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  1. I threw some small pieces of orange in my tank, the fish kind of like it, they seem to get a pucker out of the tart fruit. Is it really OK to add citrus to a tank? What about the citric acids? When they bite in to the meat of the fruit, they shake it really hard like they're convulsing. Is that normal?
  2. YouTube hasn't allowed me on all morning... As soon as I get a chance I'll post the video.
  3. I recently treated my tank with PC and PraziPro because my fish was doing this...rolling on the bottom of the tank. He isn't darting, or acting real irritated like he was before all treatments but I'm interested in knowing if this is what they refer to as "flashing." Hold on, I'm having issues with the upload on YouTube...I'll be right back!
  4. Thanks you guys. I think I will boil them, they seem to have a shiny coating and I'd like to make sure it's not wax. They're for the betta and snail tank, but I'd like to use them in the goldie tank too... Boil them, definitely!
  5. I bought a bag of river rock at a store yesterday, the label said "Vase Rock" so it is for decoration. They are river rock, very pretty and very smooth. Has anyone ever used decorative rock in a tank before? Is there anything I should know about the best way to wash them?
  6. I notice that Amquel+ gives both my tanks a funky smell. But, not gonna stop using it!
  7. Awwwww, I'm very sad for your snail and you. Live and learn! I remember when I was a kid I used to collect snails in a bucket and pour salt on them to watch them shrivel up. I kinda knew already that salt wouldn't be good...
  8. Hi Sakana!, Good to hear that your fishies made it through the ich, now you must get them through the cycle! As a person who has just been there...twice, I can share a little of what my day was like. First thing in the morning, test the water and do a water change. Last thing at night, test the water and do another water change...sorry, but that's how it goes when you cycle with fishies. Like I said, I did it twice. Kind of by accident, but then again, I could have been patient and waited to buy my fishies. I bought two "feeder" fishies for the second go, I thought I had the right params and sent them to live in my bosses pond, then I found out I was doing the Nitrate test aaaalllll wrong! The best I can tell you is to buy a lot of water conditioners, a good drop test kit, and get ready to haul some buckets! Good Luck!!
  9. Thanks!! I woke up this morning and the blue snail was AAAAALLLLLL over the veggies. I took the white snail out and put him in a seperate dish for a minute to see if he would react to the different environment...he did =). All is well in Teri's Snaily Shack!! Thanks everyone!
  10. So, when you get a really dark blue color on the low range, that tells you to go to the high range? That's what I always figured. But then, when comparing colors on the high range, I get a faint orchid color, not purple like the darkest (highest) reading and not quite brown either. Nothing really matches on the high range scale, the closest match in my opinion is the 8.2 but I've never really been sure about it. I really do need to write or call my water district. Oh and by the way, I think the blue snail died. His trap door is just laying open and he hasn't moved.
  11. The plants are Anubias, I have them in my tank too. Here's a pic, see if you think they're the same.
  12. How do I know if my snails are dead? Remember I said that I had put the blue one right by the broccoli, well, he hasn't moved. That was hours ago. I lifted him out of the water and his hard disk looking thing was half open, I pressed on it and didn't feel a heartbeat. The ivory one is the same way, had the disk half open couldn't feel a heartbeat. Did I starve my poor snails to death?
  13. The ph from the tap is 7.6. I just used the "low range" ph test drops and got a 7.6 reading from the tank too. I think I could be stuck in high range ph mode because my goldie tank has a high ph aaaaallll the time. So I automatically go for the high range drops all the time. I'm going to try leaving the light on today and see if it's OK with Mr. McPicky (the betta). I just went and put the blue snail by the broccoli to see if he doesn't get a good whiff of it and eat some. I'm glad I couldn't get the lid off the phDown, I think I'll throw it away, I don't like chems too much. I'll write back tonight and tell you how much the light raised the temp. If you're familiar with the Eclipse tank (sold at Pet*mart), you know that it was designed for keeping betta and the like. The light is not a flourescent. He has Anacharis to hide under, so he'll be OK. I'm interested in hearing what you think about the use of high range vs low range ph drops.
