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  1. That calico is something else! What a cutie. I'd take him, in Texas though, shipping might be horrid for the little guy.
  2. Awwww, my dad talks like that to our pets too! He's more of an animal lover than my mom, but I couldn't see him taking on more responsibility than he already has with one of our puppies. My mother doesn't baby talk anything. D: She's more of that quiet admirer, but this is going to be sooooo great when i get home! It might take a while for me to finally get a tank setup in her scrapbook room with fish and all. School starts in about two weeks. ]: But rest assured kokos members, I will be all over documenting the process with pictures! If only I can get my friends into it. >.< My bestfriend is all like, "OMG IS IT PEA DAY IN THE TANKS?!" when she comes over...For some reason she always loves feeding them peas. And she also liked hand feeding my snails when I had them. o.o
  3. They are stunning. o__o I can't find lot 26 in there. BUT OMGKSLGKSNGLS. Looook at the tale and hump on lot 12. What an absolute stunner!!
  4. Thanks for clarifying Lynda, if that advice had been taken wrong it would've been devastating to a fish...and owner. PP is for sterilizing the buckets and cups so you do not transmit disease and parasite from one tank to another. You should thoroughly rinse the bucket out with water that has been dechlorinated before adding fish. I usually do the PP soak, rinse it well, fill it back up with water, very heavily dechlorinate that water...Overdose the dechlorinator by about 10, because I'm extra paranoid, and dechlorinator really doesn't cost me too much...Then let that soak, dump it, dry it, and it's ready for use on a separate fish tank. The whole process normally takes me 45 minutes, but I'll be busy doing tank maintanence while the buckets soak. PP is great for many things, really. You might want to use it for incoming plants, as it is less harsh than bleach. I do think people use it on tanks, but not tanks with fish in them. I don't know the actual process, but it's for sterilization. When I sterilized my tank it might've been better to use PP instead of bleach. I really hate the smell of bleach. PPs odorless. But it does stain skin and clothing very very very easily. My hands are all brown by the time I'm done.
  5. Just thought I'd tell you what I do to make waterchanges less stressful on the fish. I get a bucket and fill it with water from the tank...Just dip the bucket into the tank to get the water out. This is a bucket that has been used for the fish and the fish only, it cannot be used for anything else. I also have seperate buckets for the two tanks. Anyway, fill up the 5 gallon bucket with their water. I have a 1 litre cup that I use to scoop the fish into, then merge the cup with the bucket water...Don't like just dumping them. Athena will willingly enter the cup...Echo I have to use my hand to 'guide'. I really don't like touching them because I do think that can be very stressful. Anyway, when those two are in their bucket I throw in an airstone and move the bucket away from the tank. Syphon/vaccuum the gravel. Then fill the tank back up with water from the hose, it's normally only a degree or two off the tank water if I run the hose for a bit. In Texas we have a problem with our water being way too hot when you first turn on the hose. =/ I add water conditioner, wait a few minutes, scoop the goldies back out and merge the cup with the tank water. Something I did not do for a long time was filter maintance, and when I get back home, that's the first chore that needs to be done because it really hasn't been in almost two months now. Make sure you use separate buckets/cups for the tanks...Or you can use potassium permanganate. Man I love that stuff! Only a tiny bit goes a long way. [: Trinket was the one who advised me to stop using a net. It can damage their fins and I would imagine remove slime coat or stress them a lot when they are flopping around in the net out of the water. This way, the fish never has to leave the water! [:
  6. Good for you Sunshingurl, the stuff works but man...it gave me the burps, and I felt sicker after taking a couple tablespoons full! I was quite the baby about those burps and the churning; but I can't handle stomach pains for the life of me, lol. You know I started looking it up and there are a few websites that say this works...None of them were breeders or veterinarian websites, or really anyone who you know...you'd probably value info from. But they said it works...Who knows if it really did, right? I'll link you guys to a few of the sites if not just for discussions sake. It makes me wonder, if this is bad for the fish, does information/advice get passed around often that's pretty bad for fish? http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/disease/constipation.php "RE: Fish swimming on angle Brought to you by * Posted by woeisme z6 NJ (My Page) on Thu, Oct 20, 05 at 8:27 Peas work, if they dont eat that epsom salt added to the water will flush them out. Also saturate there food with a few drops of parafin or castor oil. I wonder if haveing "sacrificial" ( or sacrifishal) plants would work in a bigtime herbivore aquarium like a goldfish's. Keep the sturdy plants like java's for decor and raise a more plalatable plant or plants in a seperate tank and just drop them in for feasting. Worth a shot I guess." Link to site. Something notable as I'm looking this up, I'm finding more people who say it doesn't work rather than people who say it does.
  7. Alright, thanks! It's on http://www.goldfishinfo.com/ - but then their disease section was a little lack luster...Pardon my thoughts on another GF website, but it's no Kokos.
