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  1. Thanks! He is a cutie. I named him Finnegan from, "Finnegan Begin Again". Never even crossed my mind to think him as stunted but that would explain his big eyes, wen, long fins and tiny body. Just another reason to love him more.
  2. Kind hearted me rescued a orange oranda from a lfs 3 months ago. He is a interesting fella in that his left eye is crossed and he swims like his radar is off. He is healthy and eats well so I have no concerns except I wonder why his fins are so long? His body is @ 2 inches long with his tail fins twice the length of his body. Is this a sub species of orandas? His pec fins are exceptional long and seems to be the catalyst in all his movements. Here's a couple of photos:
  3. It's been awhile so thought I would share my new generation of fish. Apologies for the fuzzy Blackberyy photos. My seven little buddies are very healthy and very happy : Speck: Twinkie also known as Twink: Sampson and Delilah: Faithful Lionel: Finnegan: Prancer:
  4. Yepper, 3 months. I am not over Fiona, Clearance, & Gemini but I can now finally say I feel comfortable having goldies again. Thanks for good luck.
  5. I have always wanted a all white fish with orange eyes...so when I saw Twink I knew he/she would be a perfect tank mate for Lionel my sole surviving fish from the tank tragedy.
  6. Thanks!! Not sure if Sampson has pom poms (technically). He is fairly large about 5" inches including tail so I don't know if pom poms grow more as a fish ages or not.
  7. It has been 3 months of mourning. Some of you may remember losing all but one of my goldies to "Lord Knows Exactly What". I still look at the videos and pics often of my lost friends. Patients are always asking me about my golides so the wounds still aren't healed... BUT--- After a month of QT my new babes are ready to be put on display so without further adieu: Twinkie or Twink for short Delilah Sampson The happy couple
  8. Thanks friends. Guess I may have created an "issue" now. Soon to be announced... NEW FISH!
  9. Wow! Sorry about the error in posting my question. Not sure what happened but "it" not only cut me off from typing but it quickly posted me twice! Once again... The 10 gallon per gf is understood, however how about sizes of fish? Should one tank a larger gf with a significantly smaller gf? Obviously not to join a comet with a bubble eye but do some species do better with others? Months ago I had a 2" bubble eye with a 2" one eyed oranda (pitiful, huh) but how about a 5 inch Lionhead with a 1 inch fantail or ryunkin? Just curious....
  10. Your fish are/were beautiful! And to think a raccoon cleaned them out (ewwww) is so sad. Thanks for the encouragement. :5:
  11. Bless your ! It's so tough to los one fish let alone a tank full. Sending you positive vibes, Annette
  12. Hey all! I am still out here lerking yet smiling as I read about everyone's fish endeavors. For those who may not remember I lost an entire tank of amazing gf over 2 months ago. Rarely a day goes by that I don't look at my videos or photos of my Fiona, Clearance, Gemini, & Henry. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=72612 So......moving on here. Lionel the lionhead, my sole survivor, was moved into my 29 gallon bare bottomed tank @ 6 weeks ago. And he has been seemingly happy. Surely he would like a friend, but my hesitation to purchase another gf is killing me! I can't even look at gf at lfs without getting a lump in my throat let alone consider starting all over again. My 65 gallon tank has been completely sanitized and up and running with 2 comets for the past month. They are huge and ready to move on to greener/bigger pastures so I have plenty of room for a new family. Has anyone else gone through such turmoil? Of course my family thinks I am completely nuts. And btw the rest of the fishtanks are all good. Did lose the female blue damsel in our marine tank. We found her laying on the floor outside the tank. Must have jumped out. And we lost 2 rainbow sharks to old age. My son's was almost 8 and mine about 4 years. Don't just love the drama!! Keep smiling everyone.
  13. My step daughter has a terrier mix that paws at their turtle tank constantly trying to get to them. Since terriers are natural diggers for animals i.e. rodents, snakes, bunnies, etc. it would be a good idea to keep an eye on your pooch. Just my worth.
  14. Well I didn't give in but chose to let him med Lionel with Fungus Clear if he really thought it best. With the power outage there was very little left to do until we got our generator up and going. We had to address our largest tanks first and then work our way down to the ill fish. Within 24 hours Lionel looked completely normal and today is swimming like nothing ever happened in a nice clean 15 gallon aquarium which he can call home until we break down the 55 gallon ICKy tank. I am so very grateful the one goldfish I have had the longest (@ year and half now) Lionel is just fine. Thanks for the many inquiries, sympathies, and advice. It was a horrific ordeal and then to have the power lost for so long...let's just say we now have power and all is well. Cheers, Annette
  15. Well its a long story but only Lionel the Lionhead survived the Ick Issue. Gemini passed this morning after a courageous battle. We had power outage for the past 3 days and by the time we got the generator hooked up to all 14 tanks it was too late for him. He will be missed.
