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  1. Mary, your greenhouse idea looks very interesting. Is the greenhouse custom-built, or did you use some kind of greenhouse kit or plan that could be purchased? Is it hard to take down in the spring (should I have one, it would be MUCH smaller than yours!) I hope you will be posting more pictures as the season goes on!
  2. Philly Bill - I checked out your blog - that will be interesting to follow in the coming months! Seems like you are south of me, but possibly in the same hardiness zone. It looks like your pond is raised up above the level of the earth, which I would think would contribute to more severe freezing problems - something I'm worried about. Are you using the solar cover? Does a solar cover allow the pond to "breathe"?
  3. I like single-tailed fishes a lot, myself. Looking forward to the pictures!
  4. My new 40-gallon tank is finally in place, with water! I have fish in 3 smaller tanks waiting to jump into it, but I'm waiting until the new ones are quarantined before I add all 5 fish at one time. Mean time, I'm trying to figure out the next step. What do you all think? Should I do a fishless cycle on the new tank? I currently have a 5-gallon tank that I've started a fishless cycle on, and I could move that filter over to the 40-gallon. It would not be good for when I have fish, but I suppose that filter could keep the water moving a little. Should I just run the filter (to lose chlorine and come to room temp) and then add the filters from my current, cycled tanks to the new tank, along with the fish? I have two 200gph filters on current tanks, and I was planning on using those on the new tank, maybe on opposite ends. The tank is 48 inches long (40-gallon long tank.) Should I put plants in there for a few weeks? Thoughts are welcome, as I do planning and wait impatiently!
  5. Thank you both, Pixiefish and Sea, for the advice and the encouragement. I will check the lfs today for "Buff it Up" and if they don't have it I will order it. I did try crushed coral at one point, but when I was cycling and doing huge, sometimes daily water changes, the coral didn't have enough of an immediate effect. Maybe now that I have things more established, I will try it again. The baking soda does bring pH up reliably, and I do keep it at 7.0-7.2, but maybe it's not as good as a proven product specifically for aquariums. There is so much to know! I do appreciate the help so very much!
  6. Thanks sea, maybe my fish experienced what you describe, perhaps swimming into the dissolved salt. I DO hope it is only salt. I reduced the salt to .2%, and also put in the charcoal filter, in case it's something else in the water. I'll be watching everything closely - hopefully in a few weeks it will clear up. Much appreciated!
  7. Oh how very sad about the fishes. Here's hoping the ones you bring inside do ok. Keep us posted!
  8. Oh my, oh my, such success! If my tiny fishes grow like that, my husband says I can dig up the entire back yard for a pond (yea!) It would certainly eat great blue herons whole - no worries there. What would I need to feed them - hamburgers?
  9. Thanks Pixiefish! I appeciate you sharing your experience here - even though I am not giving much to go on. I will look into better pH stabilizing products today. I have been testing the water before and after water changes, trying to keep the pH matched. In the older tank, I had been using a bit of crushed cuttlebone along with the baking soda, but found that the pH would gradually drift up a point or two in a week (never higher than 7.4) But then again, the new tank did not get cuttlebone. Still, I think I would be better off with a real pH stabilizing product. As a side note, when I started with the fish in December, pH out of the tap was 6.8 or 7.0. Now it reads 6.4 out of the tap. I know the KH is very low - zero from the tap. On the Chlorine/Chloramine: I had calculated the Jungle Right Start for chlorine/chloramine at 1/10 teaspoon per gallon. I normally would add that to the bucket of water before adding it into the tank. But since I got my new Python, and used it for the first time on that tank yesterday (after these symptoms appeared), I added the Right Start to the tank before re-adding the water with the Python. The Python directions claim that the churning of the water while adding it does remove the chlorine, but I don't necessarily trust that - at least without serious experimentation. I do tend to over-do rather than under-do the dosing, and I do test the tank for chlorine when all the water is re-added. On the salt: On the new tank - I had been adding salt every day, 10 teaspoons, to bring it in 3 steps up to .3%, which would be 10 Tablespoons total (taking into consideration water changes.) The new tank has had that concentration now for 2 days. The other tank (the one that had been set up since mid-December) also had salt to .3%, ending a month ago. Meds: The new tank has had only the salt and Prazi, which are in there currently. The other tank went through a battery of meds which ended in mid-February. I do have gravel in the tanks, and I know this is controversial. The new tank got (boiled!) gravel 10 days ago. (Note that the new tank got a cycled filter that had been running for a while on a smaller tank, along with a few plants - just the tank and gravel were new.) I just read that brown algae is bad - I had been leaving some on the back of the older tank, thinking that some algae was good for them to munch on. I will remove that today. I try to keep things good for the fish, but with all my diligence, since I am new at this, I may be missing something really obvious. So please feel free to mention anything that comes to mind - obvious or not. I do appreciate you sharing your knowledge very much!
