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  1. Well A few days ago my grandma came from the Philippines. She is used to very hot temperatures and she is using my room, as she does every year for 6 months. I have a problem... All my tanks are in my room, and she has the heater on constantly. Before she came the temp in my room was around the mid 70's, and now its in the high 90's. This has caused a major fluctuation in my ten gallon, causing me to lose my celestial goldfish... I have installed some aerators in my tanks to improve the oxygen levels, but I don't know what else to do! The tanks are in the high 80's and I have no where to move them! I can't let my grandma be in any other room than mine, because she is my elder and I respect her.
  2. So I decided to quit the goldfish hobby, the goldfish that I had for one year is dying of a wen infection. I'm going to be selling my fish. I have 2 goldfish that are still healthy, and I don't want to be the one that somehow kills them. I have a pearscale thats one year old- 2$ and a redcap oranda thats one year old also- 3$ I'm in Oregon, and I pretty much don't want to involve myself with goldfish anymore, they all die when I have them.
  3. So this year I am going to set up a fancy pond. The pond is actually an old hot tub that is no longer functional, and there's no more chemicals or anything like that to bother the fish. The pond is 300 gallons and I was wondering how much would filtration cost for it?
  4. Most likely your fish is gulping for air, because there is a lack of oxygen in the water. How big is your tank and how many fish do you have? Do you have a filter? How long have you had your tank?
  5. Your going to need to change the water a lot also, because your tank hasn't gone through the beneficial bacteria cycle to cancel out the goldfishes waste products. Start with a 50% change or so. Do you have a filter? Keeping goldfish isn't very hard once you get the routine down, and if you stick it out here its always rewarding in the end.
  6. Well my friend had a batch of goldfish fry a while ago, and I asked for one since I had the room in my 55 gallon for another addition. He gave me a beautiful little fantail or ryukin, I don't know what its true characteristics are yet... but anyway, hes a little inky dinky little fish that is incredibly small compared to my other fish. Hes bigger than their mouths though, so that's a relief. Hes so fast and hyper, and he gets to the food first because hes such a speedster. The other fish don't seem to care about him being there either. So back to my main question. Do goldfish tend to get a little lazier as their older? I have 2 orandas, and 1 pearscale that I've had for around a year, and they are pretty active, but nothing compared to the hyper little fryish goldie. As a thought, maybe the younger goldfish need to be active to get the food and be faster to compete with their bretheren? Oh and yea, maybe I'll have pics and vids of the little guy to show you all tommorow
  7. I'm guessing your tank hasn't established a cycle yet too? To prevent the fish from dying you'll need to do frequent water changes, at least several a day until you can upgrade and get a handle on the situation
  8. Actually my Dream tank would probably be just a simple 15 gallon with an Oranda, my fish are hard to take care with multiple tanks.
  9. Well today, I our class did the lab. It went pretty well, asides from the overcrowding an lack of filtration... There was one group though, that once they saw that a goldfish's tail tears easily, they went and ripped off all its fins for "fun". I felt sad for the poory fish . I did manage to sneak one out though, I knew most of the goldfish had little to no chance, so I decided to save at least one. I snuck him into a water bottle (changing water between periods) and at the moment hes in my ten gallon cycled hospital tank with a little ammonia burns. I'll get pictures later.
  10. Well for next Tuesdays Biology lab, we're going to be studying the circulation in fish tails. Guess who gets their tails examined? Thats right, more than like poor little common "Feeder" goldfish.. I can tell you right now this is not going to be pretty. Whats actually going to happen is taking a live goldfish out of the water, stick its tail in the scope of the microscope, and somehow magnify it and keep it still whilst observing it. All of this has to be completed while keeping the goldfish alive, and then placing it in the water so that the next class can repeat it... We all know morons exist in the real world, so they are very much abundent at school. I shudder to think of the future horrors when I go into my class next tuesday morning. I saw 2 fishtanks. They both had bubblers, no filters. One was a 5 gallon, and one was a 10 gallon. When you think of it, there are about 30 kids per class, and since many fish will not make it, they'll proabably be around 40 little goldfish crammed in 15 gallons of water, they have to suffice for at least 2 days so that all classes can get the oppritunity to see them. Things like this make me sad. the school curriculum is so cruel and blunt. I wish we could just study diagrams and read about these types of things, but to my teacher its that you have to actually experience it and see it to actually "get" it. Sorry for my rant, its just life is so unfair sometimes.
  11. I'm afraid I have no clue what I'm going to do when I leave town this summer, no one really cares for the fish like I do, well at least around here. I dunno if I can trust many a people with the wellfare of the fishy bubbas
  12. He passed away in my hands... poor Foot, he was still only a baby I didn't even have time to treat the symptoms... Rest in peace
  13. Thanks for responding. Well I did recieve the maracyn 2, and some antibacterial food called geltek, its supposed to treat dropsy. I don't think hes gonna make it. He was upside down and hardly breathing when I came back from the store...
  14. He Definately has Dropsy. Help Me treat him, hes one of my first goldfish I don't Want to lose him.... Heres pics of his pineconing and popeye. I really need someone with experiance to help me assess and correctly face the problem, I know that he probably won't survive through dropsy, since hes not eating, but I'm willing to give him a fighting chance... I put him in a 10 gallon cycled qt tank by himself so hes not picked on... all params are normal for his qt tank Please help my Baby Foot to get better
  15. When I came home today I saw my Ryukin foot acting weird, he was not spunky like his regular self, and did not respond to the food I fed him. I think he has popeye, I don't know whats wrong, hes gasping at the surface a lot, and is Really easy to catch off guard. What could be Wrong? [*]Test Results for the Following: Ammonia Level? 0 Nitrite Level? 0 Nitrate level? 30-40 Ph Level, (If possible,KH and GH and chloramines)? Ph Level (KH/GH) out of the Tap?7.0 pH Brand of test-kit used? (strips or drops?) [*]Tank size (How many Gals) and How long has it been running?55 since the end of last decemeber [*]What is the name and size of the filter/s? Aquatech 30-60 aquatech 10-20 [*]How often do you change the water and how much?30% weekly [*]How many fish in the tank and their size?6 3-4 inch fish [*]What kind of water additives or conditioners?none [*]Any medications added to the tank?none [*]Add any new fish to the tank?none [*]What do you feed your fish?hikari sokaed pellets [*]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt", bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? popeye on my ryukin [*]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating,ect..? Only him will not eat, his other goldie tankmates readily go after the food. Should I qt him?
