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  1. Hello, I recently set up a 5 gallon Rubbermaid tub with my old Penguin Biowheel 150. I always keep extra filters in my Penguin 200 (on my 20 gallon tank) along with a bio-bag. Right now, the bio-bag and an extra filter are in the 150 and I have an airstone running. Is this sufficient cycling for the QT tank? When will I know that it is safe to put a new fish in it? Any other QT advice? I've been looking at the QT Tank Scenarios, but if someone can give it all to me in a nutshell I would be gratefull. Thanks!!
  2. Hi Quasi, I was reading your post and think I might be able to help. Recently I had to give up commercial foods all together and find all natural foods for my Oranda. I have Pro-gold, Hikari Gold, Spirulina Flakes and some Mazuri powder that I can send you. I also have a PayPal account to accept payment for the shipping. Do you think I would be able to ship fish foods in to your country? I wonder what the rules are about that? Send me a PM if your interested. And as for your floaty fish, my Oranda was having the same problems. I have videos of his behavior on YouTube under the user name terisather if you want to compare. Anyways, I've found that I can only feed him scallop, canned clams, collard greens, kale and zucchini. I have to mash all my ingredients and add acidopholus and multivitamin to the mix. Then I have to freeze it with a tiny bit of bottled water, I can't even use gelatin because it causes him to float. I know your fish is not as bad off as mine is but just a thought, you can buy foods from the grocery store and make good homemade nutritional foods. Let me know!!
  3. No! She spit it out and then ate it back up again!! It was big white and round... I think she'll be OK. If this would have been a real emergency you would have been notified of where to go for cover! Stay tuned to your local emergency broadcast station...
  4. I saw it...I saw what she has in her mouth because she spit it out for a second! I took her out of the water again to see if she would spit it up so I could take it from her but she's not letting go! It looks like a large piece of clam or stem... Will she be OK? She's such a pig!! If she can't swallow it, will it hurt her?
  5. Hello All!! Long time no see...hope all is well with everyone! Hey, I have a concern for my littlest oranda Juju...the other day I fed them canned clams, little tiny pieces. Well, I don't know if it's a clam or what but Juju has been chewing something for two days. She kind of hangs out at the back of the tank, she ate OK this afternoon and I see poop coming out of her behind. But the chewing! Could she have something caught in her throat? I took her out of the water yesterday to see if she would cough up something but no go. Has anyone else ever seen this behavior? Is she going to be alright?
  6. Yup, I hear that too. Actually it's kind of a hit or miss thing with gel foods, some orandas are still sensitive to it. We have some Mazuri that I will be making tonight, gonna try it in the morning.
  7. Who's got a boy fish named Florence? Looks like YOU do! Please give the kid a name the other kids won't make fun of...it's hard growing up an outcast!
  8. Who has a floaty sensitive oranda? Well, I do. Just recently Chubby started floating after eating certain foods. Shrimp, Progold, spirulina flakes and Hikari pellets cause him to have buoyancy issues. There might be more bad foods out there, these are just what we've experimented with so far. We have some Mazuri to try, and frozen bloodworms seem to agree with him. Peas are OK too. What type of foods do you feed your floaty-o? I need some ideas on how to give both fishies the nutrition they need, while not causing floaty-o.
  9. Bubbles are not only fun, the fish need the aeration in the tank.
  10. My boyfriend uses a Britta water filter jug, like the ones you keep in the refrigerator. But it takes so long for the water to seep through, I thought about buying one and devising a way to pour water through the filter without using the jug but, haven't had the time.
  11. I've always used API test kits. I've gotten it on my hands and never really paid much attention to being "ultra" careful with any of the chemicals. They are labeled as irritants but I think that means under prolonged exposure. I've never had any problems testing my water. I was an OSHA nightmare at the print shop I worked in, I've been exposed to numerous chemicals and dyes and have not felt any effects from exposure to chems. Maybe I've got Neoprene skin?
  12. I have a guy and a gal, imagine that! It's my guy that has been giving me the problems, the baby girl has always been steady and healthy. Never gave me a moments worry. I can be a drama queen sometimes, but I do have my moments when my worries are justified.
  13. You're all gonna get it...may the poopers of a thousand female goldfish dump eggs in YOUR tanks!
  14. Somehow I had a feeling you were going to ask me to get more media. I bought a "Bio Max" filter insert. It's for an AquaClear filter, but I have room in my filter for it, do ya think it'll work? If so, I will put it in. I'm still at about 0.1% salt from the last time I salted to 0.2%. My recent water changes have prolly brought it down to 0.1%, so bravo! Thanks Trinket!
  15. Helloooo, I'm a female! What's with the "grandpa" reference? I really can't stand any of you right now, you're having waaayyyy too much fun at my expense... And for the record, Booger's real name is Shinju. We're going to start calling her Ju-Ju.
  16. I have breeding stars on Chubby, and eggs in the tank. I think that might explain a lot?
  17. So this is what's been happening lately. I fed shrimp and peas yesterday. I wasn't home long enough to observe Chubby to see if he floats still. This morning I woke up and he was being very aggressive towards Booger. Actually, I had to reach in my tank and move Booger to get him to wake up this morning. When the lights came on I observed very aggressive behavior from Chubby. Booger tried to sit in a corner and Chubby rammed, and nipped and pushed. Chubby chases Booger everywhere, it used to be the other way around. Chubs was trying to bite Boogers butt. Is this from the shrimp I fed? Is my fish a cannibal now? I tested the water and came up with- Ammonia - 0 Nitrates - 20 Nitrites - 5 (how can this be?) ph - 8.2 Temp - 71 I did change out one of the filter cartridges in the tank, it was torn and ratty looking. So now there is an old and a new cartridge in the Penguin Biowheel 150. I did a 25% wc this morning, I was on my way to work and did not have time for any more than that. I put the ornament back in because I want to give Booger a hiding place. So my question is...what's up with the Nitrites, did the new filter cartridge do that? What's up with the aggressive behavior?
