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  1. Joy, emptywallet has already diagnosed me as having "fish obsession", so I think it's already too late for me. But I have a suspicion you might already have it as well. A_Penguin, too. Must be contagious. I don't think it's particularly dangerous or fattening, but I agree, it sure does look like it could get expensive!
  2. Thanks, Trinket, I have to admit I find myself laughing over all this and being happy that the fish seem to be enjoying themselves. In the beginning (last December,) I can't believe all the problems you got me through. Recently, though, it has seemed like there have been no problems - and I'm sure that, too, is not the usual state of things. I need to pay attention and keep learning, and I try to read as many of the disease posts as I have time for, in case I ever see anything similar with my fish. People here that I've come to know as really experienced have shown that it's a dangerous world in that fish tank, and things can happen. Also, I need to get going and learn more about winterizing the pond, and I do know that spring thaws could bring some sadness. My big fish in the pond are such sweethearts, they come and eat out of my hand. A friend who came by and fed them (well, when they weren't weighted down like yesterday) was just mesmerized with how personable and lovely they are. I am also sad about the fry - I can't save every one of them. The ones in the tank are now begging for food, and I know I could have them eating out of my hand, too. They will have to go into the pond and take their chances with the rest. I have, by the way, finally learned to catch fish in an aquarium with a measuring cup - that's something you told me about. Also, we can sort of put our hands around the fish in the pond, too, when they are swarming and getting fed, and my husband thinks he could pick one up by hand. But I know better. They are cagey little fish, slippery and fast!
  3. How did the fish do with the water change? Good I hope. Here's a question - do you have well water? If it's "city water" then I'm still wondering about whether you are adding a dechlorinator, or letting the water sit out overnight, or some other way to get the chlorine out of it. Is it possible that's part of the problem, why the fish react badly to water changes? Just a thought. Good luck with your fish!
  4. Well, I finally did get the frog out of the 40-gallon and into the pond. And the other goldie fry were in the 20-gallon tank, growing about an inch a day. A friend came over and was looking at the fry, and the other tank, and asked what kind of fish were in the 40-gallon. (I hadn't cleaned it up yet, water still in, filter still running.) I was confused, saying that I had the fry in the 20-gallon, and the frog was outside, and the tank was empty.......... oh no....... Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two teeny weeny fry, swimming about the 40-gallon...... A few days before I had put some water lettuce into the frog tank, because he needed things to sit on as he got legs and lost his tail. I was probably bad, I didn't potassium permanganate the plants, because they came from (I hope) my healthy pond and the frog would be in there in a few days anyway. But of course you know what hitch-hiked along - goldfish eggs! At this point, every time I get a glassful of water, I expect to see fry swimming in it. Mean time, my friends did not get to see how friendly my pond fish were, because they must have been eating fry for days and were so heavy they sunk to the bottom of the pond and wouldn't come up. I suppose many of you are saying, "Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt" and are laughing at me. Well, it has been kind of a trip around here, with all of these fish happenings. Yes, I did expect some work to keep goldfish properly, but I never expected this!
  5. I did order the DVD, but don't have it yet. Will that have only fish from this auction, or will there be others on it as well?
  6. Wow, you're goldfish have s-p-a-c-e in their tanks. "Fishlets" in a 55 gallon, that's great. Craigslist is good, isn't it? I am always afraid to look, because I will be tempted to add to my tank collection.
  7. Knowing the Goldfish Connection auction was today, I checked in first thing, and no auction. Then I checked again at 11:40 (Eastern time,) and it said that the auction was today, but there were no fish left. Not that I needed a fish today, but for future reference, is there a specific time for the auction, so I can be sure to "attend" next time? The frog has left the 40-gallon for greener waters, and it is in fact, now empty.
  8. It sounds like you are putting a lot of thought and effort into your sales strategy, and you've come up with some great ideas. I love your idea of having some really large, fine fish on display. People have no idea how large goldfish can grow, and if they saw a really large, healthy fish in the appropriate-sized tank, healthy from good care, that would be passing along an excellent message. We were in a Chinese restaurant with a fish pool recently, and another customer was looking at the fish. Somehow we got into a conversation, and he just couldn't believe us when we said they were goldfish and not koi. I can't answer the question about preference of fish sizes - I love them all, and mine have no problem getting l-a-r-g-e-r! Are the Vegan restaurant and plant sales your or a partner's shops? On the beach sounds like such an excellent setup - I just hope they don't think they are saltwater fish!
