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  1. Thanks! He is a cutie. I named him Finnegan from, "Finnegan Begin Again". Never even crossed my mind to think him as stunted but that would explain his big eyes, wen, long fins and tiny body. Just another reason to love him more.
  2. Kind hearted me rescued a orange oranda from a lfs 3 months ago. He is a interesting fella in that his left eye is crossed and he swims like his radar is off. He is healthy and eats well so I have no concerns except I wonder why his fins are so long? His body is @ 2 inches long with his tail fins twice the length of his body. Is this a sub species of orandas? His pec fins are exceptional long and seems to be the catalyst in all his movements. Here's a couple of photos:
  3. It's been awhile so thought I would share my new generation of fish. Apologies for the fuzzy Blackberyy photos. My seven little buddies are very healthy and very happy : Speck: Twinkie also known as Twink: Sampson and Delilah: Faithful Lionel: Finnegan: Prancer:
  4. Yepper, 3 months. I am not over Fiona, Clearance, & Gemini but I can now finally say I feel comfortable having goldies again. Thanks for good luck.
  5. I have always wanted a all white fish with orange eyes...so when I saw Twink I knew he/she would be a perfect tank mate for Lionel my sole surviving fish from the tank tragedy.
  6. Thanks!! Not sure if Sampson has pom poms (technically). He is fairly large about 5" inches including tail so I don't know if pom poms grow more as a fish ages or not.
  7. It has been 3 months of mourning. Some of you may remember losing all but one of my goldies to "Lord Knows Exactly What". I still look at the videos and pics often of my lost friends. Patients are always asking me about my golides so the wounds still aren't healed... BUT--- After a month of QT my new babes are ready to be put on display so without further adieu: Twinkie or Twink for short Delilah Sampson The happy couple
  8. Thanks friends. Guess I may have created an "issue" now. Soon to be announced... NEW FISH!
  9. Wow! Sorry about the error in posting my question. Not sure what happened but "it" not only cut me off from typing but it quickly posted me twice! Once again... The 10 gallon per gf is understood, however how about sizes of fish? Should one tank a larger gf with a significantly smaller gf? Obviously not to join a comet with a bubble eye but do some species do better with others? Months ago I had a 2" bubble eye with a 2" one eyed oranda (pitiful, huh) but how about a 5 inch Lionhead with a 1 inch fantail or ryunkin? Just curious....
  10. Your fish are/were beautiful! And to think a raccoon cleaned them out (ewwww) is so sad. Thanks for the encouragement. :5:
  11. Bless your ! It's so tough to los one fish let alone a tank full. Sending you positive vibes, Annette
  12. Hey all! I am still out here lerking yet smiling as I read about everyone's fish endeavors. For those who may not remember I lost an entire tank of amazing gf over 2 months ago. Rarely a day goes by that I don't look at my videos or photos of my Fiona, Clearance, Gemini, & Henry. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/...showtopic=72612 So......moving on here. Lionel the lionhead, my sole survivor, was moved into my 29 gallon bare bottomed tank @ 6 weeks ago. And he has been seemingly happy. Surely he would like a friend, but my hesitation to purchase another gf is killing me! I can't even look at gf at lfs without getting a lump in my throat let alone consider starting all over again. My 65 gallon tank has been completely sanitized and up and running with 2 comets for the past month. They are huge and ready to move on to greener/bigger pastures so I have plenty of room for a new family. Has anyone else gone through such turmoil? Of course my family thinks I am completely nuts. And btw the rest of the fishtanks are all good. Did lose the female blue damsel in our marine tank. We found her laying on the floor outside the tank. Must have jumped out. And we lost 2 rainbow sharks to old age. My son's was almost 8 and mine about 4 years. Don't just love the drama!! Keep smiling everyone.
  13. My step daughter has a terrier mix that paws at their turtle tank constantly trying to get to them. Since terriers are natural diggers for animals i.e. rodents, snakes, bunnies, etc. it would be a good idea to keep an eye on your pooch. Just my worth.
  14. Well I didn't give in but chose to let him med Lionel with Fungus Clear if he really thought it best. With the power outage there was very little left to do until we got our generator up and going. We had to address our largest tanks first and then work our way down to the ill fish. Within 24 hours Lionel looked completely normal and today is swimming like nothing ever happened in a nice clean 15 gallon aquarium which he can call home until we break down the 55 gallon ICKy tank. I am so very grateful the one goldfish I have had the longest (@ year and half now) Lionel is just fine. Thanks for the many inquiries, sympathies, and advice. It was a horrific ordeal and then to have the power lost for so long...let's just say we now have power and all is well. Cheers, Annette
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