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  1. Well, this has been a bittersweet victory. The goldies look to be on the road to recovery. they are much more active, eating well, and the blood has left the fins. I am impressed with myself. Yet, the loaches did not turn out so good. I turned to Jungles Ich Guard II which is supposed to be used on sensitive fish. I bought the only bottle in the area and then bought some online so when I ran out (4days, site said they shipped in 24hours) I would have enough to finish the cycle. 2 days in, I get an email saying they are backed on orders and need to refund my money. I come home today, and the ich has gone critical. One was dead, and 3 hours later, I am here with one that I need to find the most humane way to euthanize, hes really sad to see. I put the pleco in the salt water because it would be best for him. I put the only healthy looking loach into the salt water anyway. It may not be good for him, but its better than being in a dying tank. 1 other loach is very sick with ich and I should prolly euthanize him before his infestation gets critical. Thank you all for your help, but I am afraid I have lost, and my ego as a fish keeper has been badly hurt. I will stay a floater on this site and check back from time to time. Thank you all again! Jon from NY
  2. The from the goldfish has dropped off and they seem to be doing much better! They look more active and seem to have lost the blood in the fins! wahoo!! Now, my loaches I have left are still covered in ich and it will not get off them. I may have won the battle, but not yet the war.
  3. Well tonight I bring not such good news. My girlfriend set up the little tank that everyone was in. She set it up as I cleaned out the 55gal tank. Today, I counted the loaches. 1,2,3,4..... and then looked at the filted. There was no filter cap on this filter. I love the dojos because of their great sense of curiosity and adventure, and its the same traits that I am now posting to say I am 2 dojos down, and one pleco. The ich is still on everyone. I am treating the goldies with salt+heat and the loaches with Jungles Ick Guard 2. I can't tell if anyone is getting better or worse. I guess I'm now getting to the point where I have spent so much money and effort on .30 cent goldfish that it seems like a big waste of everything. sigh, they havent given up on me yet so I wont give up on them...
  4. I want to think they are looking better. Color seems to be a little better. Blood seems to be coming out of the tails. They are not in the big tank yet. Everyoen still has ich though, which doesnt make me happy.
  5. Shannon did not "advise" me to do anything. I did not want to wait and in other reading found out that maracyn-2 helped others with septiciema. Shannon, if anything, has been a great help and showed alot of concern, which I thank her for. I made all the choices so far off my own ideas and research. If I dont try my own ideas, I will never learn what really works and what doesnt. But I thank you all for your contiunued support. They are all still in the 29gallon as im getting the 2nd one ready. The goldies will be transfered in tomorrow. (P.S shannon, my little icon in the corner means im a he, not a she )
  6. Fish are in 2nd tank, Big tank has been empty. rocks are soaking in salt/water. Will clean tomorrow
  7. Ok. The 2nd tank is just about ready. All Primed up, and adding some anti-ick stuff that can be used on both goldies and loachs. I have another 25g to empty out. Take out all 75lbs of substrate, clean, rinse, put it all back in, and then start filling the 55gallon. Once filled I will get a salt bath going tonight. Tomorrow morning I will add more salt, then tomorrow evening add the goldies back into the tank. This is going to be tough being 11:30 at night and hours of work ahead of me, also hoping no one gets upset by carring bucket and bucket of water back to fill her up. It makes it easier having my beatiful girlfriend as an assisstant ( )I just hope the shock of moving the fish twice in such a short amount of time wont stress them too much...
  8. I am preparing the 2nd tank as we speak. I am currently changing the water out of the old tank. Params are still perfect. I will stop wasting maracyn and just cure the ick first.
  9. Sorry for no picture tonight. I would have to say it does look like cotton though. I have pimafix which is said ti help fungus along with this marcyn which says it also helps but I am unsure. My battle plan now is to get another tank and filter tomorrow, move the loaches into that tank, treat the loach tank with ich medicine, salt the goldies and raise the temp while still treating with maracyn. Who knows what will work at this point
  10. As soon as I can, It seems to have fallen off him though. I used my new gravel thing and sucked it out of the water along with as much junk on the substrate as i could
  11. I may follow that. Hopefully I can pick up a 29gallon from a friend, Get it ready for the move, and once It falls off, I will pull just the loaches out in a different tank so I can salt goldies. Or, Like you did, I can take them all into that tank, Treat that with the medication, and go like22 on cleaning my big tank. Not sure which is better since they both involve starting a cycle all over again. Any advice on that?
  12. I have been in a huge battle against alot of problems in my tank. Every fish now has contracted ich, tomorrow will be the third day with it. This is my 2nd day with using the maracyn-2 to help treat septciema. I cannot use salt due to loaches (scaleless fish) in the tank. What can I use along side the maracyn-2 to help cure the ich ASAP?
  13. I would love to use salt, but I have loaches in the tank that have it as well.
  14. I am using this to treat the specticima. I thought that i would help with ich due to it saying it treats "fin and tail rot" which i thought were the same thing as ich.
  15. Thank you shannon, you have been a great help through all this. The maracyil-2 says it also treats fin rot so hopefully it will take care of this. The ich looks like it doubled over night. Hopefully this stuff can stilll save my tank
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