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  1. Hi former roomie! Congrats on the new beauties! They are lucky fishies to be in your care!
  2. No I haven't got one yet. I did take pics of my tank though. I also took pics of my new 45 gallon tank for Black Jack (my shubunkin). I'm having trouble getting the pics into my computer though. Anyway I'm thinking of ordering my rabbitfish from Marine Depot. They seem to know what they're doing as far as shipping fish. If I don't do that I might order one from one of the fish stores in Kansas City. I don't know if I trust fish shipped from online dealers.
  3. Thanks Padda but yeah that's a little far unfortunately. I'll post a pic of the tank as soon as I get a chance.
  4. Alas I have not yet found a fox-face rabbit fish to my liking around here. There was another type of rabbit fish at the pet store but it was in a tank with an ich infested sturgeon. I still have my eyes out for one though because algea goes crazy in my tank. I did get three green chromis and they are very cute! They add a nice splash of blue/green to the tank. I now have a yellow tang, an engineer goby, the three green chromis and a brittle star. Plus a lot of snails. The only other fish I want is the rabbit fish and then I'm stopping.
  5. That's sweet. The squirty frogs are doing good. They are my friends. They are adorable. for the squirty frogs!
  6. I've heard of this. Ottos have spines that make them get stuck in goldfish mouths when eaten.
  7. I went to get the rabbitfish on Saturday and they had sold it two hours before I got there.
  8. Hooray! More goldies in the house!! :monkey
  9. Sites like this are the best place to get fishkeeping "secrets". From a BUNCH of people who have done it for years, not just one. Besides, most genuine fish enthusiasts give their "secrets" away for free for the benefit of all fishkeepers and there fish.
  10. We'll have a "fishopping" excursion! I will get a !!
  11. I'm pretty sure it's the danger of the ornament releasing the stagnate (and toxic) water into the tank. Moving the ornament causes the nasty water to get into the tank and possibly make the fish sick or kill it. Sometimes the fish themselves will move the ornaments and cause this to happen.
  12. We all make mistakes. I'm sure he'll be fine. Give him a little melafix to mend any scrapes.
  13. I inevitably get drenched when cleaning any tank over ten gallons. Sometimes even the three gallon betta tank splashes me.
  14. That's the biggest loach I've ever seen! He/she's very cute!
  15. Thanks for the info! As soon as I have time to go to Kansas City I'm getting one.
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