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  1. Shamu Yeah I will post pics soon but I need to go out this weekend for my new tank...

    ChubbyGold Yeah I have 3 goldfish but 2 of them are common and 1 is a fantail.

    ok now the pink lips well when I got her she had white lips and now its been 2 days that she has pink or red lips I tryed to take pics but its not comming out to show u a pic.My fantail is small shes still growing but I havent seen any new changed yet cux I just have her for 2 weeks now. her lips look unsual, yeah shes eating fine. do u think its cuz shes sleeping on her head? I mean since i got her she was sleeeping on her head she was looking health when I got her but now shes looks pail


  2. I have 3 goldfishes and 1 betta lol... I wanna ask u something bout my fanatil i dont know why my fantail goldfish has pink lips? i mean i just saw this on her 2day she had white lips... i dont have small rocks in her container so how come her lips are red now? im worried :(

  3. Ive never been to manitoba... Hows the weather there?

    Thanks for asking about my fishey shes doing a bit better now but shes still sleeping on her head at night and sometimes during the day she just lyes on her head im kind of still worried bout her. I also seen that she hasent poop for 3 days now.

  4. Hey I dont have an aquarium yet but im getting one soon, I did alot of research about aquariums so I think im good but I just wanted to know something I know u have to do a partial water change every week but when do u do a full water change 100% like once a month ? Please dont think this is a stupid question cux im new to this...Thanks

  5. Hey Alistairw Thanks for the reply i actually just got a big container and im gonnna put her in it but i cant get a filter untill 2morrw afternoon cux the store is closed downhere. i really would like to know why shes standing on her head all the time shes not swimming.that just start happing all day 2day. I usually fill 2 containers of water and leave it for 1 week b4 changing her and my other 3 fishes lol yeah i got 1 betta and 3 goldfishes.

  6. Hello can someone please help me its about my fantail goldfish, Well I have her for a lil over 2 weeks now and I have her in a fish bowl I cant afford a aquarium right now but Im planning to buy one in 1 month or so.My problem is that my fish is occasionally resting at a diagonal of around 40 degrees; head down, tail up. I've read all your relevant documentation regarding swim bladder problems and related dietary issues, but I'm unsure of the cause.I tryed feeding her pees and I also tryed soaking her food but now shes not eating anything shes just resting on her head all day it just started happing 2day.A few days ago she was resting on top of the bowl on one of her side and I stop feeding her cux I though she had swimbladder...PLEASE HELP... Any suggestions will help.Thanks Sally...

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