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  1. I thought Gigi was a girl, but he turned out to be a boy. He kept the name Gigi though as it suited him
  2. According to my dog and cat it smells awesome. You can boil the water on the stove. And then add the powder, stir it well and it sets fast. If the smell bothers you (or your family) go outside with the container with hot water and stir in the powder outside
  3. Awesome pond You're fish are gorgeous and huge
  4. Keep a ruler against the glass and hope that they hold still. Or put them in a plastic tub and place lined/checkered paper under it. You do need some patience though
  5. I just watched it. And my computer at work block any movie that might be fishy.
  6. Same fish and I'm 100 % sure He is now 9 cm in body. and another 9 cm in tail In the old picture all the white fins and the tail are Godzilla, at the time of that picture she was 10 cm in body and 7 in tail (if I remember correctly) That shows how much Quasi has grown in Almost 6 years.
  7. No idea. I've only seen watonai in pictures. He looks a bit like one I admit. Thanks
  8. I think 8 cm in body. Will try to measure them all tonight to get more accurate numbers. And I hope that they will cooperate
  9. Gorgeous A fish with that colour is on my fish-wish-list.
  10. I'll tell him tonight. I hope his head does not get so inflated that he starts to float
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