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  1. Pugsley seems to suit him. smile.gifCongrats.gif on finding a gorgeous newfish.gif. How big is he?

    Thanks everyone! caitie...He is about 4". Considered "large" at PS. Waite until he is out of quarintine. He is going in with my 12" oranda and 10" fantail!

  2. Many of you have heard the saying "Goldfish are puppies with fins!" Well ...Fins + Puppy = Fin-uppy!! bingo.gif

    Went to a major pet chain to help a dog/cat rescue with an adoption event today. I looked at the goldfish and this blue oranda stole my heart. heartpump.gif $30.00 later....

    Meet my new Fin-uppy. Name suggestions welcome. I am leaning towards Pugsley.


  3. Just give the red cap time. He is still soooo little and the world is soooo large. This little fish has probably been shipped around, experienced differant water qualites and differant tanks.

    My vote is he will grow out of it. It is good he has company and will soon learn he has nothing to fear!


  4. So I need you large aquarium owner's advice.

    I have always dreamed of getting a 125 gallon aquarium. I am turning 40 on Feb 26th and am thinking of getting the dream tank as a gift to me.

    I live in a basement apartment. Just got new carpeting and there is cement under carpet so weight is not a problem. I have 7 large goldfish (5' to 12")

    Question: Now I have 3 tanks. It takes about 3 hours per week to clean tanks. I use a python for water change and wipe glass,etc.


    If I got my dream, I would have the 125 and keep the 55gallon. My worry is cleaning. sad.gif

    Are 125 gallon tanks harder to clean? Is it hard to reach the back glass for cleaning?

    Please advise!


  5. I don't think it is aggression...

    Goldfish are little piggies! They eat anything.

    I just seperated 2 males ( I am 100% sure of the sexes) because of the same problem. Pharoah is a large brown oranda (12") with a long flowing tail and Wanda (yes he is named Wanda!) is a commet (9"). They have shared a 55 gallon tank for over a year.

    Wanda just started munching on Pharoah's tail. It looked like the same behavior the fish use to eat plants or seaweed strips. Wanda would suck up a part of Pharoah's tail and shake this piece trying to rip it off. I have had this problem before with a male ryukin.

    The only recommendation is to seperate them. I moved my 3 large female goldfish in with Pharoah. Wanda is now in a 39 gallon tank by himself. Because I feel goldfish are social, I am looking for a common (short tailed) male buddy for Wanda. I am hoping the short tail will be less tempting.

    Good luck!

  6. Welcome! Goldfish are awesome but they do require a lot of work.

    Please look at the "Frequently Asked Questions" and at info on "Cycling your Tank" (Cycling means growing the good bacteria.)

    I might suggest you consider a Betta fish. You could use a small tank and they come in beautiful colors...one male per tank please!

    Hope you keep us updated on your progress! :D

  7. I don't know why people are so worried about online shipping?

    The way I see it there are 2 possibilities if you are a goldfish....

    1) You are a bulk shipped with many other goldfish to a store that will expect a % death both during and after shipping.

    You will then have to adjust to new water...then you most likely go to an inexperienced fish keeper...adjust to new water again and die within year due to your environment.

    2) You will be individually shipped and packed. You will be shipped overnight from a person who valued you...to a person who is waiting for only you. This new person has paid alot of $$$ both for your shipping and quality. The person who bought you will more than likely be and experienced goldfish person. You have hopes for many years of life!

    If I were a goldfish I would pick choice number 2! :D

  8. I have a couple orandas that float. They eat and swim fine.

    Because one fish's dorsal fin was getting dry, as it was out of the water, I added a flat board over the side he likes to rest.

    This protects his back from the aquarium light. Prevents sunburn or drying.

    These guys float most of the day. I also think it is a digestive problem as it's worse after eating.

    I figure quality of life is still good. No sores, eats well...can swim with buddies.

    Most of my 13 goldfish do swim all day. However, I have a lionhead and oranda that nap on the bottom if food is not available.

    I think some fish are "lower energy." :D So I don't think the floating fish are harmed by spending alot of time in one spot.

    But I agree with everyone...you will know when the quality is no longer there.

    Hope this helps. :)

  9. Some of my fish pop the bubbles at the surface. I also wonder if dust from my food pellets might be floating on the surface.

    Some fish like to play at the surface.

    If all other water peramiters are ok and fish is fine...no problem! :)

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