  8. Wow, what a stunner! I love that wen and those eyes. He's very unique and supppperrrr cute! This should be a breed!
  9. "DEAR GOLDFISH LOVERS, MY NAME IS DAVID BRUNY AND I HAVE SOME VERY IMPORTANT FOR ALL OF YOU CONCERNING GOLDFISH CONSTIPATION; THERE IS A CURE FOR YOUR FISH IF YOU SEE THEM FLOATING UPSIDE DOWN.THE CURE:GET A SMALL GLASS(LIKE A SHOT GLASS) AND FILL IT WITH A LITTLE CASTOR OIL SOAK A FEW GOLDFISH FLAKE FOOD FLAKES IN THE CASTOR OIL THEN WITH A TWEEZER PICK UP A FEW OF THE FLAKES AND FEED THE(CASTOR OIL SOAKED FLAKES) TO THE AFFLICTED FISH (NOT TOO MUCH NOW) JUST ENOUGH TO GET THE OIL IN THEIR SYSTEM. I DID THIS FOR MY PRIZED RYUNKIN AND IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!!!!!!!.PLEASE SHARE THIS INFO WITH ALL FISH LOVERS.THANK YOU DAVID BRUN" I found this on an aquarist website when reading about goldfish constipation, the advice sort of...well shocked me. I might be biased because I had an incident with castor oil when ill, which now makes me cringe and gag at the thought of oily substances. Really, now I hate foods with oil or grease. But anyway, I found the advice odd because goldfish are supposed to avoid fatty substances, right? Wouldn't this go for oil? If it works, it works, and has anyone tried this? Athena gets constipated at the drop of a hat, and I've been looking for ways to...err, unclog her if she gets backed up badly. Anyway, castor oil doesn't exactly taste like heaven so I was also thinking there might be a problem in getting them to eat the pellets, who knows. -insert my gagging sound here-
  10. My amazon sword and anubias are the only two plants which have survived Echo...Athena couldn't give a hoot about plants, she's all "give me brine." "give me worms." "give me pellets" "peas! oranges! pineapple!" "ewww no lettuce or spinach" She hates plants from what I can tell. But Echo will eat just about anything that moves or sways...or enters the tank, unless it's Athena, who'll gladly shove him around. But I guess plant eating is a problem with some fish and not at all with others. I'd say Sword plants and Anubias are goldfish resistant, but they might just be Echo resistant. So I hope that helps you some! And I know, I too once dreamed about having a gorgeously planted tank...Someday, I guess! Also- I like the idea about fooling them...But with the way goldies root around everything, I think they're bound to figure it out! If you decide to give that a try thought, I'd love to know how it goes!
  11. Ohhhhh my goodness. I am envious of that tail! What a beautiful girl you've got there.
  12. What cuties! Great job in getting them the properly sized tank, that's more than a lot of people do when they first start out. I'm sure you'll take excellent care of the new family members!
  13. Yep, the goldfish bug is so easy to catch! Once it's got a hold on you...well it really has a hold on you and it spreads like mad. ...now I really can't wait to get back home, lol!
  14. Woooh, so while away on vacation, for about two months(I misssss my babiesss! ) my mother has been caring for my goldfish. I was talking with her over the phone this morning, asking how my babes were...And she has the routine down to a T! She was going, "Athena looked a bit bloated, so they didn't get food yesterday...But this morning I gave them peas, and tomorrow I'm thinking brine." I was ecstatic. Normally she won't give my tanks a second look but to say, "oh they're doing well." or "now that's a pretty setup Kelly". BUT! She was talking about them something like, but not as dramatically of course, as I would. Explaining to me about how she likes their personalities and the way they beg for food and how beautiful they are. Well I brought up the subject of how Deuce is kind of lonely in his tank, and how I'm thinking of taking him out of the 20, getting rid of the nightstand by my bed, and just putting another 40 gallon there. She loved the idea! My eyes kind of bugged out because about three months ago I brought up the subject of putting a large tank in there and she was leery, talking about how I've got too much water in there already(pshhh, it's well kept water). Then I was talking about how maybe she could pick out the fish and maybe we'd setup the 20 gallon in her scrapbook room, which she spends a lot of time in. She LOVED that idea too! She really likes animals, but didn't give thought to my goldies. So I'm thinking I've got her hooked now and maybe she'll be doing water changes soon enough...Though I've got the feeling that'll still be my job for a while. Not that I mind that or anything. Also we have a spare room in our house that just needs to be cleared out of gym equipment - which no one uses...anyone thinking what I'm thinking?