  10. I have had a hard time finding information on fish with eroded fins with blackened edges. Here is a reference I have found - could it apply? http://www.int-res.com/articles/dao/24/d024p081.pdf This article is a New Zealand study done in 1996 of a feral population of goldfish who exhibited fin erosion and blackened fin edges. The article is highly medical and technical, and went into detail about the testing process. I was only able to understand a bit of it, but the symptoms described are very like what my two fish are experiencing. The article makes note that the problem did not appear to be caused by bacterial or fungal infection, but instead it pointed to environmental pollutants. In fact, in the study, a paper pulp mill had recently changed its pulp processing technique and chemicals used. A casual look at my fish may cause you to think it is ammonia burns, but I have seen ammonia burns from a fish brought home from the lfs. With the ammonia burns on that fish, the fin was not eroded - it was all there, frayed in places, and yes, blackened. But this does look different, at least to me. The fin actually disappears - it almost looks like a piece of paper that's partially burned, with a thin edge of charred black. I am starting to worry about my water again - the quarantine tank in fact is being run without a carbon filter - though not the other tank. Or maybe I'm not adding enough de-chlorinator - though I think I am, maybe I'm not interpreting test results properly? Do I need to start to look at elaborate filtration systems? Or again, am I missing something obvious? I'm really curious if anyone else has ever seen this.
  11. Here is a picture of one of the fish with the fin problem. You can see his bottom fin that is eroded and darkened at the edges. He has long fins that are almost transparent at the edges, so you see what almost looks like a stray pencil line under the fish - that's the darkened fin edge. (Please do not be distracted by the plump poop above. ) Could this be a fungus? I am wondering - should put on some peroxide or something like that? I'm quite nervous about doing this, especially if it's the wrong thing to do.
  12. I do not have a pond, but I will have one next year. I am very interested in learning as much as possible about pond keeping, and I have read that preparing the pond in spring is something to put on my calendar. Is anybody out there doing it yet, or planning for it? And what do you do??? I'd be really interested in hearing what you do, what you've learned, and any tales you'd care to tell. Happy Spring!
  13. I have two fish with this symptom. They live in separate tanks, and have water quality as listed below. The problem is barely noticable, but I have seen how fast things can progress. On each fish, a lower fin is worn away a bit at the edge. It is not frayed, torn or red, it is just eroded - the fin appears smaller. And right there where it is worn away, it is dark gray/blackened. This is nowhere else on the fish, just on the tip of one fin. And as I said, I have two fish with this symptom, in different tanks. They are in these tanks temporarily for "quarantine", but I must have cross-contaminated them, if it is not a water quality issue. Water from the tap: pH: 6.4 Add Jungle Right Start for chlorine Add baking soda and crushed cuttlebone to water for pH 20-gallon tank: Ammonia:0; Nitrite: 0; Nitrate:6; pH 7.2; KH 2; GH:2; Chlorine: 0 Running since Dec. 17th 2007; AquaClear 200gph filter Change water 1-2 times a week, 25-50% 2 fish, about 2 inches long, including tails - fish very active and seem healthy Fed goldfish flakes and crisps, ProGold, peas, spinach No medications at this time 10-gallon tank: Ammonia:0; Nitrite: 0; Nitrate:4; pH 7.2; KH 2; GH:2; Chlorine: 0 Running since March 22, 2008; AquaClear 150gph filter Change water 1-2 times a week, 25-50% 2 fish, about 3 inches long, including long tails - fish very active and seem healthy One fish is new, the other came from same tank in fish store 2 weeks earlier Fed goldfish flakes and crisps, ProGold, peas Currently in Prazi and .3% salt I doubt I could get a good picture of this problem, as it is barely noticeable, I am terrible with a camera, and they are very fast, but I will give it a try tomorrow. I am also planning on doing a 75% water change and cleaning. Thank you for any assistance you can give!
