heavy feedings/hormones are in playhere
  6. not a big fan of trying to get size on fish rapidly, I believe it is not good for their long term health. However I switch to mostly a gel food. I like those repashy brands such as the pure gold made specifically for goldfish. Blood worms and brine shrimp should be fed more as a treat. I would eliminate the dry foods as they really lack nutritional value and goldfish were designed by nature to eat soft foods
  7. do not feed flake foods at all. If you must feed a dry food get a good small sinking pellet. Demekin fish like yours do not see well so it will take longer to find its food. Please upgrade that tank to a minimum of a 20 gallon long, Your tank is way too small and you will have water quality issues that will impact the fish
  8. I would feed almost exclusively the gel food with the occasional blood worms and shelled peas. Goldfish are designed to eat soft foods not these dry pellets that are out there
  9. this looks way different than lymphocytis or tumors. This appears to be an excessive growth of the connective tissue.
  10. I am not a fan of doing this unless the wen is restricting breathing. So long as the fish is able to find food and swims well I would not do this. It is very stressful to the fish nd and can do more harm than good
  11. Looks like a healthy poo to me....
  12. if the fish has been bullied than this is not fin rot but just torn fins. I would not treat with anything but really clean water and let the fish heal. When ever we treat for bacterial/fungal issues we also have a tendency to kill off the beneficial bacteria in the tank. I would isolate your pearlie into his own tank with a filter that has limited current. Clean water and rest should do the trick
  13. A couple of clown fish, or some blue damsels, mandarian goby, neon goby, cleaner shrimps
  14. can you share a photo of that fish
  15. I have never had a case of lymphocystis on a goldfish but did with a betta. I tried to treat with acrlflavine but no success.
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