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  1. Some down right purdy fish there,...........but I think I'll stick to my rescues and lfs finds, they are alittle tooooo rich for my blood..........
  2. I agree, they need the light, at least eight hours a day, the source doesn't matter unless you are trying to darken or maintain their colors. Also food and the amount of space will affect their growth.........
  3. you might also re-arrange Sushi's tank just before you add Chopstix, that will keep Sushi from becoming territorial.
  4. I think you should and send me all the babies!!!!
  5. The scales so colorless (almost clear) that you are actually seeing their insides through their scales,.... as for the yellow tint, not all albinos are true albinos...............Some animals (and fish) that are considered albino have blue eyes but in fact should have pink eyes.
  6. I have a blue bubble eye, I've had her just under 3 months and she shows no sign of changing color, as for genetics that could be part of it, but all my goldfish have come from local lfs or rescued, so they are mostly rejects and/or low quality fish.
  7. Sushi13, I have 5 black moors, 3 are outside (originally kept inside until they got too big for the tank) so they get natural full spectrum light and 2 inside under grow lights, I got the lights originally for the live plants in my tanks......... As for algae, I have nerite snails, and they get 99.9% of the algae in the tanks, but I do supplement with algae wafers, and they get peas once a week............ Something else I've noticed, I rescued a tiny chocolate calico ryukin,the chocolate coloring is steadily turning darker and darker
  8. Old window glass will not keep out UV rays, but newer glass is treated to keep out those UV rays, so I geuss its just the type of windows you have.............
  9. I'm not sure if this is any help, but My Aquarium lights are homemade using 4 foot florescent light fixtures, the kind with 2 bulbs (or tubes, which ever you call it), I keep grow lights in them. My live plants love the extra light spectrum's and my black moors stay a rich deep black, the only one I had, that changed color, was and oranda/moor cross. Does anyone else use these lights on there aquariums?
  10. I have a large red and white Ryukin (sorry, very few goldfish get names around here. Not that we don't love them, its just that there are sooo many of them!)that for the last three years she has managed to injure herself (after winter sets in) so she doesn't have to stay in the pond all winter. This year, I found her caught in the pump intake, it cost her part of her tail, half of her dorsal fin and and half of her pectoral fin, not to mention the sore on her side. Yes, the intake is covered to prevent this sort of thing from happening, but shes big enough to dislodge it and seems to do it on purpose! And she's the only one this happens too!
  11. Well I'm 53 and have had goldfish and tropicals since I was 11 years old, yes, they did have glass aquariums back then LOL. As for the test kit I can't remember when I bought it, it was a combination of using up and drying out, and it finally got thrown out. I guess one of these days I'll need to replace it...............
  12. No, LOL, there are 2 ranchos, 2 bubble eyes, 4 ryukins and 2 moors (all very small under 3 inches including tails) in the tank, I know this is too many, but the ryukins and moors will be going in the pond in a couple months (the ryukins and moors were rescued off Craigs list and have already served time in qt) The ranchos and bubble eyes normally share the tank, and will continue doing so after the rest go to the pond
  13. Some of my fancies are being temporally housed in a 75 gallon aquarium (until they can be transferred to the pond when the weather warms up), it is equipped with 2 Aqua-tech 30-60 hob filters (these are going to be replaced soon with AquaClear hob filters). Do I need to run an air stone too? tank info.....Don't know the prams (kits got old and I never replaced them.....I know, bad on my part), the tank is heavily planted with live 'goldfish friendly' plants, a couple bristle nosed plecos and gets a 50% water change weekly.
  14. I don't think Mr.T's dorsal is genetic, Sharkys was almost the same as Mr.T's but she just had the front half......I was told it was due to an injury, like something bigger taking a bite....... and yours are both adorable...............
  15. I'm new here, but have kept goldfish for more years then I care to count LOL, My question is how many here will buy those oddball or downright ugly goldfish (type doesn't matter) and give it a chance to see what can or could become? Examples, of some of the odd balls and uglies we've gotten over the years....... ..... The little pasty white fantail, with one black eye, shredded fins and a few tiny black freckles...She turned out to be a beautiful lemon-head ryukin with a blueish sheen to her body, clear cream colored fins and hundreds of tiny freckles..... .....The little red and white ryukin with a large chunk taken out of its dorsal fin and back (the fin never grew back) every one here fell in love with her spunk and long full fins and tail, it didn't matter that her dorsal fin was only a few rays wide...........The kids loved letting her take food from their fingers and affectionately called her "Sharky" .....The tiny, skinny, one eyed black moor, that everyone thought was going to die........At four years of 'known' age he's become a gorgeous fat bodied, long finned beauty, still a deep, dark black and the lack of his right eye doesn't detract from his looks a bit.... There have been many more through the years, I guess you could say we like the unwanted 'underdogs' of the goldfish world and I wish that I could post before and after pictures, but unfortunately I can't, the lack of a camera prevents me from doing that...... I was just curious if anyone else gave the ugly or odd ball goldfish a chance?
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