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  1. Ok, THX... I gues I will have to wait some more than as the water emperature now is 12 C (measured this morning)...
  2. Hi! We build a new small pond in our garden. It is only 1000 liters, that is approx 264 gallons. I would like to move 4 of my tank goldies into this new pond as I would like to cut back on the number of aquariums I keep. I know 264 gallons is quite small for a pond but I think it would is fine for 4 goldies? There are 2 commons, 1 oranda and 1 fantail (all petshop qualiyt so the fancies aren't too drastic and can swimm well). When can I move them to my new pond. I know it has to be cycled but I am wondering about temperature range? Is it too soon to transfer them out now? I know the nights are still very cold but the day temperatures get to 15C already... Also would those fancies survive the winter (it gets to freezing temperatures here so the water freezes)? But there will be silt on the bottom so they can hibernate like normal goldies. I already have a pond with commons and comets and they seem to be waking up... Thanks
  3. Thank you I will try to get a bigger tank soon - just have to find one relatively chep tho
  4. I am emptying my phone cam.... Here are some pics of my newish goldies (I have had them for a few months, unfortunately they lived in a 10 liter tank with no filter so I think they might be stunted). Unfortunately pics are a bit blurry and the ones where I tried to take photos of individual fish are terrible (in the bin already...). So my tank is 63 gallons and has 5 fish in there (2 comets and 3 fancies) so technically I have too many fish in there but I am working on it...Can't get rid of them sparky I hope you like my setup! Thanx
  5. why not leave this fish current tankmates and getting a new tank for new goldies? Or giving him up? How big is the tank?
  6. I have kept guppies and WCMMs with singletail goldfish (they were quite big) and they were all OK. But those goldies didn't even destroy any plants except duckweed, so they were kind of special (they still are, just in a pond ). And they could definetly eat the gups if they wanted to (I know because I was feeding them koi pellets that were as large as the little gups), but they never did
  7. So I have been reading about regular filters + water changes (even 50%/week) don't remove nitrates from the tanks...and there are filters available (nitrate filters) that do remove nitrates. But my question is...if you have plants in the tank (that remove nitrate) can you still use nitrate filters or would that harm my plants by #starving# them since they use nitrate for food? Or do plants not need nitrates for normal growth? Thanks
  8. here are mine: Belka (the white one); Bajsa (the white with red cap) and Strelka and Ora behind (you can only see their tails lol) They are in a pond now tho and have grown a lot
  9. As you know I was finnaly able to buy some comets - they are still small and I am keeping them in my quarantine tank...After some initial problems (I wrote about it here on kokos) there isn't anything wrong with them and I couldn't watch bare tank anymore so I added some plants and stones. Anyway they are going in the pond in two more weeks and the tank will become a home for some WCMM So, just to show off - here are my three comets (pics arent that great, they are taken with my mobile phone) this one is just so you see how small they are. All my other goldies are much bigger
  10. I am happy to report that the comets are doing fine now I tested the water and all the stats were fine but I changed 50% of the water anyway and added some salt and after only one day they started to act a lot more lively. They are feeding like piggies now and come for the food when I open the lid (they were scared of me at the begining). There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with them anymore (well except you know...they would appreciate more rome )but I am going to keep them in that tank for a while longer... I hope I can get some decent pics of them tho I am not sure about that - I only have a phone camera which is not good One of them is mostly white but has red dorsal fin and a red patch over his/her head, one is orange and one red with white tips on the tail. They are all beautifull I still have to name them tho - any suggestions ?
  11. I have succesfully kept WCMMs, SAEs and guppies with my goldies before..
  12. Hi! I have been looking for comet goldfish for a very long time, they are really not easy to get where I live (we do not even have feeder fish and all the goldies they sell are either fancy or common)...So I was happy to find them in one of our stores and bouht 3 immediately - they are going to a pond that already has some commons in it. Anyhow - they are beautifull and all but... as a precation I put them in 14 gallon quarantine tank (they are very small) along with a filter from another tank (old media) just to avoid bringing any disease...The fish look healthy, no clamped fins or anything and are eating OK. But otherwise they are more or less swimming in the same place or laying on the bottom of a tank. So I am worried there is something going on here...My commons were swimming back and forth when they were in quarantine, acting very lively and I never saw them resting on the bottom except when the lights were off. So why are these comets so calm - I would understand if they were fancies but they are not so should be like hyper. Anyone has any idea? I have had them for 2 days now so they should have settled by now...Please help, I just don't know what to do anymore, I don't want to transmit any disease or something to my other fish but I can't keep them in that tank too long
  13. well SAEs grow to be up to 15 cm long - so they are not a small fish by any means...I mean yes, goldies get bigger, some even a lot bigger but they are not actually very predatory so cannot eat a fish half its size... that is why I don't wanna try ottos in my goldie tank cause they are, in my opinion way too small... Tho I must say my SAEs were quite big already (10 cm) when I first put them in with goldies. Yeah, wouldn't recommend adding babys you get in the store directly in the tank with goldies (except if the goldies are still small) - but they do grow very, very fast (mine grew in just like 6 months from tiny babies)!
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