  18. I have two beautiful Anubias in the tank and my fish don't touch them. Even the flowering sprouts (like a spider plant) are left a lone. I just read an article on algae that was interesting. It said that if you leave a small amount of algae in the tank, like on a rock, it won't come back as fast because it has to compete for the nutrients. Haven't been able to find an article about green vs. brown algae that suits my needs. Been Googling all morning!
  19. You know, when I cleaned it all off the glass it turned my tank water green. I wonder if it was green algae in the making? I'm going to try and grow it again. I left it on the rocks, so I have a start.
  20. Good Morning Vickie and Trinket, Thank you for spending time with me and Chubs. When I woke up this morning all was well, Chubby was at the bottom of the tank in his usual rest spot. I did notice a chunk of regular pea colored poo that had a loooooong thin white stringy thing, and a strand of just the white stringy stuff. I fed both of them defrosted cooked shrimp and peas, they really enjoyed it. Yesterday, I removed the ornament and vacuumed really well. I put a new filter cartridge in with an old one. My salt only ever went up to 0.2% and I did not replace salt when I added fresh water. I only changed out about 10% of the water, but added a full cap of Amquel+ and a nice splash of NovAqua. My algae is brown. The tank sits in direct view of the one window in my room. It doesn't get direct sun ever, but does get whatever light comes in. This is what is confusing to me, my nitrates were perfect when I had the brown algae growing. I would be happy to let it grow back. I hear that sometimes it will even turn green? But Vickie, you say the brown is bad? Is there anything I can do to grow good algae? I think that is my best hope for controling nitrate. I am going to order Medigold just to have it on hand. I think Chubby can overcome whatever is ailing him since it's not causing any fin probs or other symptoms. He has three missing scales right now, two have been missing for a while, one is a new loss. Happened on Wednesday. The only other odd activity was longer than normal yawning, I've taken to calling him liver-lips now. Thanks again Trinket and Vickie, looking forward to your reply. Have a good day.
  21. Good morning. When I woke up this morning he seemed OK. I tested the nitrates and they are at 20. The nitrates out of my tap are at 10. So frustrating! And the only thing that will get rid of them is an under sink filtration system for RO. #1. I can't afford one. #2. This is not my house. I live with my mom right now. My nitrates were the best they've ever been when I had all the ugly algae. I have to imagine that the algae couldn't all be gone completely, there must be some residing in the filter. My water was green after the last cleaning. I'm going to vacuum the tank today, remove the ornament (it has a lot of algae on it and I'm reluctant to remove it for that purpose). As I'm sitting here typing, Chubby is floating. Booger is trying to nudge him and he won't move. I fed them peas this morning, nothing else. I added a capful of Amquel+ and some NovAqua to the water. I'll add a bit more once I do a vacuuming. I won't add anymore salt. Should I get some Medigold? I'm going to order some today. There have been no new additions to the tank ie. plastics or metals. You know how when you submerge a rubber ball, it floats abck up to the top and bounces. That's what Chubby is doing when he tries to dive deep, floating back to the top and bouncing. It's like he's just given up on swimming. Poor Booger, really wants to play and Chubby just sits there. Chubby yawns a bit more than he used to too. Thank you Imogen...hope to hear from you soon.
  22. OK, the temp of the tank is 71 which is normal. Before I cleaned the tank he was flashing which is why I did a huge wc. 50% or more. The nitrates in the tank "before" the wc were lower than they are now. But, like I said he was flashing prior to the wc. I haven't fed any live foods ever, haven't ventured that far yet. The flashing started on Monday, I fasted them on Tuesday, did the big wc on Thursday night. If anything, Chubby eats less than Booger. Booger is fast and can hold a load in his tiny mouth. I have to hand feed Chub's sometimes just to make sure he gets fed. Yes, I've seen normal poop. Short strands that are the same color as the food. However, there have been long stringy poos too which is why I fast them or feed peas only for 3-4 meals. I think it's SBD but the flashing has me confused and thinking it's something else...internal parasites? If it were flukes again, Booger would have them too...right? I mean really, he acted like a wild maniac the few times I roused him out of floating position. Darted and zoomed all over the place. The ph is stable. I haven't gone to 0.3% salt yet and I'm willing to take a go without harsh meds for now. I'm sorry that my writing isn't very organized but it's late and I just got home from work, I hope it makes sense for now and that I was able to answer all your questions. If it is SBD, will he have it forever? Do you think I should allow more algea to grow to keep the nitrates down? I only allowed a large amount of algae in my tank for about 2 weeks, could he have adapted to the low nitrates and now the high nitrates aren't agreeing with him? Good night for now Trinket, thank you for coming to the rescue. My family would be crushed if he died, none of them have ever known a fish that could have so much personality. Thank you vickie!
  23. That's what I was thinking (parasites) which is why I've started a salt regime. Yes, he was flashing so I did a big wc. During the wc, I cleaned most of the brown algae out. My nitrates have risen (from 10 to 20) since removing the brown algae. But like I said, he was flashing before the wc. The amount of time he spends floating in the top corner is really freaking me out. If I leave the room for a while, then come back and peek at him, he is usually floating.
  24. Here is the video link to his floating - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67fJrhdPYnw&feature=user Hope it works this time and I hope a Mod comes along soon. I'm really worried.
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