  9. I posted something at our local koi club forum, but no responses on yellow goldfish in the northeast. I also spoke to Ken at Dandy Orandas, and ordered his video. He said he currently has some yellow and yellow-and-white goldfish. Is this how it starts? Fish obsession? A week or so ago my husband was saying maybe we should keep some of the fry in the tank over the winter. This is the same guy who used to complain that I only spent time with the fish (when I first started and was making more mistakes than I care to admit.) Now he likes them a lot and doesn't want to see an empty tank either. But as it turns out he doesn't think we should get more fish... I was sort of thinking of having some really, really special fish that we kept inside. "No fish that look like golfballs," he says. He's sort of kidding, I know he'd love any pet we had, but both of us really like the single-tailed fish, too. I will have so show him the video. In the pond today, I saw about 5 fry just swimming around, poking about. Up until now they must have been hiding in the rocks and plants along the side, but now they are getting braver. I am scared how many there are in the pond, so I can see his point.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion Acupunk. I see that "Dandy Orandas" is the same as "Goldfish Connection" - did I get that right? I just signed up for the mailing list at Goldfish Connection. I am almost afraid Ken might have another one, I will have to debate whether I'm really ready yet. At least I know they sometimes come up for sale. Br, I love the yellow fish in your signature. Olive? I have a tankful of olive babies, which I think have a white mother. Maybe one will turn yellow? Their bellies are white, and from a certain angle the olive turns to gold. I can hope, can't I? Emptywallet - it's kind of fun having a fish to look for when I go to the fish shops. It would be such a thrill to find one. Maybe I need to expand my horizons a bit. I do ask about yellow goldfish wherever I go, and I usually get blank stares and I'm told they've never heard of such a fish. Thanks all. I think finding one (or better, two for the 40-gallon) will be fun.
  11. Bob - been thinking about your problem overnight... I just reread Pixiefishes post, and it seems like the plan would be to gradually raise the pH up to the tap water level, so we have opposite problems, and my idea doesn't really apply to you. Pixiefish really knows her stuff, so I'm sure she has a good plan. Also, I assume your father adds a dechlorinator to the water during water changes. He probably is, but I'm just mentioning it. Water changes shouldn't stess the fish. My fishes seem to actually like it when I change their water.
  12. Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that I was looking for a yellow comet goldfish. Suppose, just as a for instance, I was going to have an empty 40-gallon tank, and I would be sad to look at a tank with no goldfish in it. Just suppose... Where would I begin to look? This is a "someday" fish I want, and I am patient.
  13. They are so cute - I just love fry. Look at their little tails!
  14. There are some really knowledgeable people here giving some extremely excellent advice, so I hesitate to jump in and say anything. But here's something to think about. When I do a water change, I put the pH adjuster product in the bucket of water that I will be adding, and let it sit a bit, and check it with a test. That way I know exactly what pH water I am adding, and know it will be within the same range. Since my tanks are at a pretty steady 7.0, when I change water, I make sure I set the water in the bucket to 7.0 before I add it. It's harder with a large tank, for sure, but I thought I'd throw that in, in case your father would feel more comfortable with that approach. When I first started, I did everything wrong with my water and had a lot of fish become sick or die, but since I learned what the folks on Koko's say to do, I have had zero problems with any of my fish. Good water = healthy fish, I believe that's true. And keeping the pH the same is so important in water changes - I agree that changing the pH is what can make them go nuts. There are a lot of different products that can be used to adjust pH. I used to use a pinch of baking soda, and now I use a different product, but the main thing is to get it set right, and be able to test it. How did the fish do with the 17-gallon water change? Good luck with your fish, it sounds like you worry about them and want them to be ok.
  15. At pond stores I see comets that have very long tails and flowing fins. I have never seen one in a fish store with a tail and fins that long and flowing. Are there different kinds of comets? Seems unlikely, but I've been really curious about why I couldn't find a long-finned fish until spring when the pond stores got their fish in.
