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  1. I would love to get pics, but pics probably wouldn't even show it. I would need a really good macro video. A video would show the inner bubbles as the fish and bubbles wobbled through the tank.
  2. Has anyone heard of or seen a bubbleeye with bubbles inside the main bubbles? I noticed recently that mine has at least two smaller bubbles inside the large main bubbles. If you have seen those balloons that have smaller balloons inside them it is exactly like that. As he swims and they wobble back and forth I can see the inside ones hit the outer one. Anyone?
  3. Here is my 150 planted. Fancy goldfish, platies, danios, dojo, guppies, etc. Tons of plants. No fertilizers, CO2, or anything. Just light and goldfish poop. I just pulled a ton of plant out right before I took the video.
  4. I love hand picking fish at the wholesaler. LINK
  5. I was curious if anyone has both any 05 Fluval (105-405 or FX5) AND any Eheim. I just have a couple questions: Which do you like better and why? What features do you like about each? (If all those features were on one or the other that would be your new favorite.) What do you not like about each and why?
  6. No, I have had 2 20 watts for about 9 months now, no problems. Are you sure the fixture can handle the 10 watts? That is the only thing I can think of.
  7. Has anyone used or is anyone currently using Dainichi? It seems to have a pretty good reputation overall but I don't seem to notice it being discussed on here or any other forums. How does it compare to NLS, Pro Gold, gel foods, etc.
  8. Any pics of that mystery coral? A lot of them look VERY similar, especially at that size. I know a lot of them don't move, but I think some of them do, can't remember for sure. It is not an anemone, right? Thanks.
  9. The pink purple stuff is probably coralline algae. Actually if the live rock is already cured it is best to transport it home completely submerged in a bucket, but most people don't do this. If you google 'mushroom propagation' you should be able to get some info about how to move that one.
  10. Here is a green mushroom that one of my green clown gobies loves to sit in (of course not when I am taking pictures): This zoanthid isn't mine but is at my work and I really like it: What do you guys think?
  11. Here is a blue ricordea: Here is a brain coral. It looked orange in the store but is more reddish in my tank: And here is a close up of the brain:
  12. I just wanted to share some pics of some of my new corals. The first is a rock covered in zoanthids, note the mussel on the left side. Here are a couple close ups of the same piece: And here is a shot of the same piece under just the actinic LEDs:
  13. I think as long as the questions are answered and the entire conversation moves on in a different direction after the original intent of the thread has been thoroughly addressed there is not a problem straying from the original topic.
  14. Good points. Mine is low enough in the tank that it actually doesn't get any bubbles when the tank is full. The other issue is the size of the bubbles. Large bubbles will rise quickly, but small bubbles rise very slowly, sometimes so slowly that they will simply go with the current, up or down. I am just surprised you were able to get such small bubbles from a post-impeller venturi.
  15. I don't get that many bubbles. Is the venturi intake pre or post impeller?
  16. We use Hydroplex at work as a prophylactic treatment for all fish when they first come in. Has anyone used both? Any information on which is better? I was just curious because I see Prazi referenced so much on here and no mention of Hydroplex.
  17. That is what the general consensus is on here, it just doesn't match my experience at all.
  18. Sounds like the LFS is subscribing to the idea that goldfish are these rediculous waste producers and thought the pleco would die. Some just go by old myths. Some try to advance and get some 'better' information, and then others go all the way and get the real information. I wouldn't mix them because when I did it tore the eye out of one ranchu and scraped up the sides really badly on two.
  19. What kind of gravel do you use? I love powerheads, but I prefer them with either no filter (just an intake strainer like on the end of the intake pipe of a HOB) or with just the normal powerhead filter prefilters or foam bloacks. With a venturi air intake they are amazing, I have a 300gph in my 150 and another in my 40 reef.
  20. The problem is that in reality people don't do them right. They don't have enough flow, they don't do enough cleaning, etc. People want easy. They want a filter they can not think about for an entire month (or more). This is why it seems like about 90% of people have moved on to more advanced and more up to date filters. In my experience most of the people who still prefer UGFs are the people who have been using them since they were the best thing out there, got used to them, and still use them and do them properly. In my experience sand is MUCH better than gravel anyways. And yes, technically it is possible to use an UGF with sand, but that is even more work in the setup and a separate issue. I don't vacuum at all anymore since switching to sand. The sand keeps all the debris in the water column, with enough flow in the tank that debris keeps moving until the filters grab it. And since you really should have additional filtration anyways when using UGFs, it is more expensive to have a HOB or canister and UGF (with the plate, and powerheads, etc.) than to just have the next size up HOB or canister. In my experience it is easier to keep an UGF-less gravel bed clean than one with an UGF. You can get right down to the glass and get out every bit of debris. There are also some theoretical problems with the UGFs. In order for the entire gravel bed to remain as part of the filtration, the gravel needs to be level and flat. If there are thinner areas water will take the path of least resistance and go mainly through those thinner areas and bypass the rest of the gravel bed. This is amplified if you have any fish that will dig pits, like cichlids, possibly right down to the UGF plate and then none of the gravel is acting as a filter media. In addition, in my experience when a filter is not maintained properly it is much easier to undo that damage with other types of filters than it is with UGFs. I have seen tanks after removing UGFs or changing the substrate. There was literally about 1" visibility and it looked and smelled like the tank was full of sewage. On the other hand, let's say you neglect a canister or HOB just as badly. All you have to do is unplug, drag it to the tub or sink, plug your nose, and clean it. You don't have to expose your fish and their health to all of that nasty assorted debris and junk. It is possible for UGFs to be done right, but most of the time they are not. With so many amazing filter options available and arguably better substrate options like sand available, for most people UGFs are not a good idea. For anyone interested: In reference to sand and toxic pockets, etc. In my experience that has everything to do with the type of sand and not just sand in general. The sand I use has never given me any type of problem. No compaction, no toxic anoxic pockets, no fine particles in the water column, no need for cleaning when it is first put in, etc. The grain size is uniform and just large enough so that oxygen can get to the entire sand bed. It is also heavy enough to sink quickly when disturbed, so it doesn't mess up the filters at all.
  21. Definitely don't go with the UGF. I would just put a filter on the powerhead. They sell some prefilters that would go on the intake of the powerhead. This would add some filtration and not just flow.
  22. Try New Life Spectrum. The garlic in it helps get fish on it. Any time you change their diet they may refuse it at first, just get them hungry.
  23. That is coralline algae. Those bottles just add calcium and a few other supplements, they won't seed it. And everyone I have talked to says that coralline algae grown using PurpleUp looks very unnatural.
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