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  1. Quarantine would be good in any case. True the feeder fish might carry more disease. Treating in a quarantine tank with praziquantrel and salt is recommended on this site for all new fish. I have many lovely feeder fish in my pond, who were all quarantined first and I had no problems crop up this year. Even if you put a few fish in, and there are males and females among them, you are likey to end up with more fish in the spring . Good luck!
  2. I just wanted to share this picture of my frogs, from November 14th.
  3. It's been very cold here at night. I did get my floating island sunk to the bottom, though there are still a few floating plants I need to get out. The frogs must be at the bottom, hibernating already. And the fish are just drifting about. The waterfall is still running, but that will be shut down soon. How is everyone else diong?
  4. Good question. Of course, both plants are considered noxious pests where it's warm year-round, but in northern climates we don't have to worry quite as much about them getting into the natural habitat and disrupting things - they would die off during the freeze. From doing a bit of reading, it seems that water hyacinth may tolerate colder weather than water lettuce. Maybe a tub in a garage? Actually, today I put some water hyacinth into a fishless cycle aquarium, along with some ammonia, so I'll be learning how they do in the house. I'm not saving that much, because they multiply so fast, but I know you have large ponds and are probably hoping to save more.
  5. Another option I have is to put them into the pond for a bit. There'd be some chasing if I did that, I suspect.
  6. Here is Buttercup, very fat. I am a little worried that she may be full of eggs that she's not releasing. I have another female comet who looks more torpedo-shaped. She was laying eggs a week ago. They are both about 5 inches long, excluding their tails. I've caught both fish hovering at the bottom a few times. They both eat a lot - Tetra Fin fish flakes and ProGold pellets, peas, broccoli and frozen brine shrimp. Should I be doing anything, like adding epsom salts? I tried chasing her around the tank with my hand, but she didn't like it one bit, and neither did I. Should I try to catch a male and put him in the tank for a day or so? Or should I not be concerned? The tank has been up for many months, but these new fish took over the tank 2+ weeks ago after a good cleaning (but not to the point of having to cycle it.) They got their treatment of Prazi and salt, and now the salt should be out of there. The 40 gallon long tank has two 200gph filters, one on either end. Ammo:0, nitrite:0, nitrate:5, pH:7, temp:73. I use a dechlorinator and Buff-It-Up, and vacuum the bottom every 2 days, changing out 20-50% of the water.
  7. We're already planning our strategy for keeping a hole open in the ice for the fish and critters. This will be our first winter with a pond, and I hope we don't have any problems. Sometimes our winters are harsh, sometimes not. I doubt it's ever as cold here, as it is where you are, though. What Zone are you in, Deb? You talk about four single-tails, what are your other fish?
  8. Winter? Did you say ... winter? Ahhhhh!!!! That's great that you can bring your fish inside. Lovely pond, and that's a nice, long stream.
  9. br553, that's a pretty fish! Yes, that is what I mean. I didn't know that the fins could get longer as they get older. I think PHYLAL may have it right, that the ones in the lfs that I've seen are not up to "show" standards, but of course I still want to bring them all home.
  10. I have two fish in quarantine. When I got them I left them alone for a few days, then I put in prazi and .1% salt. That didn't seem to cause any negative reaction. Today I added salt to make .2%. I noticed the fish developed slightly clamped fins and I even caught them sitting on the bottom for a bit. They did recover and started acting normal, but I worry about going the next step to .3%. Any thoughts?
  11. Interesting, PHYLAL, about keeping the plant below the freeze line. When I bought a water plant at a pond store, the owner told me to sink the pot. Maybe that is a general technique that would work with many plants that can stand the cold, but not freezing. Thanks for all the ideas, I'm keeping notes!
  12. Our waterfall came with lava rock specifically sold for ponds, and the pond has stayed nicely cycled, so I suppose the beneficial bacteria like it. Some say that after a while the pores get filled up, and aren't good after maybe a year. I don't know myself, since it's a new pond. I do wonder about yarn, if it ever was able to get into the pond. If the fish ate it, my thought is that it would harm their digestive system. I remember once on this site someone was talking about their fish who died being full of some kind of fibrous material (unknown source, but maybe rock wool that they grow aquatic plants in?)
  13. They're just another plant that can go in the water. I'm going to see how they grow. They seem to have the plant tied up into a little ball, making it round. Interesting about the hydrogen peroxide neutralizing the potassium permanganate, Acupunk.
  14. It is wonderful hearing all these stories about people who come to understand and love goldfish!
  15. Such pretty fish! No gasping now - they must be so happy with their new home. Welcome to Koko's!
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