  16. It sounds like you are super careful! That is great, and surely the fish will do fine because of it. I should say that I've only been keeping goldfish for 8 months, so I'm still learning. But I looked at your list in detail, and a few minor thoughts came to mind. You probably know about using only water from the cold-water tap (not something that sat in a home water-heater and could pick up chemicals.) So, if there is a big difference between the tap water and the current aquarium water, you might need to let it sit out for more time to get it the same. Another reason that came to mind for letting it sit for an hour would be for adjusting the pH if you need to. The pH product I use says to add it, then wait an hour and re-check pH and KH. Apparently it takes some time to do its magic, though it usually doesn't change much in the hour. I'm not sure if you use baking soda, whether you need to wait at all. On water changes - with the moving around of the media, you probably want to be testing ammonia, nitrites, etc. all along, and you may or may not need to do a water change sooner. Also, you didn't say - would you add the media from the 10-gallon filter to the 40-gallon filter when you put it in? (I did say that I read it in detail! ) The vinegar sounds like a good idea - next time I clean an aquarium I'm going to try it. Just curious, what kind of 40-gallon tank is it - is it long or tall? As I said, I'm still somewhat new to this, and these are really minor things that came to mind. It sounds like you have a good plan.
  17. I just moved some fish to a new tank, and moved the entire filter, media and all, plus some of the extra media I had been saving in the tank, some gravel, and some plants. I used about 90% new water, dechlorinated, temp and pH matched (the rest was their old water added from fish catching in a big measuring cup.) The fish went in right away, and the tank has remained 100% cycled, much to my surprise and delight. Nitrates have shown up, but no ammonia or nitrites. I guess what I'm saying is that I kind of did it all at once, but was really, really careful about the water being the same, so as not to upset the beneficial bacteria - or the fish for that matter. Maybe what you're really asking is would items from one tank contain something that the fish in that tank are accustomed to, even bacteria that they are somehow "immune" to, but that would cause problems for the other fish. My immediate thought is that you've had the fish for a while, and things would have been "cross contaminated" between tanks in that time. But it's an interesting question, and I can't say I know the answer. Of course, cleaning the tank really well is the first step. I've gotten used tanks before, and haven't had problems with them. What will you clean with? I used bleach, and then rinsed the daylights out of them. Then I filled with water and put a lot of dechorinator in the water, let it sit a bit, then removed all that water, too. Good luck! I'm sure your fish will love the space, and being together.
  18. Thanks, Trinket. That's kind of what I was hoping. I can just imagine 100 fry lurking in the plants in the pond. Also, one day last week, there was an awful lot of chasing and bumping going on. Maybe my three tiny green frogs will help out.
  19. I have 17 or 18 fry from what are now the pond fish, that have been growing in an aquarium. Today I put 5 of the largest ones (about 1 1/4 inches) into the pond. They swam away in a school, and disappeared. Will they hide for months? Will they learn to show up at feeding time? Will they become tame like their parents, who were hand-fed in the aquarium? I am starting to be worried about being overrun with fish! I also saw one fry in the pond that had been born and was living there! If one, how many others? Plus I have the other 12 or 13 in the house. The pond is 1300 gallons, and we started with five 5-inch fish in it. Do I have to start thinking about culling fry? This is not something I have been wanting to ask, but I guess I'd better.
  20. Oliver - I feed my fish twice a day, too, and I always feel guilty. They eat everything instantly! You must have some pretty large fish there to eat a smaller one by accident.
  21. My goldfish didn't like a lot of the plants I tried to put in their tank - even the anacharis - even though I did try to tempt them. I have sort of wondered about that. I suppose that I overfeed them, and they aren't interested in salads. They are such picky eaters, for greens only peas or broccoli will do. Someone else had questions about sand, and I will pose the same question here - how easy will it be to vacuum the sand in the tank? Having not tried it myself, I can only wonder about fish waste getting into it and being hard to get out, harder than a gravel for instance.
  22. I actually like plants because I have read that they help consume the nitrates. I have java fern attached to driftwood, and the fish never touch that plant. Sometimes I wish I had something they would nibble on, when I go away for a weekend and feel guilty about not feeding them. Yesterday I just moved fish from one tank to another, and took their filter, their java fern on driftwood, a bit of their gravel. It was new water, and this morning I'm getting a small nitrate reading, ammo and nitrite zero, so the cycle is still working.
  23. Another question would be how to vacuum the bottom with sand in the tank. I vacuum a lot, and it seems like sand might collect more (what's the polite word for fish poop ?) than a little gravel would. I have no idea about this, but would you use an undergravel filter with sand instead, or would that even work with goldfish?
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