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  1. Thanks!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hey everyone, Been away for a long time. Just getting a new tank set-up in my new condo. Had some family issues that made me have to rehome and get rid of all of my equipment from my once previous 5 tanks. I was wondering a couple things: 1) What are good websites to buy equipment from, not sure if things have changed in 5 years? 2) What are good US companies to buy some goldfish from online? My local places rarely get anything nice in. Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. How large is the big tank? Did they say how many gallons?
  4. Hey guys, So I have been away for quite some time, but been real busy getting situated with my career. I am currently in the process of looking for a new apartment, condo or house. In the mean time now that I have a better handle on things and less crazy, I have decided to get back into keeping goldfish again. With the current apartment due to size and lack of space, I am unable to get the tank I want (don't want to move a 125g plus tank in less than a year), so for now I have a couple small tanks until I move. I am rocking a 45 which holds Poseidon, Oroku Saki, Dr. Jeckyl, and Pompeii. Yes, I am aware that this is overstocked, but running plenty of filtration (Emporer 400, Emporer 150B, Multi Stage Canister Filter C-160, and a Penn Plax Cascade Canister Filter - 1000). Positioned all accordingly so don't mess with flow of tank. I monitor levels daily and make needed water changes based off levels. My second tank is a 20 gallon, which hold Godzilla and Teddy. Filters of Emporer 400 and Multi Stage Canister Filter C-160. I will have a fish room in my new place, so the 45 will be turned into a small tropical community tank. Will also be getting a 75g discus tank and using the 20g as a QT tank. Can't wait to get everyone into the 125g plus, still haven't quite decided. Really all depends on how much weight the floor can handle as many places north of Boston are real old houses. If I can get into a newer place, would love to get like a 250g for the goldfish Feels good to be back again! Took some photos of my little guys, hope you guys enjoy Poseidon Oroku Saki Godzilla Teddy Dr. Jeckyl Pompeii
  5. What types of plants are those? What type of lighting do you need? Any CO2 needed? Etc...? Love the tank!
  6. Thanks for the information. I will have to give Jay's Aquatics a call and see what is up! Definitely hoping to find a quality store, as the Petcos, Petsmart, Walmart's around here don't have good looking goldies... Most of them look like they are dying. I used to have awesome luck near my house in NY, just haven't found the right spot around here.
  7. Hey guys, It has been a long time since I have been on this page. After college, I moved about 8 hours away to Massachusetts and have now been here. Issue was that I wasn't allowed a tank in my previous apartment for 3 years, just finally moved and now can have a tank. All of my fish I had in NY are still there, as my parents take care of them (yea my parents are awesome). I am looking to get back into having a tank. Grabbing a 55-gallon this weekend and would like to get two goldfish for it, but unfortunately I don't know where good goldfish are located. I am currently in Beverly, MA. If anyone knows of any good local fish stores (can be up to 2 hours away, as I don't mind driving in order to get good quality fish) At the moment, due my inability to take a day off or have someone home, I can't order off of the internet, which would be the ideal situation. Let me know if you know of anything. Feels good to be back into getting a tank again! Brandon
  8. I really like this!!!! I have never even thought about that. Looks real nice too!!
  9. One of my friends uses the Clarifier Excel off of goldfishconnection and says it works amazing. Not sure if this is something you want to invest in or be able to find a spot to use it outside with electricity outlets and such. He says it cleared up his 125 in just a couple days. I love it so far Keep us updated
  10. Goofy is soooo cute. I can easily see why you feel in love with him
  11. I follow your logic and agree with it 100% Keep us updated and I hope to see photos soon!!
  12. YAY!!! Congrats Debbie!!! Jewels is going to have her hands full with raising fishy kids
  13. Chutney and Tucker would have some amazing kids...I can tell
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