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  1. Yeah, it's good for them. I only have it growing well in one of my tanks because there's more watts per gallon. I leave the lights on 12 hours a day in both tanks.
  2. The deals are great but that's really depressing.
  3. I forgot to mention that Indiana pictured there sometimes sleeps on top of me.
  4. Yeah, my fish sleep. Ginger hovers mid-tank on the left side. Fred either hovers mid-tank on the right side or he'll sleep inside of the pipe tunnel. Lucy, bless her heart, she sleeps wherever she can be still.... in the corner, on her head, etc.
  5. We used a tupperware-type bowl to transfer Ginger to her new tank. With water in it, of course. She was just going from one side of the room to the other, lol.
  6. Aww, that's terrible. Having a heart and being compassionate... not bad things! None of my fish would win any awards but they won my heart.
  7. Ginger - Bronze-ish telescope... named after Ginger Rogers. Fred - Panda telescope... named after Fred Astaire. Lucy - Orange oranda... named after Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball). I'm going to pop "Top Hat" and "Follow the Fleet" in the DVD player tonight as both movies have Fred, Ginger and Lucille Ball in them I like classic Hollywood, if you couldn't tell!
  8. Awww, so cute. I hope they get better soon. When I got Fred, he had fin rot, too. He has beautiful fins now. Lucy does that as well. She was rescued from Wal*mart because a CAE kept attacking her. She's really bad at catching food as it's falling... she tries but totally misses it.
  9. Bananas sink so you won't have a problem there! I slice them kind of thinly and then cut the slice in half... it gives them something to grab onto and take a bite out of. Never prepared cucumber for them and I have no idea about the green pepper.
  10. That's funny... my fish are the opposite. I'm trying to work more fruits and vegetables into their diet and they're not too happy about it! They enjoy their pea Sundays just fine but they didn't like the oranges, broccoli, garlic, or carrots I've tried feeding them. Nothing like the frenzy they get into when I'm giving them flakes or granules. I fed them bananas last night (I tried them once before and they didn't really like them) but tonight they gobbled them up after they had been in the tank a while. I guess they thought "Well, we're not getting McDonald's tonight..." LOL!
  11. Aww, adorable! I'm such a sucker for those big eyes!
  12. Can't say that I have! My dog would really like to try the fish food though I don't think I ever will!
  13. LOL! That stuff's OK if you're into that sort of thing but not everyone is! There's a niche to be filled here, someone should attempt it.
  14. I wondered about that myself. I also wondered the same thing about them eating live plants in the tank.
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