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  1. I think that is why it's called Bakersfield. LOL Yeah good one! I never thought about that.
  2. So you are saying all chains all together are going to stop selling fish? I think it sounds, nice, but somehow I doubt it. I know certain places just shouldn't period, and I can name those places in my sleep. But there are certain ones who do not do so bad either, except the one shop in town I always go to, for some reason, their pearl scales never survive with me. I have been through a few of them. I only have luck with Ryukin, Demekin, Oranda, and Ranchu/Lionhead (but not so much these vs the others mentioned).
  3. I agree, but there are also people who try to profit from shipping. But the way I see it being both a seller and a buyer, is that I would appreciate those $.50 vs nothing at all, because if people wanted it, it would sell for more. It is all bidding regardless, and we have our methods. They also have the option to do Buy it Now, Best offer, and reserve.
  4. Wow, seriously, (I am a bad owner), I never checked nitrates and such.... I am going to the pet store right now and I am going to stock up on some stuff. Do people also do this with ponds? Never?! You've never checked your water parameters?! OMG! You only live a couple hundred miles from me...... I'm comin' out to kick your backside! lol! I'm not even going to go into whether that may have been what's happened to your sick fishy. How is she, btw? Did you decide to euthanize her? You need DROP test kits for ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and ph. The API Master Test Kit is a good choice. While it isn't as important to worry about a pond's water quality because it's usually larger and in a more natural setting, yes, you do still need to maintain water quality in a pond as well. And, you're going to need to worry about cats and raccoons, so start looking for nets that can be secured, yes, secured, not just laid over, your pond. Those sneaky raccoons use their paws like hands. They will pull off anything that isn't bolted down, trust me. Even here in urban Los Angeles, right off Santa Monica Blvd., I have raccoons! They destroyed my pond, plants and patio several times. Okay, back to testing. You should have water readings as follows: Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrites: 0 ppm Nitrates: 5-20 ppm Anything different than this and you'll need to start working on bringing your water quality back into line. If you need to know how, just let us know. I see.... I am pretty good about their habits for parasites, since bettas react the same and I have breed those for awhile before I got into Goldfish, only my problem was I did complete water changes weekly and I think that was not good for their enzymes. But now I know better, and knowing is half the battle! (G.I.Jooooooooooe! American heroooooooooooooooo!) Ahem! Where was I? Oh yeah, so now I am checking the water and going to make it a habit, and yes, I had to do it. I couldn't stand watching her suffer, she was upside down, breathing hard, and in the corner. Although she did manage to eat at times, it was getting less and less. The other two fish are healthy and happy as can be. Had them in the tank raised together.
  5. Very nice! Thanks for the information. I will be looking into doing this very soon. I guess I can take up the whole backyard if I wanted to, but I want to plan this out right. Since I have went crazy on aeration in the tank, I like how much happier the fish have been. I guess they required more since they gotten bigger, bubbles literally cover the top of the tank now. I am sure I can figure it out, but I want to make it easy for them to use to breed in it as well, and would like to have a fairly decent size pond for all year around. We only get extreme heat, so I have to shield them from the sun until about 2pm and on, because our summers are killer. Our winters? Nothing freezes over, so I am sure we will be real good.
  6. How large is your pond? And at what point is that large area big enough to get away with it? OH! I have another question too. If Goldfish fry need the water lowered to 5 or 6" because of fear of collapsing under aquarium pressure, then how do they mate and have fry naturally in the wild? I couldn't imagine goldfish surviving in ponds with no less than 2 to 3ft of water (in height) in a natural area. and thanks everyone for your help, comments, and input.
  7. How is air supplied in a pond? I want to set up a small one, like maybe 250gal-500gal, although I am not sure the best way to go about it all. What a good filter to use is, how is air supplied, things of that nature.
  8. Ok that makes sense then. Because I bought mine very small at 1" and grew to 4" or 5" within 6 months (no joke, then again, I don't know how to properly measure if you add tail or not, but needless to say, they got to the size a very large net was required and I realize this is too much of writing to put in parenthesis! LOL).
  9. Wow, seriously, (I am a bad owner), I never checked nitrates and such.... I am going to the pet store right now and I am going to stock up on some stuff. Do people also do this with ponds?
