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  1. it doesn't say so but your supposed to clean it after you seal.Afteragood rinse they wont smell like vinager anymore.
  2. Tama is still the cutest gf i've ever laid eyes on.Just looks like a little princess with those beautiful flowing fins.Looks like she's wearing a gown.
  3. I HATE THOSE! It's horrible and so misleading to a poor begginer.All it says to the unsuspecting consumer is "HEY i can put 12 goldfish in here because the box says i can" I think thats why kokos stays so busy.i saw a "starter kit" at wally world for 30 bucks that was 3 gallons with a pic of 6 common gf in it.Meanwhile you can get a 10g with test kits there for 15$ but you have to buy the filter seperatly.Yet everyone goes for the starter kit.Lazy people?i think so.
  4. Thats horrible.I guess to them it's kinda like beauty contests.Miss america and such.But nothing not even a rock deserves to be talked about in that manner.It's a goldfish.It never hurt anyone,and i'm sure it has an amazing personality.Nothing deserves to be killed because it's not good enough for someone.But as the saying goes "everytime you see a beautiful woman remember someone got tired of her." I guess that can be applied here.Tell me if they have anymore fish that arent good enough to live by there standards,I'll take em.lol.Poor fish.I feel horrible for him.I hope the person who posted the pic loves him.Everything deserves a chance at life and someone who loves them.
  5. Thanks hun.. Yeah she's very deformed but such a sweety.. I named her Tama Japanese for whole and perfect... she's got a wen also Awwww Tama.That's a perfect name for such a cutie!She's got a wen?!? Like a hood?Or a hat like wen?
  6. I still cant get a good shot of the babys.They blend in with the gravel.There was driftwood,plants,and some decor in vera and armanis tank when i found the babys.As i said Hiromi is my only snail.She is a girl.She's a gold mystery.I'm not quite sure whats going on.Not too much exp. with snails.
  7. What a pretty fish!He/she is very deformed,but he/she looks like one of the disney princesses.lol.Long flowing fins,slim little body,and huge puppy eyes!Whatever type she is it's beautiful!It looks like some sort of comet with a hood.Whats his/her name?
  8. Ok heres a "pink" ryukin.From what i gather white is easily turned pink through i high diet of shrimp,and color enhancers.It's a very pretty fishy.lol
  9. I have the babies in a 10 gallon.I removed them the second i saw them,and added calcium to the water in the 10g.Even though vera and armani are very tiny baby fancies you never know what there capable of.lol.I cant help but to mention how this reminds me of my childhood when i got a female guinea pig.I had her for 3 months and one day i came home from school,and there were 16 black screaming eyes looking at me from her cage.I thought they were evil aliens and freaked out and ran like i had stolen something.LOL.Later i got the courage to fend off the evil "monsters" from fifi(My guinea pig) to realize those aliens were the cutest black and white baby guinea pigs in the world.LOL.I'm sure the baby snails will be fine.Do you know if theres a die off period for snails like goldfish babies?
  10. Really?Because it rotted the bottoms of my plants.Wierd i assumed it was the band.Bad assumtion i guess.:)The aquatic plant substrates arent so bad if there contained in glass vases,or something to hold both the substrate and the plant.I have my substrate contained in the driftwood.I hallowed it out to provive a place for the plant.Doesn't need to be vaccumed as the plants are contained and absorb the nasties.I use to have the entire bottom of my tank covered with the stuff too originally.Your very right.Wasn't my favorite thing to do.
  11. I guess that's possible.It's been a little over a month since i've had her i think.I still think it's wierd.It was a complete shock to me.LOL.Thank you for a quick responce.I was mind blown.At least that provides me with a little piece of mind that my cute hiromi isnt a evil mutant.lol.(i was beginging to think she was evil lol)I tried to get some pics.but there so tiny my camera wont actually capture them.They look like gf pooples mixed in with the marbles.lol.How long does it take them to loose that see thru look?
  12. I own one snail.It's a girl.Somehow last night about 12 baby golden mystery snails hatched.WHAT?Doesn't this species have to have a male and a female to reproduce?
  13. Ok I'm personally sorry for everyones behavior bikeboy i hope this minor dissagreement hasnt scared you off.Please just ignore the petty argument.Pixiefish provided very good advice.I hope your little guy feels better soon.I wish you the best of luck.And Welcome to kokos.It's actually not normally like this.It's a very user friendly happy place.Think of this as a family argument.lol
  14. As it stated "If he starts to deteriorate" Meaning theres another problem that isnt due to the ph.Like an parasite.lol.The Aquarium salt is not bad advice at all.I didn't come to this post to argue.I came to help.The advice i gave is very good advice if you pay attention.Obviously medicated food wont help the ph.The ph issue had already been addressed.The direct hit from ammonia definatly isnt helping the fishes overall condition.In terms i was saying to use the salt as a helper.Not to cure the current issue of low ph,and poor water quality.
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