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  1. Yeah, sorry. I tried the old water thing, an old filter cartridge, Cycle, and gravel...it still took me a month to cycle my 20 gallon. I have to agree, the beneficial bacterias are concentrated in the bio-wheel (if you have one) and the filter itself. I wish I had known about the sponge trick, that sounds like a great idea. I'm going to try that next time.
  2. Excellent! I kind of did that this morning but without intention so I didn't spread it out very far. I will do that this evening though. I found that by giving them a few sinking pellets and a few flakes, they both get so busy! And with the flakes flurrying around, I think Booger gets downright dizzy! There was so much going on in that tank this morning, with stuff sinking and stuff flying...fins were flappin' and mouths were grabbin', I laughed my behind off! I love my goldfish and am so glad I chose them over any other kind of fish. What funny little personalities they have!
  3. OMG! That's incredible! While I was feeding today my fish srounged around and found a little orange, they chewed and chewed and eventually spit the pieces out. I don't know if this means they don't like it or they can't swallow it? I gave them little bitty pieces of all fruit.
  4. Booger, the baby, eats all the food before Chubby can get any. I'll soak 8 Hikari pellets hoping that Chubs will at least get three. I pour them in slowly, a few at a time so Booger will get his mouth full and concentrate on chewing. Then, I add the rest. But Booger will go after ALL those too! Sometimes I have to hand feed Chubby a Pro-Gold pellet or some peas just to make sure he gets something to eat. Wil Boogers piggy ways cause him problems? I imagine they will eventually. What can I do to avoid this happening?
  5. I used Cycle in my new tanks and it didn't make a noticeable difference. Definitely, use the filter/filter media from your other tank. Was the other tank up and running?
  6. I forgot to mention that Indiana pictured there sometimes sleeps on top of me. Awwwww...puppy breath in the morning! There's nothing like it! I wish I could have a dog now, but I can't. =( My Orandas are just like puppy's though, they wag their tails when they see me. I always feel like someone (besides myself) is glad that I'm home from work!
  7. Maybe the guy at the LFS doesn't understand that goldies are aware of their existence and their surroundings. They're different in so many ways from other fish.
  8. Ain't that the truth? They are very manipulative, huh!
  9. WOW! Beautiful pictures Ms Melissa! Thanks for sharing, if and when I get another tank, I'll have to consider using your idea if you don't mind?
  10. Trinket is a helper on the forum, she has an excellent link in her signature for salting the goldfish tank. I've used salt at 0.1% (one teaspoon per gallon) to soothe stressed out fish and 0.3% (3 teaspoons per gallon) for medicinal purposes like parasite infestations. Look up Trinket on the forum, anywhere she's made a post will have that link.
  11. I was in a small LFS this weekend looking at plecos, I had the guy showing me plecs that went well with GF. I told him I didn't want a plec that was active at night because my GF slept. He started to tell me that if my water was good, they wouldn't sleep. My betta sleeps too. All my fish have their nighty-night spots in their tanks. I advised him to come to his store some night and look at his goldfish! Are my GF the only ones who "rest" at night?
  12. Thank goodness we all know more about good goldfish keeping. I was at a small LFS the other day and asked about Plecos that wouldn't disturb my GF while they slept, the guy said fish don't sleep, then proceeded to tell me if my water was good the fish wouldn't sleep. That might be so for other fish, but my GF and my betta have a sleeping cycle.
  13. Are they goldfish? Do you have any pics yet?
  14. I have GOT to get me a camcorder! Great clip, great song. I do that with my Kodak EasyShare digital camera! I wouldn't know what to do with a camcorder, I'd probably drive everyone nutso with fishie videos!
  15. OK, OK, I hear requests for music. Here's the Big Dawg doin' it on a Sunday Morn... Might want to give the audio swap a chance to load.
  16. Woooohooooo SF, I get it! Yeah I should add some tunes to it, huh? But it's more of a concern than a show of cuteness for me. But they are cute, I don't think they can help it. Even when things get serious they're just too cute. Fiona does the same thing? So then, do you think it's just their bubbly-cuddly nature?
  17. Yup, I tried grapes recently...not good. The orange pieces I fed today were about the size of peas. They're gone now, they ate em aaaaaalll up! Yummy!
  18. That is one beeeaaaauuutiful Oranda...I love him and might fishnap him if given the chance!
  19. YAAAAAYY for Feldman, I'm so happy to hear he's doing better.
  20. Heeeere we go! Finally! Sundays must be busy for YouTubers... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j45OKFrrrU0 Please tell me if this normal Oranda behavior or a sign of parasites. He usually does this when he sees me come in the room, I'd like to think he's really, really happy to see me but I don't want to take chances. Remember, the tank was just reated for parasites, PC and Prazi. The little fish does not do this at all.
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