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  1. but when do I transfer the fish? how would i know it has enough bb?
  2. a quick question.. Is transferring just BB will help my tank cycle?? i was reading that i need to add ammonia to the tank. (i was assumed that BB is enough) right now i drop my old filter pad in to the tank...
  3. When you guy said to use the old filter. well i kinda need it for my current tank thro. im moving from 10 gal to 40 gal. each have their own filter. also my 10 gal filter doesn't fit in my 40 gal. my 10 gal right now is healthy, and have 3 small goldies...
  4. I am just wonder, but right now i added pp to my tank, and now it kinda smell -_-" it isn't a strong smell, but i can noticed... is that suppose to happen?
  5. when I clean my current tank, should I pour the water into the new tank?
  6. So i finally got pp to clean the tank. (ya, been a month from when I got the tank) now I will need to setup the tank, and i heard that you can transfer BB from my old tank. so i dont have to start the cycle again. I think you have to move the gravel to the new tank?? the new tank have different kind of filter than an old one too.
  7. what a bout a puffer? GPS ? i saw ppl mention it need a salt water tank?
  8. i end up just shop online for both pp and hydrogen peroxide. - -"
  9. can i ask how much is that tank??
  10. DO you know any website or a list of fish and crab I can get?? i havn't finish moving my goldfish yet. but seeing what kind of fish I can get, make me motivate. hah
  11. i have a the light and filter from the 10 gal tank. i dont wanna buy more. so i guess if the coral need more light that normal, then i probably wont get it. i want to have fish, if possible. but i dont want to get a fish that can't be in 10 gal.
  12. my ACE hardware doesn't have them either. Can anyone check if this is the pp? amazon
  13. So, i got used 40 gal tank for my goldies, and left with a 10 gal tank. and I want to try out a salt water tank. I wanna see how different it is than freshwater. I know that 10 gal is very very small. but what if I dont add fish? I'm still in progess of searching... so any help would be nice. thank
  14. yea, i wrote it down on the piece of paper, and just hand it to the staff, and they were like 'i never heard of it before, what do you use it for?' lol i'll try ACE hardware. thank you
  15. ohh, okay, thank guy i will get a white vinegar soon. Yesterday I went to try to find pp and can't find any. I went to Home Depot and mmm, the staff doesn't even heard of pp before... Would vinegar be enough to clean the tank??
  16. I got a 40 gal tank from craiglist and wondering how to clean it. I wash it with water and tiny bit of dish detergent. But i couldn't get the salt stain out. It look clean when the tank is wet, but when it's dry, the white stain will show. I'm thinking about getting pp today. wonder if that will solve...
  17. So, how long would it take for ammonia in my tank to be 0? will it be zero if I keep adding tap water with 1.0 ammonia? I have 10 g tank with just one goldy. also, I drink my tap water all the time... is that safe??
  18. I dont think it should. right?? i got a reading about 1.0 ppm for my tap water.... what should i do??
  19. also. now the white part came off. now it look like a wen to me, and it's on both sides. There is nothing else strange on his body, but he seems a lil weaker. last night he was suck to the filter current...... edit: also what is hydrogen peroxide and where can i get that?
  20. -The tank size is 10 gal with Tetra whisper EX 20. -Water change every 2 weeks. (just changed) -total of 2 goldfish included him. each one is about 4 - 5 inch. -I feed them progold, once a day, or two days -no new fishs or med add (yet) -look like fungus, he seem a little bit weaker, staying at the bottom, but still eating.
  21. There is like white part on his head. I don't have test kit to find out about my water. but I just changed my water (my last one was two weeks ago). i have two medicine in stock: API MELAFIX and API SUPER ICK CURE. any suggestion? thank
  22. I just brought a small pearlscale yesterday and realize after that one of the fish eye is pure black. I'm thinking it's his skin, because he's calico?? (red, white, black) Is it common for the fish to have it? I will take a pic of him when I got a chance.
  23. yupp, i tried duckweed.... disappear over night.. haha
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