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  1. Hi former roomie! Congrats on the new beauties! They are lucky fishies to be in your care!
  2. I've heard of this. Ottos have spines that make them get stuck in goldfish mouths when eaten.
  3. Hooray! More goldies in the house!! :monkey
  4. I'm pretty sure it's the danger of the ornament releasing the stagnate (and toxic) water into the tank. Moving the ornament causes the nasty water to get into the tank and possibly make the fish sick or kill it. Sometimes the fish themselves will move the ornaments and cause this to happen.
  5. We all make mistakes. I'm sure he'll be fine. Give him a little melafix to mend any scrapes.
  6. I inevitably get drenched when cleaning any tank over ten gallons. Sometimes even the three gallon betta tank splashes me.
  7. That's the biggest loach I've ever seen! He/she's very cute!
  8. Yeah, one side is okay. The rest of his tail is alright on the other side, there's just one tiny hole. But in the past the holes don't heal, they get bigger until I have to use medicine.
  9. Thanks Toothless! That's sounds like a very good idea. This is probably a dumb question, but what is OD and ID tubing?
  10. Oops, didn't know that, or I forgot. I will say what I was going to say in the new members thread. On Lance's tail: I noticed something sad today. On one side where the tail is growing back, it's growing back WITH a hole in it. Not infected or anything, but a hole nontheless. So I used some of your primafix and mixed it with my melafix and dosed the tank. This made my water cloudy but oh well. I wonder if his tail would have grown without holes if I'd done that earlier. I'm so frustrated!
  11. At first I was like, "Neej"? I was all trying to figure out what N-E-E-J stood for. Now I remember, yes, Neej. Since I can't be "Deej". Anyway, thanks so much for the info. I had no idea how to dose them. I'm going to post something to you in Chatterbox just so you know, because I forgot to ask you something on the phone. :phone:
  12. By the way, I just noticed that your intake strainer seems to have gotten lost somewhere. I'd get that replace before anything bad happens. Goldies and intake tubes have quite a long history of clashes....... 327721[/snapback] Thanks Toothless. Yeah, the filter didn't come with an intake strainer for some reason- I guess it was a fluke. I use one from an old filter- but it doesn't fit because it's a different brand. Lance's filter is a Penguin 170 and the intake strainer is off a Whisper or something, and it's too big. The only thing that holds it on is the suction from the filter pulling the water up the tube, and if it's bumped it falls off. Do you know where I could get another one? I can't find any replacement parts like that at the petstores around here.
  13. Thanks fishrpets, sometimes he shows off for the camera, but usually he swims away from it. : ) froggydella: I think an Asian theme would be really cool for a tank- esp. a goldie tank since that's where they were domesticated. You could put in a Buddha or a Pagoda (i have no idea if that's how it's spelled) or maybe an Oriental dragon. A background (like a piece of cloth hung on the outside) that has an oriental design would be cool. I've also seen fake underwater Bonsai trees at mmm which might look good. I know the Buddha tank on here that you are talking about- it was really pretty. I doubt they'd mind you having a Buddha in your tank because we all kind of inspire each other on here and give each other ideas. If you had a doubt you could always ask them. Maybe they could even give you tips. : ) Oh and I bought my plants at Pet World- they're all plastic except the big flowy pink one- it's silk.
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