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  1. Don't rub it in . My Dad wears a sweater when he and Mom come up here to visit in the summer! Oh well, less than 9 years till retirement (I hope).
  2. Haha, thanks Actually I don't really know squat. I even subscribe to a talking newspaper! My wife gets to it first and loves to read me all the important stuff! You got it in your last post where you said "other equipment". It is a bizarre coinsidence that this topic was started because yesterday I wanted to set up a quarantine tank and figured I needed a heater. It is getting cold in our home now and the two small heaters that I do own are both junk and can't be trusted. Then I remembered that goofy little internal filter that heats the tank more than It filters! It is doing a great job of maintaining the tank temp at 68 now. I wondered why that filter was so cheap? Hahaha
  3. Ok, I didn't see this mentioned yet but the main reason many tanks are warmer than the ambient room temperature is because of filter heating. Usually the filter pump (impeller type) is submerged in the aquarium water and will raise the tank temperature just a bit. This won't be as noticeable in larger tanks. I have a 10 gallon quarantine tank set up with a small internal filter. I like this filter because it will heat the tank just enough to keep it at 68 F when my house is at 60 F. My 45 gallon tank I just set up has an old Supreme Aquamaster filter and doesn't raise the tank temp at all. The pump motor is completely out of the water. If filter heating is a concern, check out the specifications for the watt rating. The higher the watts, the more it will raise the temperature of a given volume of water.
  4. Oh God, now you peaked my interest!! What do you keep the aquarium temperature at? (THANKS)
  5. Haha, you can razz me all you want. I am a newbe here and will try my best to get along (can't find the angel emoticon). To me this forum is like a gold mine!! I was an Electrician and Instrumentation Technician in my prior life and sometimes I can even confuse myself!! After I did my last reply, I searched through the forum for the ground probe - stray current subject and was very impressed!! Maybe I will repost on this in a week or so when I get done reading all this stuff (my lips will get tired).
  6. Selena, do you do this? Do you have any bristlenose plecos in your tank?
  7. Oh no, sorry to hear that! I hate getting zapped, trust me, it's happened to me many times. Aquarium ground probes are a controversial subject and one that I could start a new topic on. I don't know if it has been posted before but I will look. Even I considered getting a probe until I drew up the circuit. Anyway, I would highly recommend using a ground fault circuit interrupter for your aquarium equipment instead of a ground probe. A ground probe can cause electric current to flow through your aquarium and fish. Just to be safe I also recommend that before putting your hands into an aquarium, unplug all the electrical accessories. I can draw up a circuit and give a quicky explanation to back this up if anyone wishes. All due respect to you mama, I know you could pound me into the ground with your aquatic experience. I just posted this to see if anyone has any more info on this subject. I wish I didn't have to use heaters but it gets so darned cold up here. I feel like I wake up with frost on my nose. My parents moved south many years ago and I hardly ever see them anymore (maybe they can't stand me ). Nickie, do you keep tropical fish too? Just wondering ...
  8. If you do use one, all I can say is be careful when you first put the heater in the tank. Usually the thermostat is inside the heater and it will take a while for it to sence the aquarium temp. My heater has degree markings on the top and it is a good place to start. It takes quite a while for it to kick in. If your heater has a light on it, I would start with it turned all the way down, let it in the tank for about 15 to 20 minutes, then turn it up slowly until the light just turns on. You may have to babysit it for a while just to be on the safe side. My house gets down to 60 deg F at night so I am now heating my Comet tank to 70F. I may slowly turn it down over a period of a month now.
  9. It depends on the species of fish you have and the type of filteration you are using. The fancy goldfish variety doesn't do too well in strong currents. I noticed that alot of people here prefer to use airstones for water movement. I have comets that don't seem to mind the current from my filter. Do you have any specs on your filter and aquarium size?
  10. Cute movie Mr. Passion, but poor kitty! Are you from Thailand?
  11. Imber, I'm glad to hear Chubber is doing well. So, you have a silly cat also ...
  12. Yes, I agree with Lolafish. If you have a basement under your house, make sure the aquarium is situated on an outside wall or above a load bearing area. If you have a basement, do you know the joist spacing and joist size?
  13. Very nice looking fish, looks like Holly has some friends too!
  14. Nice clear pics Frazer, Google is a cutie!
  15. You have a nice variety of TB's Shamu. The TB's that I kept (many years ago) got along very well with each other (small group). Back then, all they sold were the standard variety. I see they have a lot of cool colors now. I guess they say they do best in groups of six or more in at least 29 gallons. They are fin nippers (like my last bully was) and get along with many of the shark fish (red tail, rainbow, bala etc..). They get along with some of the shorter finned live bearers and also some of the loach fishes (clown , yoyo) and some plecos too. I don't know if they get along with the CAE. The Otocinclus (I think they might be called ottos?) you are talking about might work. It is small and short finned. It sounds like you have some aquatic knowledge to give to your friend! Work on her for a while, maybe she will finally listen to you!!
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