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  1. You still remembered me? Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
  2. The blisters are very normal for pearlscales especially Tikus (mouse in Malay). I am attaching a video of one of my Tikus tgat i used to keep. Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
  3. Not necessary to start another thread. As I have said before. I no longer keep goldfish. I am just sharing my keeping techniques that has helped me won mant prizes in many parts of South East Asia. All the best to your goldfish hobby. Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
  4. Why don't you try one tank at pH8.3 and another tank at pH7.2 anf report back your findings after 2 months. Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
  5. I am not going to argue with you. I have given up goldfish keeping. These are some of the goldfish that I have raised. Some from eggs which I bred myself while some were rsised from baby. Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
  6. pH of 7.2 is too low. You need to bringbit up to at least 8 to 8.3. Anything below 8 is uncomfortable for your goldfish. Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
  7. So on average, what variety is smaller than a tikus?
  8. Oh dear!!! I am stressed already. Thanks anyway.
  9. After 2 weeks, has it grown. Am I doing ok?
  10. Some top Thai ranchu and oranda breeders will grab several boxes of Hikari Lionhead when they visit Singapore.
  11. Fatty Weng was about a baseball size. The biggest piece have reached the tennis ball size.
  12. Here are the benchmarks. Still looking for that ultimate ball.
  13. It all started on the 7th January 2011. I was asked by a very renowned goldfish breeder/dealer to help him select some of his newly arrived shipment from Thailand for the coming goldfish competition scheduled on the 21st January 2011. As some might have known, I have given up on keeping and breeding oranda and are only left with some pearly. When I entered into the "house of temptation", I cannot help but to "lust" after this tank of 9 black orandas. I have greatly resisted the temptation and to aid me with the resistance, I have even given up my tanks and are left with just two small FGT to keep my sanity. However the temptation got so bad because that "idiotic" guy practically gave me the fish. Here are the photos, and see if it is worth the "sinning"? the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.</SPAN> Matthew 26:41 Hope my confession is acceptable.
  14. If changing water is critical, then a smaller tank allows you to work less because you have lesser water to change in a smaller tank with 20 fish than a bigger tank with 20 fish. True or false?
  15. This is not a trick question. You will have plenty to learn if you are prepared to contribute. It will greatly change the way you keep your goldfish in the future.
  16. A bigger tank can keep more goldfish than a smaller tank. True or False? A bigger tank requires a bigger filter. True or False? A smaller tank requires a smaller filter. True or False? Lets say that I can keep 20 goldfish in the bigger tank and can only keep 5 goldfish in the smaller tank. What will happen if I use a smaller tank with the filter of the bigger tank? Can I keep 20 goldfish in a tank meant for 5 goldfish?
  17. I have a surface overflow in both my FGT tubs. Just add water slowly and all the surface water will overflow out of the system.
  18. 4 pcs went "home" other 3 still with me in another tub. I am planning to keep between 6 to 8 pieces to fulfill my 2011 wish. I am about 3 weeks away from reaching my first benchmark, the size of tennis ball.
  19. I used to feed them Hikari Oranda Gold but was told that SBP will develope. So after finishing the packet, I change it to Hikari Lionhead. Absolutely no live food. The biggest one is now 60mm diameter and a tennis ball is 64mm diameter. So I am now only a few days from matching a tennis ball. All 11 pieces are housed in a 80 liters FGT. No water change except just adding water to flush it once to twice a day if I have the time. If I had a water source, I will probably drip water in at one drop a second and no need to add water to flush the system.
  20. My Goldfish wish for 2011 is to grow several Tikus to have the form of "Fatty Weng" and to have the body size of a Sepak Takraw ball, I am just wondering how realistic is it for me to fulfill my goldfish wish for 2011. With only one 80 liters and one 100 liters FGT to work with. LLC has already cast his verdict but I will still press on. Even if it cannot reach Sepak Takraw ball size, a soft ball size will still be fine by any account. Ok now, here are the candidates. It all started on the morning of 23rd November 2010 when I submited a Tikus to Samgoldfish for the Malaysian Aquafair. Next door to Samgoldfish is a shop run by one of Singapore's very renowned goldfish guru by the name of "Ah Chai". In his shop, I saw something like 100 + tikus the size of between 20 cents to 50 cents coin at that time. I grab 18 pieces within 10 minutes and had them packed and was on my way home. This is how they look after 5 weeks in my custody. They have grown very significantly since the day I got them.
  21. Third Malaysian Aquafair - International Goldfish Competition 24th Nov - 28th Nov 2010 Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia Ranchu Category A First Second Third Ranchu Category B First & Grand Champion Second Third Ryukin Category A First Second Third Ryukin Category B First Second Third Demikin (Moor or Dragon Eye) First Second Third PearlScale First Second Third Oranda Category A First Second Third Oranda Category B First Second Third Open (none of the above) First Second Third
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