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  1. It sure is! Do you find that some of the black turns orange as the fish gets older? The baby was solid black with orange gills when I bought him, his belly had a thin strip of white but that's it. Now, his head is almost completely orange and his body is a pearly beige. The only black is the fins and his back. The adult has no white or pearl on him at all, just black and deep orange. Some of his orange has turned black...odd isn't it?
  2. The little one is changing colors every day...he's my awkward teenager. If you could see him in real life you'd be like OMG! What happened to that poor fish!! The big one will keep his color, he's even added some black to his scheme.
  3. Awwwww, I loved reading that article, thanks for sharing!!
  4. Seems I got lucky on this shot...sinchronized swimming! Awwww, they're taking a little break. Forraging is hard work!!
  5. Holy COW that fishie has a huge pellet hole! Nice wen growth too! I noticed my youngest has developed a great deal since October, and especially since moving to a larger tank!
  6. I'm so glad to see he found a caring home, on a more serious note (now that ample fun has been made at the poor little guys expense), he looks like he'll need a lot of care. I think I'm glad to know it's an injury rather than a deformity, that means he will get better.
  7. Awwwwww, ain't he sweeeeeeet? Feldman was the BOMB name for him, he looks just like Igor on "Young Frankenstein"...."that's Frawnkensteen!"
  8. That's kind of what I was thinking. All kinds of things have been changing in his world, he's spent the last 3 weeks on salt, PC, and then PraziPro. During the whole time his tank was at 76-80 degrees, I recently dropped the temp back down to 72 and removed the heater... He is the bigger fish, which makes him cumbersome compared to the little one. Anytime he doesn't get his share I heat up a pea and hand feed it to him. This morning I fed half of what I usually feed, I'll fast them for 24 hrs then feed peas. Hopefully that will get the white poo out of his system. Thanks for the replies Trinket and SF, I wasn't too worried just needed another opinion. That's why I love Koko's!
  9. I read the poop page and decided that Chubby's poo is probably a sign of bacterial infection. Diagnosis says to feed antibiotic foods. How do I do that with 2 fish in the tank and the other one is a piggy? Do I get a divider, should I QT? I don't have an empty tank or room for a tank. He acts totally fine, water params are fine, everything has been fine. He recently had a whole treatment of PC, doesn't that have antibiotic in it? Doesn't it seem too soon to put him on antibiotic again? The white poop has been going on for several days now. I feed flakes, Pro-Gold, Hikari Gold and peas. Tonight I fed him Hikari (of which he got one pellet) and Pro-Gold that I had to hand feed him because his tank mate is the piggy I spoke of. He had peas and Hikari this morning.
  10. I'm sooooooo glad your fishies are feeling better, salt, water changes and observation...they'll be better soon!
  11. O- o- oooooo, I have an idea!! Feldman! After Marty Feldman... yeah??
  12. My very first fishies ever were named Roy ("Orb"ison, it was a black moor) and Betty (Davis, fancy with black "lipstick" on) RIP to both of them, I learned valuable lessons on my first try.
  13. Cuuuuute name...wax on, wax off. Are you going to get a little bansai tree for his tank? I'm green with envy! He's a beauty!!
  14. Hey buddy, sorry for your loss. You gave as much quality to the life of your fishie as he gave to you. Just think about the poor GF who is swimming in the tank at the LFS, what is going to happen to him if someone like you doesn't come and get him? He's going to spend his life in an overstocked tank, or worse, "bowl!" His water will never be right and he'll die, stressed out and sick. Now get on your bicycle, or grab the bus, or get a ride from pops and GO GET THAT LUCKY FISH!!!
  15. My method for adding salt to a tank is to scoop up some tank water in a large pitcher, almost to the top. Stir in all the salt and keep stirring until it's completely disolved (about 5 min). Then pour a small amount in to the area where the filter water is running, then scoop up some more tank water. I pour a little, scoop a little, pour a little, scoop a little...just a back and forth motion until I feel the water in the pitcher is the same as the water in the tank. Every time I pour, I pour slowly in a well circulated area of the tank, like by the air pump or filter. Does that make sense? Kind of hard to describe but, ultimately you don't want to have a heavy concentration of salt water hitting your fishies. I guess this can burn them. So just dilute, dilute, dilute, and then dilute some more.
  16. One thing I have learned while being here at Koko's is that we are not keepers of the goldfish, we are keepers of their water! And, what Daryl wrote in her post, "If the water is in fine shape, your fish can bounce back from the most grievious wounds and amazingly heavy parasite loads. So, work on the water." So True!! Pristine water is the best thing you can provide your fishie...best of luck to you, can't wait to see more pics after your batlle is won!
  17. Wow, you have sea stars? How cool is that! I remember when you got Clearance, I'm glad you went with that name, very cuters! I love Anic's name for the County Fair win...Winnie! Seems like a most proper name!
  18. It's certainly a very good tradition, my interest in goldfish has a lot to do with my for Oriental culture. It will be a tradition in my house too!
  19. Very cool! I like chi-chi for a panda oranda, very fitting. I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing!
  20. No, no Nahid...what I meant was, would your water agency be able to tell you where you can buy a water testing kit? Perhaps a laboratory supply store. Call and ask where in your city water test supplies are sold... If funds are low right now, I'd buy any tank (10 gallons or above) just to get you started. Does your tank have aeration? An air pump would probably do the overcrowded tank some good. When you can swing it, you'll need to provide at least 10 gallons per fish. I noticed you have some angel fish in the tank, angel fish are tropicals and should not be in with goldfish. Maybe you can start by getting them their own tank?
  21. Children! Let's not corn-fuse our new member! Let's hug and make up now... Welcome to the forum Sakana! Just wanted to put my in, I've never used Ich-X so can't speak on the value of it, but like Jack said, salt is a great tonic as well as toxic to parasites. I've added salt to my tank whenever my fishies were feeling low (bottom sitting) and noticed immediate changes in them. There are some excellent links here for salting if you're interested in checking them out.
  22. Holy tank overload Fish King!! Can you go back to the fish store and pick up another tank? I guess the one thing you have going for you (or that your fishies have going for them) is that strong filter, but even that is not enough for the full house you have! Have you looked at tips on adding new fish? The fish your uncle bought you should have gone in to his own tank for at least a month, to make sure he doesn't carry disease or parasites. Think about quarantining any new fish you get. I have to agree with the other members on the importance of listing your water parameters. Can you contact your city water agency? Maybe they have places where water testing kits can be bought.
  23. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking. Sometimes I try rationalize too much... I think it would be dangerous to justify feeding more because I enjoy it. It's their health that's at stake.
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