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  1. No thanks. Dont like goldies that much, I ove my fantail, but their isnt enough variety for me. And also keeping them in a pond would mean i would have to bring them in in the winter.
  2. how big are they? i was thinking of an external filter, cuz i want to minimise the amount of space taken up by a filter, but im not sure....
  3. Iv fed my fantail and veiltale live redworms a few times, not sure how hygienic it it though....
  4. Just wondering, I'm getting an 11g tank on tuesday, and i was wondering what would be the best filter to get? It needs to be relatily quiet and small, but also keep the water CRYSTAL clear... Any ideas?
  5. Oh and may i add, my fantail is very bulky, and is about 2.5 inches tall, so at first when i got bream of carp or whatever they would be about the same sized. And also Im thinking of ony getting carp and stuff small, and just letting the grow, so i wont be putting bigger fish in the pond.
  6. Yes i know, the record for common/mirror carp in england is over 80lb, but they grow quite slowly, so once the got over about 1lb then i would hand then over to my friend who has a much bigger pond, bream can grow to about 15lb aswell, but the same, cuz i can buy them both in 2-3inch sizes near me. Record roach are about nearly 4lb, but that is quite rare, 1.5lb is expectable, crucian carp grow to about the same but 2lbs is normal. I was just wondering, if while they were small i could keep them with my fantail and veiltale, which are both abot 3.5inch?
  7. I dont mean all of them. But are u saying none of them would get along with a fantail?
  8. Just wondering if my fantail would get along alright with the following : Common Carp Mirror Carp Crucian Carp Roach Bream
  9. OK, I have a fantail, and my brother has a vieltale (i think) Mine is in a 10g tank, and my brothers is in a 9 gallon I was wondering how u tell wether they are female/male? Or would you need pics?
  10. No me neither, and mine dont like peas either....
  11. Alright, this is just an idea, but recently their has been a few aderts for tanks in the local paper, and I was wondering about eeping saltwater fish, NOT TROPICAL, saltwater fish which dont naturaly lie in warm water, and if they are particalarly hard to look after? I was looking for fish that are some or all of the following - Brightly Coloured - Dont need too much space - Can be fed relativly easy Any ideas?
  12. Lol, He is my best friend, and iv known him all my life, because our mums are best friends, if i got the animal welfair authority then they would go mental at me! And i have tryed to tell him, i think tbh, the best way for him to learn is if some of his koi started dying, and he found them flaoting on the surface, or for example, one caught dropsy or a swim bladder disease or somthing like that, ill try and show him on the internet, but the best way will be to wait until they empty their pond, and actually find ot how mny galons it is. But ill keep trying. Just annoys me, and he was telling my to keep a brown river trout in my 4.5 gallon tank!
  13. TheFishMan


    OK, thanks, What about keeping a male and a female together? Or would it be really hard? And i was thinking of getting a sponge filter, but shouldnt i bother?
  14. TheFishMan


    I was wondering, what was involved in breeding bettas? I have a spare 4.5 gallon tank lying around, and I was wondering, what sort of filtration, airation, how many I should keep, how to tell which are male/female, and any precautions or tips on keeping them Thanks.
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