  16. Amy, I luv ya to pieces.. and because I luv ya I have to say that unfortunately bleach will not kill off everything, especially at that weak of solution. Fluke and ick eggs will survive to be reborn a few days later. I also found out that certain bad bacteria will survive a while even completely dried out. Here's a link to a pinned disinfecting page http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=41101 Here is what Daryl says, "It really depends on what you are disinfecting - and how you want to do it. Potassium permanganate is one of the best disinfectants possible. It will take care of just about anything biological. Soak what ever you want to disinfect in a solution of PP that is bright purple for about4 hours. If the solution turns brown, add more until it is purple. You can fill a tank up to the top and run it purple - through the filters and all and kill everything in the tank. (Remove the fish, please - they will die, also) IF you have a deep gravel base, remember that any disinfectant cannot reach into every granny of it - and will not do it all. If you really need to zap the WHOLE tank, remove all the gravel and boil it at a rolling boil for 10 minutes. Add about 1T salt to 1 quart of water to increase the boil kill. Or pressure cook - this will kill even the alien infection from outer space or the nasties that never die from Toothless's tank. If I am "nuking" a tank, I take out everything. Gravel is boiled. Ceramic/rock/bioball media is boiled. Any "soft" media is discarded (sponges, floss, etc.). The biowheel, all the decorations, plastic plants, etc. are dropped in the clean tank. The tank is filled to the very top and the filter is set running with no media, no biowheel. Then the PP is added until it is bright purple. This is run this way for 4 hours. At the end of 4 hours, hydrogen peroxide is added to the tank until the water is clear. Then the tank is emptied, things are rinsed and the tank can be reset and started for fish/cycle again. A standard concentration of 1:12 bleach/water is what is used for most infectious agents. Some more stubborn infectious agents require a 1:10 concentration. Live plants cannot survive this concentration. 1:19, as Sandy has stated is ok for those. It will not kill all - but will get a lot off the plant. The best way to make sure a plant is clean is to place it in a "iso" tank for a time. Many problems cannot survive without a fish host. A good dechlorinator can detoxify the bleach when you are done. Between bleach, potassium peroxide, and boiling, you can pretty much sterilize just about anything you want." Two things to note. Aquarium gravel sold today is covered by a thin coating of resin. It will come off if you boil the gravel. Also, PP crystals can be hard to find. Kordon makes a product called Permoxyn that is a 3.84% PP solution that Toothless talks about in the pinned disinfecting page in the planted tanks section. It's much easier to find. Now, I am no expert. I have only been here a couple of months myself and am learning loads everyday, but I spent two days researching ways to disinfect Elvis' equipment after he came down with a bad fluke infestation. That is the only reason I know this stuff. Amy, I hope you'll forgive me for correcting you and will still be my friend. ::waiting nervously for Amy's forgiveness:: This was extremely helpful should I chose to "kill" my tank, but with the 2 remaining fish improving I may not need to (fingers crossed). I am faithfully following the salt solution however did move Lionel into a QT tank because his body was completely covered in slime and I was concerned about infection. After just a day he looks much better and as my previous post details, Gemini also seems to be coming around. I may be saddened with the loss of my 3 orandas but I think we all are going to survive with some lessons learned. Thanks all!
  17. Finally some good news! Gemini my calico Fantail pulled through the night. And today he has been swimming around almost like normal. What was especially nice was that he swam toward me like he had missed me. I fed him a tiny bit of gel food this morning and he ate all of it. Then tonight he actually swam (as best as he could with his fin rot) to the top of the tank for another little bit of gel food...HAND FED! I almost fell over in happiness. Not sure if we are completely out of the tunnel yet but this glimmer of light has helped my spirit tremendously. Oh, and Lionel is doing much better as well. I hope I can get the 2 of them back together in good health in the next week or so.
  18. Thanks very much for the insight of the ICK issue. The Ick Clear was used for only 2 days and there was improvement then I did a 100% water change, cleaned the tank and began salt. The ick then got much worse. Just difficult to comphrend that the meds did them in when it was only for such a short time. But there is no blame or shame in this unique situation. At this point I am grateful that my lionhead Lionel seems to be somewhat out of the woods. I have removed him from the 55 gallon and have him in a QT tank. He is swimming and eating well. I will be breaking down my 55 gallon, discinfect/bleach it and decide just where to go with my goldies from here.
  19. Clearance has now died. And my fantail is dying a slow death...their coats have slimed off and I did everything you all said. Towels no lights, only salt no Ick out. I am so sad. Only my lionhead is now alive & swimming. He is moving into a QT tank. Salt may work for some situations but obviously not mine.
  20. The good news is that the ick is improving however there is a a white slime coming off the fish, espcially the smallest fish, a 1 1/2 inch tailess oranda which is having trouble swimming due to the fin rot. They ate very well last night and the poo looks like their homemade gel food. So is the slime from the Ick going away? Is there now a bacterial infection? Perimeters have not changed and the heater is @ 78 degrees. Oh, how I hate to keep posting in the 911.
  21. Thanks friends for the concern and support. Yes, this is a very tough time for my gf! First Fiona dies last Friday, Henry dies this morning, and the 3 other tank mates have awful Ick. As much I wanted to just shut down my tank and give up, I can't for the sake of the little 3 buddies whom I pray for to recover. And then it's back to "never say never" again.
  22. Again thank you friends for your continued help in this Ick problem. My biggest obstacle is knowing that they are not well and seeing them less active and looking so beat up!~mr.smilingfish isn't buying the "salt only for Ick and they will get well." He is a huge fan of adding meds and although they always work for his issues in his tanks, I keep looking over my back hoping he won't slip something in while I am not looking... I will keep you posted and update if needed. Now it is off to do another 50% water change and more salt.
  23. This morning (5 am EST) noticed that fin rot may also be involved. 50% water change last night with added salt necessary for .3% and fish ate well. The swing downhill is hitting us hard at the house of smillingfish. Is it time for meds? Or keep the faith that the ICK will dissapate if I keep up the daily changes & salt.? As always thanks...
  24. My Blue Oranda did not make it through the night. The other 3 gf still have horrific Ick and seem to be battling fin rot now. Life comes at you fast, eh?
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