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  1. I have observed this on two separate mornings. One fish (gently) nudges the other fish, following it around and doing it repeatedly. I am wondering if this is mating behavior. I have read about koi, where apparently males push the females about quite vigorously to get them to release eggs. The fish swim together quite a lot, and seem companionable, though at other times they are apart, grazing on the plants. They are about 1 1/4 inch comets, excluding the tail, so I am thinking that they are pretty young. They live in a 20-gallon tank.
  2. Thank you for the encouragement that it would eventually happen. The tank seems to have cycled - nitrites zero! I have so many plants in the tank, nitrates are low as well. A week ago I did go and buy some refrigerated live bacteria, and perhaps that was the thing that pushed it over the edge. For 3 weeks I had low ammonia, but the nitrites would go up to 2.5 and I would change the water in a panic. I was doing 75% water changes every day for a spell. Yesterday I did not even change the water because nitrites were .1. Today they are zero! The cycling took 4 weeks, including the 1 week after the live bacteria were added. In the midst of my frustration, I did start up a 6 gallon tank to do a fishless cycle, "just in case." That tank is cycling nicely, too, and I think this is the way to go next time I set up a tank. It is nice, as one can set the ammonia fairly high, and let the nitrites to spike as much as they want. I have spare filter media in there, growing bacteria. Now I can enjoy the other parts of this forum having to do with the fun part of having fish!
  3. I have been looking at a lot of goldfish pictures lately, and was surprised to find some yellow goldfish. Is that a color that is hard to find? Does anybody out there have one?
  4. Oh thank you so much for your reply! I have a filter rated at 150 gph, which you say is not enough. Should I add a second filter? I was thinking that would add more area for bacteria to live, but maybe two filters would be just too crazy or too noisy. ?? Or should I replace my current filter with a larger (maybe over 200 gph?) one? I also read on this site about using cuttlebone for adding KH to the tank (I have KH=0) which would stabilize pH, and maybe it would give a good home for the bacteria as well? One reads many different things about water changes. I plan to do an 80% water change tomorrow when the the fish and I wake up. Thank you for the links, and I do appreciate your information.
  5. I have had a 20-gallon tank for 3 weeks, and I'm having trouble with nitrites. I have three 1-inch goldfish, plants in the tank and a few sticking out the top, a biofilter for 20-30 gal tank, bubbler, tank light, and purchased rock-like aquarium ornament and aquarium gravel. Ammonia is 0, Nitrate is 10, and Nitrites won't go down. I only keep them under 2.5 by doing 15%+ water changes every day. The pet store says it is because I have plants, but that doesn't tell me why the plants are causing the problem. They also tell me to stop changing anything, and let the fish "go" to get the tank cycled, but that isn't in my heart ? besides, that won't tell me why this is happening. KH, right out of the tap, is zero, so I'm wondering if this is a problem, as it is related to the C02 the plants are taking up. I did add 1 teaspoon of baking soda yesterday, and the KH went to 3, pH to 7.4. This morning before any changes, KH was 2, pH was 7.2. Nitrites were, of course 2.5+. Other chemistry -- Chlorine: 0 Iron: .05, CO2: 1, GH: 1, water temp 68 degrees F. Today I added 4 tablespoons of dissolved aquarium salt, to TRY to keep the fish from being stressed until the nitrites go down. Even half a day after the latest 15% water change, nitrite is back up to 2.5, and I know from experience it will easily go to 3.0 before I freak out and change even more water, yet again. The fish do NOT like the nitrite, and one does "flashing" which I assume is from irritation. I have lost and replaced two fish I believe from nitrite poisoning. One, I did initially "save" and put in a hospital tank overnight and he revived, but he was stunted and in 1 ? weeks, he was the second death. I have had 3-4 small goldfish in the tank since I started it up. I add "Cycle" with every water change, in addition to treating the water for chlorine/chloramine. (Water is also left out overnight.) As a test, I took a gallon of ("used") water out of the fish tank, added Cycle, and let it sit overnight with no fish, no plants, no rocks, no filtering, no aeration, nothing. There was no change in nitrites, still 2.5. When should I expect the bacteria to start to do their work? I am thinking that if nothing happens eventually, there really is something missing from my water to allow them to start working. Maybe all of this is normal and you can just let me know. Or, is there something else I should be doing? Also, if the plants are really causing a problem, why? And why would they cease to be a problem after cycling? Thank you for any help you can give, and for all the wonderful information available on this web site! -- "lanternfish"
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