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  1. Never mind. Wally didn't make it. I'm really quite upset. I've kind of been preparing myself for this from when I got him, because he's never been quite right, but I'm still really upset. I had hoped he would live another 20 years, but it wasn't to be. At least he's not suffering anymore. I'm going to have to pull myself together before I tell the kids. Thanks for trying to help everyone. I really appreciate it. It's so good to be able to talk to other people who care about their fish.
  2. Wally is floating belly up now, I think he might be dying. He's floating around the tank in the current, and barely putting up a fight. It's heartbreaking. Is there anything I should do? He hasn't been fed since breakfast the day before yesterday, but he's a lot worse. I can't stand to see him like this. The LFS might take him to dose him up with antibiotics for me, but I have a feeling that at this stage, the antibiotics might finish him off. Is there anything I should do?
  3. Yeah it's best not to do a kneejerk reaction and medicate when they're not sick. I think he's o.k. Let us know if he starts acting sick or anything. And yes, he's too cute!
  4. Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates slight reading pH 7 Tank size 200 Litres Has been running for four and a half months, but main filter was from a cycled tank, and I brought the cycled tank water over to this tank as well. Two internal power filters. One 1200L per hour the other 200L per hour 25% water change weekly Two fully grown Orandas, one small Blackmoore, one small Fantail, one small Oranda, one BN catfish. Water doesn't seem to be very dirty at water change time. I don't overfeed the fish. I usually use aquarium salt conditioner each water change, but didn't bother last time, as Wally looked so ill, I thought it can't be doing any good. No meds in the tank atm. No new fish Fish are fed frozen Marine Green (mix of seaweed, veggies and fish), or frozen goldfish food which is a mix of veggies and some fish, one square twice a day. They sometimes get a few algae wafers which have been soaked first for the BN. I think I'm underfeeding them if anything. No one appears ill other than poor Wally. He's the worst ever today, I thought he might die. He is either head down on the floor hiding between the filter and the back wall, or even floating belly up. I can't stand to see this way and will dose him with the clove oil if I can't cure him. There's no way I'm going to leave him suffering for months or even years. At the moment I'm not feeding the fish for a couple of days to see if it helps. So far it's been 24 hours without feeding. I can't buy medicated food here in Australia. Have tried antibiotics in the water, which did seem to improve him a bit at the time, but may have been a coincidence as he has tended to get better and worse. He's never been as bad as he is now, and I'm not sure what brought this on. I think he's either majorly constipated, or it's just plain a result of his shape. Someone who saw a photo of Wally once said to me that it looks like his swimbladder is pushed back going by the arch in his back or something. That would explain why he's done a lot of headstanding since I've had him. Any suggestions would be appreciated. It's really upsetting to see Wally like this.
  5. I had that once when one of my Orandas was new. I had a real panic about it. It turned out to just be wen growth. Hopefully some others can back me up on that one. Good luck and congrats on your rescue.
  6. Sorry to hear that your fish didn't make it. I hope he's gone to fishy heaven. It's great that you have decided to get more involved in the fish ownership thing. Since getting my fish, the best thing I've done is get a water testing kit. You need to at least know your pH if you can't afford the other tests. I'm not sure about where you live, but where I am the local fish shops are happy to do water tests if you take some water in. If you read up on cycling a tank (people here can answer your questions), you test the water regularly, and change 25% of your water weekly, you clean the filter approx fortnightly (once it is well and truely cycled), and have a big enough tank, you can't go too far wrong. Good luck, and feel free to make use of the great help available from this site.
  7. Hi everyone. I have a fully grown Oranda goldfish, who I have had for about 4 months. He has had swimbladder problems for the whole time I've had him, but he's the worst he's ever been at the moment. I've tried antibiotics, and feeding mainly a veg diet. He hasn't had pellets for ages, just bought frozen fish food consisting of mainly veg, and the peas and broccoli that I cook for the fish. The only thing I haven't tried is withholding feeds for two or three days, but I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it to him, and the 5 other fish in the tank. I don't have an isolation tank, as it would need to be so big. I have to admit that in the time that I've had Wally, I've probably only seen him poo about once. Sounds incredible, but I've always thought he must be doing it when I'm not watching. None of the other fish are unwell. The tank isn't overstocked, it is well filtrated and aerated, and the water stats are checked weekly and are fine. Should I really pluck up the courage to withhold feeds?
  8. My Orandas are very good natured, they are slower than the fantail too. Adding food to different parts of the tank sounds like good advice. You could even try and chuck food at one end, while hand feeding the Oranda at the other if the Oranda is partial to being hand fed. If the problem persists, it might be worth swapping the Oranda for another fish at the LFS.
  9. I have live plants (Amazon Sword) in my tank, and the fish don't take any notice of them. I think in the early days they uprooted them a few times, but since then, the plants have grown huge root systems, and there hasn't been a problem. I think live plants are great.
  10. Thanks Rita, I guess it's more of a splotch than long veiny type of things. I went to the LFS and they said it sounds like he has scraped himself, rather than an illness. Seeing as the other fish has swim bladder problems, which haven't responded to other measures, I thought this may be the time to use an antibiotic treatment, which may help both of them. I used one that has malachite green in it as well as a couple of other ingredients. Turns the tank blue. Fingers crossed it may do both of them some good.
  11. Hi everyone, I have a 3 year old Oranda called Peaches. He is in a 200L tank, with water stats as follows: pH 7 Nitrites 0 Ammonia 0 I've just noticed that on one side of the fin on the top of his body, there is a blood red colour, that's never been there before. It comes up from his body, but does not reach the tip of the fin. The only trouble I've had with the tank recently, is that the pH has been dropping, so I've needed to increase the carbonate hardness. The pH got as low as 6.4, but all other stats were perfect. Could this have caused Peaches trouble? Peaches has been floating when he's resting lately, but right side up, and no other sign of swimbladder problems. It looks like he's just hanging there, looking about, and doesn't look sick as such. I've tried taking photos of his red fin, but he won't hold still when I come near the tank. He keeps thinking I'm going to feed him. Any advice would be great! Thanks, branjie.
  12. I liked the third one best, but they're all great. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  13. Thanks. I love it how she has got chubby cheeks and a black nose like a teddy .
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