  10. Any idea if there is a such thing as too much air in the water? I am going to be honest. I wasn't the best on supplying enough air, or should I say that the demand is now need more. So now I have a total of 4 air stones powered by 2 air pumps that are intended for 120gal tanks each, and noticed that I have 5gal tank air pump that has an air stone as well that is pumping out about the same amount of bubbles as the other air stones, so I would imagine that the temperature limits exactly how much air can be used within the water, and I guess the rest is just excess. However, I have a feeling that air and temperature also can affect how they grow (which keeping up on water changes and feeding properly as well is necessary). Does anyone know if there is a such thing as too much air though? Am I wrong? My goldfish aren't the biggest, but they are about the size of my fist and surpassed the size any local fish store here has ever had ever (measuring by body not fins). Anyways, the real reason for asking is because I bought these goldfish when they were very very small and after a year grew to this size. Yet, there are some "Large" Ryukin at the petstore when I looked today, that were half the size of mine and the lady said they had been there for 2 years!!!! In that very same section at $50 a pop! The reason why I ask is because I wanted to see how fast I can increase the size of the smaller fish I plan on buying to join my other two once I get my pond going. I am going to look at some ponds today or tomorrow and find a way to have those transported to my place. I want babies again already!
  11. Good point. What I was going to do was use my current tank as the qt tank when I add my new pond this week. Well, with that said, I suppose I would have to give the pond a bit to be fish ready like I would a tank, and possibly much longer than a tank as well. Either way, the tank in my room would be used for such. That way I can keep a close eye on the fish. I just have too much stuff in my room and would either have to get a much larger tank once I tile my floor, or just go with the plan mentioned above. Oh, thanks for the heads up, but I am famous for "Sniping" on eBay. I should have a medal and a Purple Heart for my efforts there! LOL Unless I feel I must go beyond my means out of respect to the seller, yeah... I snipe the heck outta auctions and amazed by the outcomes. I have access to it all no matter where I go.
  12. (Sorry, it did not let me edit my previous post with this) OH! Also, typically how long do these auctions last? I was waiting around all morning for this. I see them up now, so I am going to go ahead and bid or buy now that I registered. Took me awhile to find this guy again, because yeah, he does have nice fish all the time. Anyways, wish me luck, because I am going to give her some time, but if she doesn't recover soon, I may have to do it. It isn't the first fish I have had to this to, because breeding betta, I had to do it quite often as they can be very weak and deformed. Ok, so I am going to watch these auctions, I just wish I knew how long they are, unless I am blind and do not see. I just registered real fast and came back to edit this post with what I am writing right now. EDIT AGAIN: Oh wow, only 24 left?! I guess I will keep my eye out for the next auction then, the one I had my eye on is gone. Dang! I wish I knew what time these started, because I was up and here until 7AM before I decided to "Nap" before I headed out to Pick A Part for car parts. UGh!
  13. Are these pets or do you also feed them to fish? I know that may sound like a bonehead question, but I am really curious. I used to baby my "Seamonkies", until I started to breed betta fish, and then they just became food to me.
  14. Well, I had bought her from nnnn when she was the smallest size they sell them at. She grew to about 5-6" and now even being in the same tank with others who may slightly have this problem (I was away for awhile and they got hit with fin rot), she has it severely! She also has major swim bladder problems and hides in a corner and doesn't eat. The other fish appear quite healthy, but I am treating the whole tank right now. I do not have a quaritine tank, nor the room for one. I was hoping she would make it until I install a pond in the back, which could be sometime this week. She rarely eats, and just sits off in the corner upside down, breathing very slowly. The other fish have been doing well on not bothering her, even though they are in the mood for breeding. So I dunno......
  15. Ok, so I have a female Ryukin that I had picked out of a local petstore. She grew large as heck, as my other goldfish. She is on her way out now sadly.... I can tell by how she hardly eats and after treatment, she is not getting any better. I am going to give her a bit longer to see improvement, and if nothing, I may have to put her to sleep. So sadly, I am going to need a new female ryukin. Is there anyone who breeds these, who takes good care of their fishies and willing to sell one? I dunno about how you measure their size, because it seems some people measure with tail, and plus they have round bodies. But she is about the size of a average woman's fist, or just a tad smaller. Sorry if I didn't post in the correct part, I haven't been active on this site in quite some time due to the destruction of my last computer, and waiting to have the funds on this new computer (because I was building up my car). I just don't want to get a smaller Ryukin, out of fear my other two big boys will hurt her, as one barely tolorates my other ryukin, because my black moor is the man of the tank and he is MEAN! He hates ranchus and will suck out their eyeballs.
