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  1. Thank you all so much. I'm glad he went peacefully in the end and hopefully didn't suffer too much over these last few weeks... I'm also going out of town this week, and it's a weekend today and we're not working, so in all he was very considerate to us on his choice of timing... < soft grin > (Oh, and we're also moving in a few weeks, so again, his timing is very thoughtful) He was indeed an amazing and miracle fish, and brought us so much joy as hopefully we did to him. We'll be off in a little bit to my wife's parents house to lay him to rest.
  2. Yes, he's done it before, but... Fishie... 1997-2011... :cry
  3. I already did a bit of a water change this morning. Originally I was going to put more epsom in with it, but decided against it. There's not a lot of epsom in there relative to your amount. I never went past ~1.5 tsps in a 20 gallon. I didn't do the change slowly, but it was only a 10-15% change. He does still look constipated & bulky though. I've figured that's at least part of what's causing his lack of balance. I guess I don't know if it's really constipation or something else inside (although he definitely has not been pooing much). I tried to hand feed him an algae flake, which is the thing he tends to eat lately when he won't eat anything else. They're very soft. I did not try a pea, I was thinking of it, but my wife suggested that since he's still bulky too, maybe we should hold off. I could try a pea in a little bit...
  4. Thank you so much for all your help over the years, Trinket. You don't have any advice now, do you? Not sure what to do other than wait. Thing is he seems very weak, not trying to move or swallow or anything, he seems further gone than he has before. This is also by far the longest illness/issue. Hasn't been himself in a good 3+ weeks. Previous times he may have fought something for a few days, but was basically back to full strength within a week or so. He's improved here, but never been fully health since early in the month. So my hope is running low.
  5. Unfortunately he's taken a turn for the worst. He was alright yesterday, not moving much, but even pooing a little. But we went out yesterday and when we came back in the evening, he was curved on the bottom and not really able to swim. He's been like that once or twice before and bounced back, but as of this morning, he's not really even trying to swim, nor will he even attempt to swallow food placed right in front of him. That's a first time ever that he doesn't at least swallow and spit out. He's lived a long life...
  6. Thanks Trinket. That's what I wanted to know. So what would you define as an effective, but reasonable, dose for a goldfish with some pretty good constipation going on a week now? (Btw, I think I mispoke before... the advice I read was *one* tablespoon per 10 gallons... I was thinking 3 tsp/1 Tbsp and combined them in my typing - still though, that's 50% more than your top suggestion)
  7. So, things have been going okay, except he seems to be getting very constipated... he's been getting bulky, and we haven't seen any poo in quite a while. I've started to use some epsom salt, feeding only peas, and skipping some days. My question is, generally in the past I've gone pretty light on the epsom salt. This time, some light doses haven't really helped so far. Reading online I've seen as much as '3 tablespoons per 10 gallons'. I don't plan to go that high - I don't think - but is a dose like that really safe? I don't want to go too high because of bad internet advice.
  8. I just wanted to let everyone know that while it's a slow recovery, it is continuing. I would say it took until at least Wednesday (he began eating against last Friday) for him to begin showing hints of his normal behavior, and by took until yesterday (a full week) to be about ~1/2 himself, but he is doing pretty well at this point. Thank you for all your help.
  9. Thanks for your feedback. Sounds good to me. Btw, he's been at ~0.2% salt (maybe a little under) since Friday morning (went to 0.1% Thursday afternoon). Wasn't planning on raising it, but I won't reduce it yet either.
  10. One more follow-up, my wife correctly points out that both of his eyes have a little bit of the cloudyness from the same angle (when you look on frontwards and have a pretty 'shallow' view of his eyes). Which leads me to lean towards that fact that it's just how he is (if it's the same on both sides). You never look so closely as when something's wrong... and I don't want to be a 'hypochondriac' about him, especially when the behavioral signs are all pointing in the right direction.
  11. So, he's still eating and although also still sleeping a lot. His behavior is pretty decent as he's fairly responsive if I stop by the tank. Nonetheless there's one, well two, physical symptoms that is making me wonder if meds might be necessary. First, for the last couple days we were wondering if a small portion of his left eye wasn't a little cloudy. But honestly, we're looking at him a lot closer now than in the recent past, so I didn't know if it's just a trait of his, especially in his old age. As he's been improving, I didn't want to overreact. The second part though is he seemed to have this 'black dirt' on some of his face. Now, he'd been sleeping with his head in the rocks, so I first figure it was just some dirty/algae rubbed off from a rocks. And that still might be the case, considering he's still been sleeping in the rocks. However, it seems like it might be spreading, and it's also really just on the half of his face around his possibly-slightly-cloudy eye. I've looked around online and I can't find a picture of anything similar. I've also tried to take pictures, but my camera won't focus that close in to get a useful picture. As I write this he's actually been swimming around the tank for the last several minutes, up and down, picking for food, and making bubbles at the surface. Definitely his most activity in days. Should I just keep an eye out? Or does this match some known symptom and be cause for medication? P.S. Actually, the black 'dirt' i'm describing looks fairly like what's in this picture at the top of his page (which is *not* an illness picture), although it's just a little bit the left half of the front of his head, not all over like the picture: http://animal-world.com/encyclo/fresh/goldfish/LionheadGoldfish.php Could it just be some change in coloring?
  12. So he seems to be coming around. He's back to eating most things (was still spitting out the gel this morning, but eating several other things since then). Knowing his 'personality', I don't really considering spitting out all that unusual. When he's not feeling up to par, he can get very picky about eating. I'm not sure I want to start a course of medication since he's rebounding so well without it. He's still sleeping 95% of the day - as opposed to his normal goldfish life where he sleeps 80% of the day - but when offered food he goes for it, and then picks around in the rocks looking for more for 5-15 minutes. A big improvement over the fish who wouldn't move or eat two days ago. Not sure if it was due to the salt, or just time, or what, but he definitely appears to be on-the-mend thusfar... we'll see.
  13. I'll try it again in the morning, I'm going to let him rest and digest for the evening... btw, is there a particular reason you suspect parasites? Or do you feel it's just a good general 'broad spectrum' medication?
  14. And 2 hours later I tried one piece more and he sucked up a big piece, chewed on it for a good minute or two, and I did not see him spit out any sizeable pieces. So whatever may happen, at the very least it's nice that he got a little nutrition and isn't quite as hungry.
  15. As a quick update, I tried hand feeding him some of these 'algae flake' things we have (which are actually fairly high in protein, having ground up krill and shrimp and salmon in them). He *may* have taken some of it. It's very gentle too (like standard fish flakes, maybe even a little thinner). On the first go round I didn't really see him spit any out. On the second go-round he chewed for a good two minutes and then spit at least some of it out, not sure if it was all or not. It's the most positive 'maybe' we've had in a couple days, so we'll see.
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