  16. We're not mad at all its great you came to this site to help learn about goldfish. Sometimes its hard to tell emotions of the internet because it is just writing. Biorbs are nifty for small tropicals, and although they are very appealing, a regular large "Cubical" tank is the way to go. Also do not skimp on the filter, this is the most important part. Good luck with you fish
  17. Well, there is a difference between a goldfish that is alive, and a goldfish that is alive and happy. What kind of goldfish is it? Is it a singletailed one, because if it is, single tails are much more durable than the fancys (double-tailed). Your goldfish is most likely stunted, and will not grow to its full potential, stunting is common for fish in small containers, if they manage to survive long enough to grow. Stunting causes a fish great pain as it ages, the fish stops growing but the internal organs do not. Biorbs are better for tropical fish, who tend to be smaller, less messy and need smaller filtration needs.
  18. Yea, the northwest is so cold for june, so weird. Yea, wouldn't the water still be fine? 20000 gallons is hard to heat up
  19. Well as my school year starts to come to an end, the seniors at my school get to leave early. I am in band, and when I came in this morning to class, what I saw horrfied me. The graduating seniors had bought a fish bowl, and signed their names on the outside, as a sort of remembrance. I was terrified when I looked in the less than one gallon bowl, filled halfway with gravel had a sad fish in it. No it wasn't a goldfish, but in fact it was a beautiful platnium koi. I went on about how koi can get up to 4 feet long, and that they need at least 1000 gallons to themselves, but hardly anyone took notice. Poor fish, it also has to live the rest of its meager existence in an area plauged by vibrations... the band room is almost always alive with sound, and its a very bust plave with people coming in and out constantly. Sorry I had to rant, but it broke my heart to see a koi, hardly able to turn around and gasping just to get his next breath. If only my pond was set up, I would have offered to take him and update others on his condition.
  20. So your new tank is 80 liters correct? This means that you are a bit overstocked with your fish right now. Fancy goldfish, also known as "Double tails" by some need at least 40 liters per fish to grow big and healthy, and single tailed goldfish need at least 80 liters to themelves, to grow as big as 12+ inches (Around 30 cm). Also to preserve your cycle, yes make sure you remove the toxins from the tank with water condtioner for fish. Its also reccomended you let the water sit out for at least a night so the toxins get time to evaporate out. You also need to read up on cycle of fishtanks if you haven't already done that Cycling. One more thing, important to have a filter thats turns of the water at least 10 times the amount per hour, such a 100 gallons per hour for a 10 gallon tank (800 liters in your case.)
  21. They're so fun to watch, last summer I went fishing and we found two baby crayfish while we were there. Before I knew kokos, I put them in my 55 gallon goldfish tank, and I watched then grow from fingernail size to a good thumb size, I realized they had gotten a hold of one of my goldfish and teared up his tail. I knew the problem wouldn't have improved so I had to get rid of them. I was wondering if its ok to keep one crayfish in a ten gallon unoccupied tank, he would be wild caught, but what I've seen are they are survivors and readily eat whats in front of them.
  22. Thanks for the comments lol. Yea, I saw that ryukin in the store tank and I pretty much said; wow, that guys Awesome 0.0. Yea, I really didn't get some good pics of him, hes just so darn charismatic in my opinion he won my heart lol. Hes about fist sized so he is decently sized, I can't believe I only got him for 2 dollars! He was a big ryukin in a tank of babies.
  23. Well I wrote a letter detailing my experience, and have yet to get a response. Of course I haven't checked back in a while, so I don't know what that guys status is. Yea, I wish that I could go in there and then have him bag all the fish in all the tanks, then just leave. I wouldn't but its always good to imagine lol
  24. So a While ago I got these 2 fish that are almost out of qt to go to my moms work tank. The big Calico Ryukin is Frank, and the Little Lionhead is Bellingham Here my mislabled calico fantail (Orignally in the ryukin tank) His mate died, but he still a happy fish And here is my Yellow ryukin and red telescope; Marang and Bartholamew Some celestial Pics Here nack and Noodle, Nack the oranda, and noodle the pearl. Golfballs for size comparison Hope you enjoyed, I love all my fish very much do my best to take care of them and meet their needs
  25. Grr the wallace mart I go to sometimes has fish, it really fluctuates if they treat the fish right or not. Sometimes their healthy, sometimes their sick never both. I don't have a problem from buying from their, but the pet department guy is just a pain. He knows my mom, therefore he has "all the right to refuse sale to me". I bought 2 orandas there and he said he hated dealing with me and that I should have waited for my mom to purchase the fish for me, since I'm obviously not smart enough to make my own decisions. Also, when I purchased my awesome ryukin, foot, he Got so mad at me, because the pricings on the tank were messed up and my ryukin was in an all oranda tank. He tried to charge me 15 dollars instead of 5, claiming that it was a platnum koi. Once I got my fish I left as fast as I could, because the guy seemed threatening, and he told me to never come back and even look at the fishtanks, only when he was gone or not on shift am I allowed to purchase fish I guess. Never gone back to that store since.
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