  14. OK, cool. I can raise the temp and lower the ph. I have some ph Down, would that be good? I just clipped some snap peas, a piece of carrot and a piece of cabbage together and dropped it in the tank. But they like cooked veggies right? There's a big ol' piece of cooked broccoli in there now too. Here is the problem I'm having with the heater...it's not fully submergable and because the tank is not completely full of water, the water line does not cover the heater. And, I can't get the lid off the ph Down. Looks like I'll have to do a water change to add the ph Down because it only gives directions for adding to 25 gallons, the tank is a 5 gallon. I think I'll need an eyedropper. I'll just wait to add chemicals until I hear back from someone. Also, the tank temp goes to 76 when the light is on all day. But I hear the bettas don't care for light which is why I've been keeping it off.
  15. Hi Branjie, I hear ya loud and clear! Fasting is not fun... so far it's my least favorite thing the whole world. But it's good for the health of the fish. Sometimes the little beggars really get to you, but you have to stay strong!
  16. Awwwwww, sweeeet!! Great video, your fishies are awesome!
  17. Cuuuters! I watching fishie videos...can't wait for you to get your own camera Jewels! I like your tank, what is the big circular thing by the plant, a swimthrough? Keep up the good work!
  18. Spanks everyone...I needed that! I understand that THEY can go without food, it's me. I looooooove to feed my fishies. But I know it's their health on the line. I hope this doesn't happen too often WOW!! Holy HUGE poopy! I just turned on the light and saw a huge olive green poop stuck to the filter intake...I wonder which one gave birth to that mamma-jamma??? Ewwww, I hope they don't try to eat it... Another day and a half, we only have a little ways to go and they can have some Peas Please!!
  19. Thank you Kuli, Chrissy, and EBE. I feel better now. The snails are mystery snails, which according to applesnail.net means the pet store didn't quite know what species they were. I also read that during winter months, they will take a hiatus and be a lot less active, this might be the reason they don't eat so much. I am ready for the pooping machines though!! Actually, I vacuumed the tank yesterday and the goo n poo were waaaaaay worse than any goldie! I can see why they wouldn't be the best tankmate for a goldie. Thanks again guys...you rock!
  20. Awwww...thanks! What kind of fishies are you planning on putting in your new tank? How far along are you? hehehehe...as if you were pregers!
  21. Both of my fishies have the long thin colorless poo that hangs around too long, so I'm fasting them for three days. Their sad little faces begging me for a little snakie-poo, how they get all happy when they think I'm coming towards them, how they swim really fast for the feeding corner...it's all just killing me!! I need support! Where is the nearest FA (Feeders Anonymous) meeting? This is only day one and I'm breaking weak...can't...resist...need to feed!
  22. Hi SF, good to hear Feldman is getting better! I'm very happy to hear it and look forward to seeing pics of him when he's aaaaaallll better! I have no idea about the marycyn, sorry! Hopefully someone will be along soon. Now that you've had him on the Medi-gold, since it IS an antibiotic, wouldn't you want to run a complete course? Just a thought...
  23. I have 2 snails in a 5 gallon tank with 1 betta. The water params are: ammonia - 0, nitrites - 0, nitrates - 5, ph - 8.2, temp is 72. I'm not sure if they're eating, there are 4-5 Pro-Gold pellets on the bottom of the tank, in the river rock. They look untouched. I have dropped peas in the tank and I think they eat them, although I vacuumed the tank today and found a few uneaten peas. Today, I found my blue one floating at the top of the tank. I touched him and he sank...seems to be OK. Just now I found the white one floating the same way, I touched it and it sank. No response yet, the snail hasn't moved. 1. How do I know the snails are eating? 2. Why do they float, is this normal?
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