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  1. Yes I started the prazi , the only thing I notice after starting the prazi is that he's bottom sitting more. How long should I feed the medication food for?

    Has he been eating his full daily dosages? For how long?

    He's been eating this food for about 13days , well I've been putting the medication in the peas but when I put it in the tank I can see some of the medication fall out of the food.

  2. I do see the white, and without a clearer pic, I can only guess. It's certain that the gills are not normal, and I think that it's infected.

    Do you think you can get closer/clearer pics of the gills?

    I have a lot of pics I took , the video is much clearer but when I post it on photo bucket it comes out very blurry. I'm going out right now but will be back in 2 hrs I will post more pics.

  3. I never did any salt dip before , I currently have .2 % salt in the tank , I will be putting praZi in the tank today again, I did a 50% wc last night ,I tested the water yesterday before the wc, 0 ammonia , o nitrite , ph is 7.6 , can u give me a good recipy to make the gel food , what to add? I will be using agar agar I have that , thanks.

  4. So I'm feeding the medicated food and I have .2 salt in the aquarium and prazi and I don't see any changes.

    I saw something weird in his mouth when he opened his mouth 2 days ago, I saw a hole in his mouth I never seen that before I'm not sure if that normal from inside his mouth .

  5. From my observation, I don't believe what is inside his gills is a fungus. Although I don't think I should give any further medicinal advice, I'd say hold off on any fungus treatments.

    I hope that someone is able to help you soon. :hug

    It may help to get a closer photo or video of his gills by placing him inside a food safe container in a well lit area such as a countertop.

    Thank you :-) I'm trying to get a good pic.

  6. did you get the meds, hun?

    Yes I just received it yesterday, I started to add it to the pea's to feed him , there is no signs of improvement , he's still bottom sitting all day , the salt and prazi is not doing anything , I dunno but I'm trying to take a pic of the white thing from his gills but the pic is not coming out , I think I want to treat him for fungus , I'm not sure tho.

  7. Hes not eating the medicated food :-( he ate it for 2days then he's not eating anymore. I know after he starts eating the medicated food I'm not suppose to feed him anything else but he was not eating it so I feed him pees and he ate it. Any suggestions? When I was nuking the pees the added fresh garlic.

    He's also mostly on top of tank , he really don't go on the bottom of then tank , I don't understand the tank is fully aerated. I also did a 95% wc yesterday.

  8. i feel you should treat for flukes again since swollen gills is a common symptom for flukes. i will be interested to see a previous picture of Rupert so that we can compare the amount of fluid surrounding his eyes.

    so, prazi & salt for now with increased water changes. the salt should assist with breathing as well as work hand in hand with the prazi to rid any fluke infestation. please ensure that you increase aeration in the tank during treatment.

    ok I will post the pic in a few mins , Thanks for replying I was getting worried lol , I know there was a chart for using prazi , I saw that post along time ago , on thrusday I added the prazi pro should I add the prazi after 3 days again with a big wc ? should I do 1% salt or 3 % ? I also have real plants in the tank do u think the salt can harm them? I dont want to put him in a emergency tank because its not cycled , hes the only one in the 79 gallon tank, sorry im asking so many questions , Im just a lil freeked out , I didnt have a sick fish for a long time :(

  9. Helen I definitely see fluid sacs around the eyes, it looks like a bit more than is normal for a tele. The gasping and periodic bottom sitting also concerns me. When was the last time he was treated for flukes?

    Hi , the last time I treated for flukes hmm I think last year, I actually forgot to post that when I clean his tank and filter thrusday night I also added prazi pro in the tank because I had a feeling about parasites.

  10. hi sally, sorry to read that Rupert is a little unwell at the moment. to be honest, i am not entirely sure what the white thing is, growing from his gills. are you able to take a close up picture of it?

    it seems your routine and water conditions are great.

    i also wonder, after seeing the pics, are his eyes seeming normal size to you? i got the impression that he may have fluid sacs around them. would you refer to previous pictures and confirm my observations?

    and just to confirm, he's still eating rather well?

    Hi Helen , I tryed to take alot of pics but the pics are not comming out well. His eyes look the same since I got him as a baby, hes always got big eyes , I will post a pic of him when he was younger... hes eating well , I feed him a few pellets of progold this morning,

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