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  1. Plants can have the leaves die back frequently when placed in a new tank due to the different water parameters and etc. shocking the plant a little. Take out the dying leaves, and keep the roots healthy- you just might see healthy, new growth within the next couple of weeks! It could also be, as already mentioned, that your tank doesn't produce the light requirements needed for the plants, have appropriate substrate, or enough "food" for the plants to grow... hard to say without knowing what kinds of plants you got, and your tank set up (type of substrate, how many watts per gallon your tank lights provide, do you use ferts, etc.)

    Hope this helps!

    I am using florish and I'm buying root tabs also , I also want to buy Eco complete but i live in Canada and the only way to get it is to order it online but it's expensive for shipping ... Thanks :-)

  2. Good! I don't see the picture though. Jaime is right; just because the leaves are dying doesn't mean the plant won't come back. You are in Quebec, right? Ambient daylight there is probably not much brighter than it is where I live. Perhaps your tank light alone can't provide enough light.

    Yes I'm in Quebec :-) I just posted the pics

    Whenever I'd put new plants in the tank, I'd see crazy dieback, but then slowly they'd return. Don't give up! Some plants will look like they're losing all their leaves, but eventually you'll see the tiniest prick of new growth. Don't focus on the part of the plant that is dying, but on the new growth that will surely form in time.

    Good luck with your plants. :)

    Ok thanks :-)

  3. Aw.Your poor baby!! That is a good box, it's fine the way you have done it too! :) As long as you occasionally release/lift it.There are many variations on this idea.

    i am wondering if your tank is cycled yet? Are you still getting 0 for nitrates? Cycled is so important for weaker fish. Also I'm wondering about your other fish, is he also bottom sitting? It looks like he may be in the picture above ?

    Thanks :-) yup I lift it this morning , I wonder if he would ever be able to swim like he did before, I'm going to test the tank right now , my other fish has dropsey he bottom sits he's in a 20 g tank

  4. I lost 5 fish to dropsy in a 8 week period. I hadn't added any new fish and it was a well established tank. The only things that had changed in the tank was the addition of a UV Sterelizer and a large glass vase full of pebbles. I used to empty the vase weekly and give it a good clean, pebbles included. Whether it was the cause of the dropsy i don't think i will ever know. I will never have a vase or an ornament in my tank again though.

    Really I'm sorry to hear that :-( but thanks for telling me I'm thinking of taking it out , it's just hard to keep a bare bottom tank with fresh plants

  5. Well you really shouldn't feed the MM's with non sick fish. Its hard on there system.

    So do we have a QT tank?

    Also like Alex said all the info at the top.

    This way we can help figure out what is causing the dropsy.

    Yea I have a 20 gall tank for qt , I didn't start feeding her the metro med yet, is it possible she could have gotten sick from a plant? I just recently bought the big plant from the fish store , dunno but I have a feeling it has something to do with that . Yup I'm gonna post all tonight I'm going to test the tank in a hr or so

  6. so I feed spinage last night and my goldie was fine she was not showing any signs of problems, she was eating well she was swimming well , today i woke up to clean the filter and to feed them and I notice her scales are protruding , i test their water a few days ago and everything was fine... is it safe to put epson salt in the tank with other goldies? should i start feeding medi gold?

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