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  1. With a 90g, I'm sure a nice school of Clowns and maybe a school of yoyos will work.
  2. You could probably sell them off at a local fish auction, like the CCA, GWAPA or PVAS. (Those are in Maryland/Virginia.)
  3. If the plant is from a bulb pack, it is probably an Aponogeton.
  4. Nice choice of pleco, I must say. If I can make a suggestion, do choice #2, but have only one type of gourami pair (I suggest the Pearl since IMO it is near-impossible to find female dwarfs at a pet store) and maybe only 8-12 of some sort of tetra.
  5. I would think you could keep these cichlids in a 29: -Pair/Harem (Depends on species) of Apistos/Rams -Colony of Shell-Dwellers -Colony of Neolamprologus Brichardi (or similar) -Species-only tank of Convicts/Honduran Red Points -Possibly certain Mbuna species (Don't know much about these)
  6. BNs are fine. They tend to only be agressive to other plecos.
  7. I don't see why bettas would kill guppies if they are dull-colored. I had some female half-black guppies with a female betta and they were fine.
  8. How big? I wouldnt recommend anything less than a 40G for a pair.
  9. Those will be fine. If you are ONLY keeping Cories in that tank, you can have 6 mid-sized cories (Skunks, Pandas, Metaes, Axlerodis, Elegans, etc.) or 10-12 Pygmy Cories (pygmeaus, habrosus, cochui, hastatus). If you would like to add other fish, then just 6 of the pygmy species I mentioned would do.
  10. I agree with the above poster, except I suggest to get at least 6 mid-sized cories (e.g. axlerodi, elegans, metae, panda, etc.). After all, cories also are a schooling fish.
  11. Er, forgive me if I'm wrong, but I've always thought it was common knowledge that little fish (Neons get to about 1.5 inches) don't mix very well with big fish? (Tinfoils get to about 14 in.)
  12. I would pry away from Cichlids in a 5 gallon tank. If you have a 10 gallon tank, you could try Shell Dwellers or Apistos/Rams.
  13. They come from rivers, so you may want to set up a river tank. http://www.loaches.com/articles/river-tank-manifold-design
  14. It looks more like a fungus/bacteria from uneaten food. I suggest you remove it.
  15. Im a little more willing to believe that the guppy died from ammonia poisoning first, and the gill chunk was detached afterwards (most likely from the filter intake or had been eaten by the other guppy). Keeping any fish in an uncycled tank is a bad idea.
  16. Those yellow cichlids wont fit in the 5 gallon, if what you are talking about are Labidochromis caeruleus AKA Electric Yellow Lab. Here is some more information: http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/l_caeruleus.php
  17. Visitherm Stealths and Ebo-Jagers are some nice brands. Also, I HIGHLY suggest getting a bigger filter. 30-40 GPH is not enough. I would say at least 100 GPH, but more is better.
  18. Unfortunately, I don't think a foot long constitutes as a few inches.
  19. I suggest to get 6 danios instead of three. They are a schooling fish, after all.
  20. I suggest getting more Neon tetras, and maybe some Cardinals.
  21. Why cant they be wild guppies?
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