  15. Well, I think my absolute favorite thing about this hobby is the reward of seeing my fish thrive, enough so, to where I can really see their personalities come alive and change a bit as they grow. Everyday I spend with them, feeding, changing water, general tests and maintenance, and just watching them is a learning experience and what I like to think as bonding time. I absolutely love learning, and love learning about animals, so of course reading about fish and fish care is great too! The excitement of getting a new tank/home set up for a new goldie is intense, lmao, call it a rush if you will! And when you finally find that perfect fish as an addition is also great. I'm constantly drooling over one goldfish or another, but tbh, the one fish who really, truly, and always will be my girl is Athena. She's my "first fish" (really, my first well taken care of goldfish), and come on I think we all have our shining favorites. Athena means the world to me, lmao, I just got done having a 30 minute conversation with my mother and a -ton- of it was over how my fish are doing - I'm on vacation. She was telling my older sister, who keeps tropicals, that I'm so darn particular about my fish and that she wouldn't hear the end of it if something happened to one of them (especially! Athena). It's true. She wouldn't. Call me a neurotic fish mommy, but thats really what these guys have turned me into! I love goldfish, goldfish keeping, anything about them. Kokos is such a great website too! It's so fun learning and talking to other people who are obsessed fish people, too!
  16. Had three beautiful apple snails. One was blue and the other two golden. Loved them dearly, but they were literally plant lawn mowers...Not that Echo doesnt do a great job destroying my live decor on his own...It's just that if he didnt uproot the plants quick enough, they did, and more often than not the plants would end up floating about the top and not quite in reach of the snails...So they didnt get too much of their food that way. .___. They arent great algae eaters, if you want them for that reason. It's kind of cool seeing their little mouth mark sludge through the algae, but leaves a weird pattern on the tank. I never minded that, maybe people who don't like algae or keep their tanks sparkling clear of algae would. I'm just too lazy for that and always thought everyone liked to nibble. As far as when your goldies get sick, I find this to be a REAL pain, but the snails MUST be removed and placed in a separate container for as long as you treat the goldfish. Snails are pretty sensitive to medications and salt, so that's kind of a hassel and I really hated removing them from the main tank...I always felt like I was siding them, so I'd be uprooting plants to leave in their spare tank when treating Athena and Echo. Unfortunately, Echo's a little nipper and I only caught him eating one of my LIVE snails on the death-bed of the last golden. ]: So, as people said up top, some fish just are not meant to be placed with mystery snails. I loved them dearly, they were pretty neat to watch, especially my giant golden. I'd consider getting them again, but only if I were to get another tank, without goldfish, and make it a planted one just for them. I think you should really consider getting one or a few if you've got the tank or some extra tank space! They're pretty cool little guys.
  17. That is such a great idea! I am away on vacation right now, and let me tell you, I've worried myself sick over the conditions of my babies; I've been gone or two weeks, and have another two weeks to go. .___. I would DEFINITELY have paid good money to know that my babes were in top quality hands. Unfortunately I'm going to have to coach my mother through waterchanges over the phone...Needless to say i'm not the most trusting in her fish care ability! Good luck with the store, it sounds soooo fun! Please make a thread and post pictures along the way, or something. I'll be dying to know how it goes, for sure.
  18. I'm so sorry about Johnny! Sometimes we just can't help them enough, even when we give it our all. <3 You should know you're a great fish dad for seeking help for Johnny and trying your best. I hope your main tank fairs well, it's great that they're not experiencing illness too.
  19. I agree, rubbermaids or just any plastic tub is great. Just make sure you wash them out well. I don't think you will need too much filtration right now, atleast not a filter with carbon because when/if you need medication this can remove the meds. Zeolite can help with ammonia, because you'll need pristine water conditions which, in a bucket, will require water changing everyday. <3 Good luck with Johnny! I hope he gets better soon.
  20. She is gorgeous. What a magnificent ryukin hump she has there, and those colors are absolutely striking. Look at that belly too, she must be fed well!
  21. I love his color! And his home is absolutely beautiful. I bet he appreciates all that space!
  22. Ooooh I want a nicer camera, Lynda. I accidentally poured soda on mine. .___. Now the flash doesnt work...D: Thank you, Trinket! Echo looks slim next to Athena, he must have a high metabolism or something, because boy does he eat. I don't think he's an easy keeper, we'll just say that. .___.
  23. Just wanted to say, your fish are GORGEOUS! <3 Hope everyones does well.
  24. You need to buy a kit which tests for ammonia, because sometimes medication can exasperate the problem when there are high levels of ammonia present. Johnny needs to be removed from the main tank, if not for the sake of your other fish, for his sake. The pleco and Siamese algae eater could be sucking his slim coat off at night. I used to have a pleco in with Athena in her 20 gallon, she was missing scales for a while and when the pleco was removed(and returned to the store, I didn't have enough extra space) there were no more missing scale incidents. Unfortunately, I never caught the pleco in the act, but I know he was the culprit. Your tank is overstocked, unfortunately so removing Johnny would also help in that area. DO NOT salt with the algae eater, and I don't think the catfish will tolerate .3% salt either. This is why removing your Johnny will be a good idea, place him in his own hospital tank/tub. It sounds like he has an infection of some sort, and I am thinking you're going to be asked to buy medigold, or some other type of medicated goldfish food. The experts will be in here to help you shortly, hang in there and I hope your fish pulls through!
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