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  1. Well it has been twelve hrs and the eaters are still ok.. Buddy is not an live food eater, he realy likes his pelets best!! I have them in a side tank and they will to back in morn. I do have the scrubber one for each tank.. Thanks everyone!!! Rita
  2. lupin, yes.... they are gone.. what would any of you suggest to keep down the algae in my tank?? just common pleco?? rita
  3. C,L. yes they are chinese algae eaters...little buggers...i will have to take them back to the store...they will give me a trade in... i think i will rest a bit and wait for the right new goldie to call to me...i'm still sad at the mo.. thanks rita
  4. hello everyone, i have lost my calico bubble eye, i had gotten two algee eaters to clean the tank of the mass alge over growth. i had to give up my pleco it kept jumping out of the tank, would shoot up the filter waterfall. wierd thing!!! so any way, after two days or so...i got up in the morning and turned on the light, and both the eaters were clamped on my calie!!! they had stripped her of all her scales and bubbles!!! WHY??? can anyone tell me why they did this??? i almost fed them to my oscar!!! will they eat any new golds i choose?? thanks so much for any advice or reason for this.... rita
  5. for cucumbers they like the seeds.....ok nakedsnake those are great northern white beans and kindey beans..i will have to give them a try...thanks...so far mine love the peas and bananas, brocolie, and orange slice, green beans not so much....has been fun to see them ravage the fresh foods!!! rita
  6. we can add bananas also to the list for mine, they just gobbled it all up...i want to try out apples....and green beans...now i am not sure what beans nakedsnake is refering to, could you tell me the color of them??? i am a cook and i am perplexed as the the breackfast bean?? thanks rita
  7. hi all, thanks all for looking over my little trio. rita
  8. i do hope that everyone was able to see my web page..please let me know if you were not able to get there.. rita
  9. hello, i was asked to show off some pics of my bubbleye's earlyer in the week...i have posted three pics on my flkr site you can accses it on my proflie "view my web site" hope you like my babies. as an update also puffer is doing much better more active.. thanks rita
  10. has anyone used cooked beans such as chick peas, lentils,split peas, black eye peas..etc..barley??? what about scrambled egges not hardboiled???
  11. hi Ms M. i do this also...a varity of foods...puffer realy likes brine shrimp and the peas realy went over good. has anyone feed shredded carrots??? or cabbage?? thanks
  12. thank you very much, i am realy proud of my guy, i realy hope he is not sick the other two are just smal yet...spot will have very big eyes just like puffer.. glad you like my pics, my mom is a pro and hse got me hooked... rita
  13. hi guys thanks so much for all the goodies to try...so far the peas and brocolie are a hit!!! even the cats and loaches like them.. rita
  14. if you look on my profile...visit my web site there is a pic of puffer on page three..
  15. hi all, what fresh foods do you feed your fishy frens and how do you prepare them to get the best result and less mess in the tank?? if this topic has another thread please link me to it, so that i may educate my new self... the only fresh i have seen used untill now are lettace, cucs, orange slices. thanks rita
  16. would canned no salt added be better, they are soft already... thanks again, two days no toppsy.. rita
  17. hi T, well i have maracyn-two, and today he was not floating and sems to be a bit more active!!! and the big streek seems to be a bit smaller it is the tail and is at the base...only first day i guess, i had given the meds before you replied...so i think i will continue?? i took pains to get a good look into his gills and mouth..i had to extract a stone from spot about amonth agao...nothing there.. i have given cucumber lettace and orange slices in the past...now is it frozen peas??? i have those...and green bns..rice we eat alot of i will try that too...how long should a fast be for these guys?? is this a clean out the system procedure... i have to work today and will not be able to see your come back untill tinite about 7 mst...thanks again rita
  18. thank you, i have not given fresh foods, what would be best, cucumber is the only thing and it was for the pleco, then i noticed he was eating the eye sacks and he went upstairs to other tank, his eyes are so big it is hard for him to get floating food, i have brine shrimp and discs and the lrg flakes fall for him too....i make sure he gets food i view feedings. i got the meds because i noticed a couple of streeks in his tail, his tail is white and orange and i can't tell between streeks and blood viens he has very outspoken viens in his eyes sacks and where they bounce on the bottom seem to be alot more...such odd fish, i just love them. thanks agaihn... rita
  19. hi!! i just love my bubble eys and try to learn as much as i can about them, i have a 6 inch orange, he is my big boy. i have a calico and a white with spots of orng and blck, they are my little ones about a yr old. puffer the big boy is three and has eyes that are bigger than his body. have fun!! rita
  20. hi all bubble eye owners...with more yrs at it than me. i have a wonderful orange bubble eye, he is aprox three yrs old...however his eyes are bigger than his body!! try to picture a golf ball with tenis ball eyes!!!! he sucks on his eye at times, and they google all over when he swims around. the past two days i have woken up the tank to find him upside down!!!!! still alet breathing just lounging...yesterday i figured he would be dead when i got home, i checked water all ok, change filter and carbon..all other fish are ok...last night he was upright as always!!! this morn againt there he was all top over again and now agian is right side up...i was just wondering if it could be an easy ways to fish sleep for him cause his eyes are so big and heavy...or a swim bladder prob??? he corrects the issue in the light. i have not changed anything in the tank other than normal water and filter such things..i have gotten a anti biotic treatment just incase. thanks so much everyone...did not know where to put this so general was a choice...hope it ok rita
  21. well..i was till i noticed i had not spelled my name right in the link..i hope all have seen bubbles..i just love him, soon i will get pic of spot and loppy...the babies.. oxoxo
  22. will make a pool for pug??? can't wait to see it full of beautiful fish....
  23. ok i'm sorry i realy stink at this...one more time...Visit My Website can you see them now??? it seems to be loading now i will look over photo bucket too... thanks all rita
  24. hi all, i'm not realy sure how to get a pic in but i will try....i got a new cam it i got a good shot of my bubbles..hope you like him, his eyes are as big as golf balls... that did not work then you will have a link to my photo page..Visit My Website he has gotten sooo big!!! take a look... hope all is well with everyone.. rita
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