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  1. The way that they had me set up the tubing from the filter back to the aquarium was this. One line to a t connector attached to the top of the t then the other end of the top of the t goes to the biowheel. The bottom of the t goes to a outflow into the aquarium. So I think that the majority of the water already goes to the biowheels since it flows straight through and the other takes the "leftover" This should be ok. And Web Aquatics has the Turbo 6x for only $109.00. That's the cheapest that I have found it.
  2. Thanks guys, I have a Magnum Pro 350 do you think that the flow rate will be ok? It already has a splitter to send part of the water to the bio-wheels and part to just the aquarium. Duh, I would'nt have to split again, just put the steralizer inline with the outflow. Would that work?
  3. Hey everyone, I'm thinking of adding a UV Steralizer to my tank and was hoping that you could give me some pointers as to which ones you use, what comes with them, what needs to be purchased seperately, etc? My tank is 30 gal and has one huge oranda goldfish in it. She is about 10 inches from tip to tip.
  4. Just ordered my Orbit compact light. I got it from marineandreef.com. It was about $40.00 cheaper than Drs Foster and Smith. (and I buy almost everything from them) I also got the dual coralife timer. It will run both the lights in the Orbit. Can't wait for them to arrive.
  5. www.drsfostersmith.com has the one that I am looking at.
  6. Thanks for the advice. Perhaps I should have waited to place my bid. Oh well there are 5 more days for someone to outbid me.
  7. I'm thinking of getting a Magnum 350 Pro for my 30 gal. tank. How often should I "polish" the water with it? Does anyone else have this canister filter and if so, how do you like it?
  8. I am interested in the dawn to dusk hoods with moonlight. The one that I am looking at (I think its an orbit) has three cords that could in turn be plugged into three timers. Does anyone have this setup and if so, do you like it? Do your fish like it?
  9. Hi, I moved to New Hope, PA and am looking for a couple of nearby stores to get supplies, etc. I would also like to get a new tank, at least 70 gal. Anyone near here know of a good store?
  10. Thanks PM, Ethel has gone to that big aquarium in the sky. She died during the night. At least I know that she isn't suffering. The other three are doing well. They just seem to be looking for their old pal Ethel.
  11. Ethel seemed sort of lethargic the last couple of days and tonight when I looked in on her, she looked horible. Part of her wen had fallen off and she had white spots all over her. I have put her in the 10 gallon tank with water from the 30 gallon so she wouldn't have to be startled with a water change. I have forgotten how to add the salt. is it one tsp per gallon to start and increase up to 3 tsp per gallon. I will keep her in the dark and hope that helps as well.
  12. Hey Daryl, Is there a way that you could print out this forum and take it to Kevin when you go to see him. He might get a kick out of what he has started. Maybe he could use it in his fight to get this practice changed. Say hi to him for all of us at Koko's and let him know we think of him as our little hero. G
  13. Just wanted to let everyone know that all four of my goldfish survived the move from New York, NY to New Hope, PA. I brought all of thier water with them and will start to incorperate the new water slowly over the next few weeks.
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