  14. Good luck with your new fish! I love the image your words conjure up - hypnotic... long flowy fins... Seems like you're asking all the right questions and doing the water changes necessary for now. As for a new home for them, I have purchased several tanks on Craig's list and it might be worth looking there. But I did order one big tank, special. The guy who sold it was really into salt-water fish, and didn't know much about goldfish. When he delivered it, he was amazed when he saw my little fishies come to the front of the tank and dance when people came into the room, and to learn that they eat from my finger. They have a lot of personality and respond to people more than I ever expected. And I'm told they live for a long time, too. There is a ton of information on this site, and folks here have a lot of expertise and are willing to share. Welcome to Koko's!
  15. Oooo I love pearlscales. She is a beautiful little one.
  16. I'm a newbie here, but I can at least ask this question so the other more experienced people can see if it pertains. Has the fish been treated for parasites - like Prazi? It could be a coincidence, but I had a fish that had been through a whole lot of meds (actually for the other fish), and was then being sluggish, and also spitting out food. And when I gave Prazi for parasites, she perked up, swims fast, and is now back to begging for food with the best of them.
  17. You said it contains Prazi, but what else does it contain? I have also read that Prazi is gentle and an overdose would not generally be a problem, but does it contain something else that should be dosed more carefully? It does sound like you are doing your homework (math included ), but I just thought I'd pass along this thought.
  18. I love to hear good news! Here's hoping for your fish!
  19. Yes, chubypearlscale, I think you are right about her being a comet. The tail is even longer than the picture shows, because at the end it is kind of clear. You must have a pearlscale - I like those a lot - maybe I'll get one some day.
  20. Thanks, Chickey, I think she's pretty, too.
  21. A friend gave me this fish that she had for 5 years, because she didn't have a big enough home for her (or him?) She was a feeder fish that grew and grew. Is this a comet? Seems like the tail is a bit long, but I've seen sarassas that have long tails. What do you all think? Anyway, she is happy in her 15-gallon quarantine tank. Wait till she sees the 40-gallon!
  22. I did use the fishing line, and the plants are staying in place on the driftwood, even when I move the wood around to vacuum the bottom. It's hard to tie the fishing line in place, as it is nearly invisible, but somehow I got it to work. Thanks, Dan.
  23. What a wild ride - and such a good outcome! I was gone all week, but this morning I read with interest all the posts on the salt testing, the chain store's recall, and the fish doing better. I think there's nothing wrong with being a bit careful and obsessive about things, and I'm sure your fish would agree! It sounds like you put a tremendous amount of work into this, and I believe that you saved many, many other fish, because of that salt testing and recall. Good luck with the Moore.
  24. The yellow sounds suspicious for sure. Could it be YPS (Yellow prussiate of soda)? Wow, you have somebody who could do tests! Would be interesting to hear if you do it, what the results are. I use that brand, too, but I'll check it next time I buy some for color.
  25. Hi Trico, I do note that you are from Mars and I don't know what your winters are like there. Just a thought as winter is passing, how much will the water freeze there in the wintertime? Something above-ground I think would freeze more solid than something dug into the ground - something to ask perhaps on the pond sub-forum here. I am planning to make a pond this year, and I'm excited, too! Good luck with your new pond, nice and large!
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