  16. Hello and welcome! I haven't been on in ages!
  17. something kinda like that happened to me. I wanted to breed mine so bad, that I kept dreaming of alien like disfigured fish. It was strange. Might have been when I bred betta fish though, I forget.
  18. What's up Koko! Been awhile. Dang, that's nuts. Yeah, I just noticed that my black moor just displays the mating technique with all fish in the tank. He bumps them around and they fear him. But as far as breeding goes, he does get the job done when it is time. Unlike my Calico Ryukin. I hope I can get the Ryukins to breed once I get my pond together. Then I can just try to raise the fry out of the tank in my room. Sorry to hear you all had experienced that. It got me a lil mad because that was my only Ranchu and I felt so bad for him.
  19. Ok, well it is a question of mine. Here's the info on my fish before the story: Black Moor: Bought him as a Med sized fish as my ryukins were nearly his size (under his size but by not much). Had a lionhead in the tank that was about 6" big and then those two ryukins (scold me, it was in a 30gal tank but my water was always crystal clear and they were fine). Anyways...... The lionhead got moved to another tank and later got sick and died. So one day I was going into the petstore and I seen a ranchu and bought it. He was small sized. So I put him in the tank with the two ryukins and the black moor (all medium sized fish). Quickly the ranchu begin to catch up to them in size, but still slightly smaller, although not by much. I had custom tubes from a fluval filter in there and long story short, one day I discover my ranchu had one of his eyes missing! I thought it were those tubes, and since at times my (bought it used, no wonder this happened) filter would leak from time to time, so I tossed it out all together. So I have regular top filters in the tank, and months later his other eye is missing! So my question is, can a fish suck out another fishes eyes? Or was he sick? My black moor (for being a fish with sensitive eyes) is the biggest bully in my tank and the most dominating male of him and my other ryukin (because the third fish/other ryukin is a passive female). I was wondering if he is the one who did this. Anyways, just a question. What goldfish are usually good partners for eachother? I was wanting to make a goldfish pond and not sure what kind I can put together. I am a HUGE fan of Ryukin and Demekin.
  20. makes sense. It is just that they are so big. I dunno.... I will have to do that then.
  21. Okay, so I have been MIA for awhile, yeah yeah.... Aside from all that, I have a HUGE problem. For one, I am trying to raise money, so I posted an ad on craigslist to sell off my tanks and fish. Since no one really is interested, I am stuck with my fishies (which isn't a bad thing), but the problem is we just found out last night that we have termites and not sure what to do with my fish. Am I going to have to remove them? Or is there a way I can use plastic wrap completely over the tanks with tape? One tank I know I am strong enough to move outside, the other is going to be a huge problem. Have any of you ever had to deal with this before?
  22. Hey thanks everyone! Yeah, this is my first time raising goldfish fry. Even though they can die pretty easy, they really are so much easier than betta fry. For some reason, it upsets me when they die, but not that bad. Only upsetting because I am like "Dang! That could have been a really cool fish!". I name them, but ever since I have lot many betta fry in the past, I am used to it. I have no problem euthanizing or dealing with deaths. It just can be frustraiting with all the time put into them. But yeah, goldfish totally rock and just much easier. I would have no problem with doing this again and again. So far, I cannot tell what kind I am going to end up with. More than likely just black moor with a high hump. I did manage to keep my only 4 calicos alive so far. Since I was having a money issue and a smaller tank I was not willing to buy a top for, I used a heat lamp to act as the sun, hoping to give the color of black as dark as possible. So far it is looking really good and it really stands out.
  23. After a nice little break we are a little over a month. I still need a much larger tank, but these little guys have grown so much since I ran into my little troubles. Luckily taxes will be coming in soon and I can get them a HUGE tank. At any rate, I wanted to just post some more updated photos. a few more deaths here and there, but the photos have all but 2 that have just passed away. Even with that said, things are going steady and well, I think. LOL Sorry, I know.... A lot of photos.
  24. Awesome and Beautiful fish! Thanks for sharing.
  25. You can always send eggs this way! LOL :-D I'll raise them!
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