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  1. I have a little 1.5" Oranda. I've heard that it is good to feed him foods other than goldfish flakes, but what?
  2. Hello, I'm new to the goldfish community and I have a question. How harmful are nitrites and nitrates to my Oranda? No matter what I do, WC, water conditioners, I can't bring the nitrite and nitrate levels down. Any suggestions? Thanks! luvbender
  3. I bought two hermit crabs for my mother for Mothers Day. Thought I'd give her something to take care of while she's home all day. She likes them and takes good care of them, but she hates the fact that they only come out at night. I've also noticed that they don't grow as fast as the pet store implied, telling me I needed to have the bigger shells around for them. OK, so one day maybe they will need to change and they need them there, but the way I took it, they were going to grow overnight! I wish they'd do something, mom is getting bored. Next step, a betta!
  4. Hello! One of my forum friends recently suggested having an air stone for my tank...why didn't the pet store tell me about these? Getting an air stone for my tank (plus the use of conditioning salts, as was also recommended) has made all the difference in the world to my Oranda. The ammonia levels are down, my chocolate and gold Oranda has brilliant coloring again, and it just makes the tank seem more inviting. I plan to stay with just the one fish for now, since my tank is small, but will be getting another moor and maybe a panda when I get my 20 gallon set up. Thanks to everyone who has helped me along...Big-O thanks you too.
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